Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors

Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors (Our Top Picks)

In this article we will discuss the best 1440p 240hz monitors, these monitors have become a more standard feature in a gaming setup. There is a significant increase in the number of 1440p monitors because of its size, refresh rate and price.

This article is composed for individuals who need to realize the best 1440p, 240Hz screens to purchase, in addition for individuals who are searching for acceptable 1440p screens at little cost.

Despite the fact that no screens can coordinate with the perfection of VA board shows, the redesigned pixel structure on TN-based boards, and the higher invigorate paces of IPS, there are a lot of great 1440p screens out there now, particularly on the spending end. Here are the best monitors shown below.

Gaming presents more famous brands, components and conceivable outcomes to move as high as your pocket lets you. For the ideal gaming experience your gaming screen is the one which has the force and obligation to bring out the outcomes toward the finish of your overhauling or speculation.

In the event that you plan to put resources into a 4k screen, it requires redesigning of your illustration card too, then again, you might not have any desire to agree to a 1080p screen by the same token. Thus the best 1440p gaming screen is an alternative in the middle, for which you would fundamentally prefer not to spend on your GPU as well.

List of Top Rated Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors

  1. Acer Nitro XV272U Xbmiipruzx 27″IPS Monitor
  2. SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor
  3. BenQ ZOWIE 240Hz Gaming Monitor
  4. Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor
  5. Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor – AW2721D
  6. AORUS FI27Q-X 27″ 240Hz 1440P SS IPS Gaming Monitor
  7. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series WQHD Gaming Monitor

1- Acer Nitro XV272U Xbmiipruzx 27″IPS Monitor

Acer Nitro XV272U Xbmiipruzx 27IPS Monitor

Acer is a famous brand among young people. High-quality monitor with AMD Radeon Freesync. This Acer WQHD monitor has an amazing IPS panel which provides you the best viewing experience.

The Acer Nitro monitor comes with AMD FreeSync Technology, a technology that is designed to eliminate tearing and stuttering during video games play by synchronizing the display refresh rate with the graphics output of the GPU. 

Acer Nitro XV272U monitor has a fully-adjustable 27″ widescreen display which has 2560 x 1440 resolution. The monitor has given the best display quality due to its wide viewing angles, high brightness and contrast ratio.

This monitor offers good connectivity options with its 6 ports. The monitor also comes with an ergonomic tilt feature for better comfort while watching movies or working on the computer.

Acer monitors are built to meet the needs of both consumers and professionals that insist on the best performance in high resolution displays. This monitor is the ideal solution for professionals looking to make the most of their work space. The wide viewing angle makes this monitor ideal for multiple users including designers, developers, and engineers.

It allows for comfortable viewing for up to four users at once. This sleek monitor is designed with a wide viewing angle that prevents distortion, making it perfect for use in almost any environment.

Nitro Acer is the perfect companion for the gamer who wants to rule the battlefield or accomplish that project they’ve been putting off. While gaming, the Acer Nitro is designed with a blue light reduction filter to reduce eye strain during prolonged periods of use.

The Acer features a screen-position independent image adjust feature that allows users to adjust image position without changing display source.

2- SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

Experience the best gaming visuals with its 1080p QHD resolution, fast 1ms response time, Freesync for smooth gameplay, and 384-zone Infinity Display. This is the ultimate gaming monitor for the ultimate gamer. The Odyssey G9 features an upgraded dual QHD display with a wider refresh rate and better color accuracy than before. 

The screen is stunning with its computer-grade panel that has a 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, wide viewing angles, and accurate colors. Quickly switch between games and apps with the smooth motion of NVIDIA Freesync, which reduces the lag between frames for seamless gameplay. The Odyssey G9 has built-in speakers to deliver music without distortion, so you can choose the sound that speaks to your heart.

A masterpiece of visual engineering, the legendary Samsung display is now available with Quantum Dot Technology to produce the most lifelike images for any genre. This incredible display boasts an impressive size of 49 inches, making it ideal for viewing any kind of content. It’s also built with ultra-fast response time technology that eliminates blur and ghosting for perfect video playback. 

The monitor features BrilliantColor technology that reproduces colors more vibrantly with 50% more true-to-life color contrast than sRGB. And with Infinity Edge, the screen is virtually undetectable, ensuring amazing images are always displayed without distortion or reflections.

Quantum Dot technology creates more vibrant colors, while also providing deeper black levels. The result is picture quality you’ve never seen before. These quantum-dot enhanced 4k ultra HD screens provide exclusive Technicolor color support for vivid pictures with near-zero brightness dropoff across a wider viewing angle.

