Best Capture Card for Xbox Series X / S

Best Capture Card for Xbox Series X / S (AVerMedia, Razer, Elgato) 2021

Gaming has become an essential part of the online community, which is why you need to get best capture card for Xbox Series X if you are a hardcore gamer. Through this device’s capabilities you get to record and save your favorite video games on your computer or upload it on different websites.

It works when you connect the capture card with one of your streaming PCs and it transfers data into digital signals where the encoding is happening. Some brands tend to provide an inbuilt encoder so they can record the videos just like a whole processing unit.

The following list of products has positive reviews from all over the world and will serve you with as high as 4K quality videos and 1440p resolution through an HDMI cable usually included in the package. Other than that you get to experience fast frame rate, speedy connection and blur free streaming all in one device.

Good news for people who have Xbox series consoles because these capture cards will let you stream, record and save large files data and unlimited editing options through a software support. This will give you even cleaner footage with professional touch and loads of praise from your followers on different social media platforms.

Recommended Best Capture Card for Xbox Series X / S

  1. AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra – 4Kp60 HDR Capture Card
  2. Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming 4K Capture Card
  3. Elgato 4K60 S+ Capture Card4K60 HDR10 Capture Card
  4. AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt: Thunderbolt 3 External Video Capture Card 
  5. Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 PCIe Capture Card 4K60 HDR10 Capture Card
  6. AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K – 4Kp60 HDR Capture Card

1. AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra – 4Kp60 HDR Capture Card

AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K - 4Kp60 HDR Capture Card

AverMedia has designed a portable live gamer Ultra recording device that is used by many gaming enthusiasts to encode their videos in high quality pixels. This consumer grade item comes in a little pricey budget but also is able to serve you with 4K gaming resolution.

Having an HDR pass through has its own perks including a clear sound system from the console through the connection of HDMI cable to get the 4K quality output from your recording. The quality remains intact through this feature and thus you never have to lose the sharpness in your recording ever again.

XBOX one X works wonders with this device at 30 frames per second speed and an interface of USB 3.1 type C connection but with the pass through you get