3- BenQ ZOWIE 240Hz Gaming Monitor

BenQ ZOWIE 240Hz Gaming Monitor

One of the most sought after screens today is the BenQ ZOWIE XL2446. This screen offers a lot of great features for gamers. Great for competitive or casual play, the fast refresh rate of 240Hz with Dynamic Accuracy Technology ensures a smooth and realistic experience. A lot of gamers have been impressed with this product and love how it looks. A great monitor at a great price. 

A versatile choice for any gamer, the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 24.5 Inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor combines cutting edge technology to deliver unmatched performance. Eye-catching 1080p Full HD resolution for easy viewing of movies, sports and action movies without distortion. 240Hz refresh rate for an ultra-smooth gaming experience that rivals the motion blur of motion pictures. 

With its lightning-fast 240Hz high frame rate, this monitor delivers fast motion video to give you the edge over your competition. The BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 24.5 Inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor is compatible with multiple devices including Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems. This monitor also features a 1 year limited warranty for complete peace of mind.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 24.5 Inch LED Monitor is designed with lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate performance, Dynamic Accuracy technology that provides remarkable clarity during fast motion gameplay, and multiple connectivity options featuring DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI. The XL2546 is perfect for the gamer who requires the utmost in performance on the go.

4- Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

The first monitor to feature technology from technology provider AMD, the Omen X 27″ monitor combines superior color accuracy and vibrant contrast with support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, wide color gamut and AMD FreeSync. With a refresh rate of 240 hertz, the monitor delivers smooth gameplay with 4x the pixel response of traditional 60 hertz monitors.

You want to get the best, when it comes to gaming. No need to go up in price just because you want to get the best gaming picture and performance you can get. The QHD 2560 x 1440p resolution gives you brilliant screen quality for crisp and clear text and graphics. 

AMD FreeSync provides the smoothest and fastest gaming experience. This technology syncs the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s frame rate to eliminate tearing and minimize stuttering, giving you a seamless gaming experience.

AMD Radeon R8 Series GPUs are designed to let you enjoy today’s hottest gaming titles in stunning detail. With advanced support for DirectX 12 technology, R8 GPUs deliver highly immersive VR experiences, optimized performance, ultra-smooth gameplay, and flexible virtual reality design choices.

Enjoy the power of AMD CrossFireX technology, boosting your system’s graphics performance by up to 2x. The Radeon Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture is an innovative design that delivers twice the floating-point performance of prior generations. Enjoy unmatched productivity and multithreaded power with brand-new AMD A series processors.

5- Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor – AW2721D

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor - AW2721D

One of the best 1440p 240Hz monitors to be released in 2017, Alienware is a great monitor for any gamer. With fast response time, the gaming monitor is an excellent choice for modern gaming. The monitor is made with a high-quality IPS panel that gives off a crystal-clear picture without distortion.

The fast response time also makes it an excellent choice for watching videos and movies at high quality. The monitor has multiple features that are built for gaming, including ultra-fast response time, flicker-free screen technology, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, and dual HDMI 2.0 inputs.

Fast and furious, in a thunderous number. Alienware monitors feature lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rates for thrilling gaming. The QHD resolution provides stunning visuals in any setting. VESA DisplayHDR 600 is a new technology that delivers enhanced contrast, sharper colors and vibrant imagination for a truly jaw-dropping visual experience.

This lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate gives you a total immersion with incredibly smooth action. A 1920×1080 full HD resolution and a 4ms response time guarantee a smooth, crystal-clear picture for fast-action games and movies. The ultra-thin bezel width allows the monitor to fit almost any sized space, while the VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification ensures a bright, brilliantly vivid HDR display. 

A flicker-free screen reduces eye fatigue from extended gaming sessions. And finally – for added comfort, Alienware has included a ComfortView feature. This feature is designed to reduce eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light that reaches our eyes during gaming or watching videos by reducing blue light emissions from the backlight or backlight filter.

6- AORUS FI27Q-X 27″ 240Hz 1440P SS IPS Gaming Monitor

AORUS FI27Q-X 27 240Hz 1440P SS IPS Gaming Monitor

If you want to be the envy of all your friends, this gaming monitor is the perfect choice. It features a stunning 2560 x 1440 and 144Hz display and is compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC for smooth and quick gaming. With its super-smooth 240Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy detailed images without any distracting judder.

AORUS FI27Q-X is a 27 inch display with a resolution of 2560X1440 240Hz. It supports a refresh rate of 300 Hz and a 1ms response time, making it a perfect monitor for gaming and racing simulations.

The monitor supports VESA’s DisplayHDR400, with an HDR viewing range up to 1000cd/m2. In addition, the AORUS monitor supports the HBR3 format, which delivers a maximum brightness level of 800 nits as well as a response time of 0.3ms GTG (GtG = Grey to Grey).

The AORUS FI27Q-X supports the advanced NVIDIA G-Sync variable refresh rate technology that makes gaming smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. This variable refresh display has an incredible 144Hz refresh rate and 240Hz ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) for the smoothest and fastest gaming experience possible.

 It also has a 1ms MPRT Grey to Grey response time and a Dark Boost function to improve the visibility of in-game dark scenes, and reduce the impact of light trailing on objects when viewed from an angle. This monitor will give you an incredibly immersive gaming experience with its minimal latency.

7- SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series WQHD Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series WQHD  Gaming Monitor

When the competition is tough, don’t compromise on your game. With ultra-low input lag, boost gameplay response with no lag for an intense, unrivaled gaming experience. This 32 inch monitor provides 90 degree viewing angles for optimal clarity wherever you sit. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio and 4ms response time, every pixel is accurately rendered to deliver breathtaking detail. 

Game Mode upgrades your game with AMD FreeSyncTM technology to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering so you spend less time waiting for your game to load and more time dominating the competition.

Gaming has never been more immersive. The 1000R curvature of the panel provides a superior viewing experience by maximizing the contrast ratio and rounding the corners of on-screen objects.

These technologies smooth out all those tough jumps, explosions, and hits so you can move your head without missing a beat. The 1000R curvature of the panel makes for a realistic gaming experience that is better than ever.

Samsung’s Odyssey features ultra-slim bezel frames that surround an expansive 4000R screen. The ultra-thin bezels work with the SyncMaster’s superbly-detailed UHD resolution to provide incredible visual clarity.

Enjoy smooth gaming at up to 144Hz, thanks to Samsung’s TurboMotion Technology. The professional-grade panel also ensures consistent color reproduction for accurate viewing, so you stay on top of your game. The wide 178 degree viewing angle minimizes color shift for optimum clarity and contrast.

Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors Buyer Guide:

Here we describe some important attributes that might help you to buy the most demanding product that you desire about the best 1440p 240Hz Monitors.

Refresh rate:

How about we set the objective for 1440p goal , then, at that point the other portion of the methodology encompasses the invigorate rate. The higher the invigorating rate the better it would be. No lower than 60Hz invigorate rate can be adequate, however for gaming, we prescribe you to go as high as your spending plan permits you in this viewpoint.

Subsequently, following this pursuit, 240Hz is the greatest 1440p screen we have today, and is the thing that we call the best benchmark for gaming. Anything lower than this and more prominent than 60Hz is a stepping stool from great to best gaming experience. 

Response time:

Response time has an urgent significance for high speed games. This term is really made to decide the hour of your reaction and its occurring on the screen directly at that exact instant. Therefore, your activity and response measure essentially characterizes the reaction time and ought to be really least (or really quick in different terms). For the best gaming, 1ms is the best circumstance yet anything lower than 5ms reaction time can manage your work pleasantly. 

Types of panel:

There are three fundamental kinds of screen boards you will run over while trading for the best 1440p gaming screen. TN (Twisted Nematic) board, VA (Vertical Alignment) board and IPS (In Plane Switching), are the significant boards, wherein TN is less reasonable for gaming other than its inexpensiveness and quick reaction time.

In any case, which one of these is the best one is an entire one more discussion with equivalent votes. IPS is acceptable in case you are getting under your financial plan, in any case VA can do the work and TN is all the more less exorbitant if your spending plan is the principal concern. 

Low Input Lag:

Clicking a key, the time it takes to react to your order and its response on the screen ought to be extremely quick, or at the end of the day the slack of the occasion ought to be really low. Thus, for the best circumstance and as an action, we call it low info slack. This is conversely identified with the reaction time (which ought to be quickest). At the point when you accomplish one, the other will follow up itself. 


A screen with rich association is appropriate yet entirely doable in the event that you have peripherals looking out for your table to get associated. These incorporate your control center, console, mouse and speakers.

For consoles, you should require a HDMI port and for a PC, a presentation port is required. The quantity of every one of these ports fluctuates and are acceptable in case there are more than one, however a solitary port of every one of them can manage your work as well.

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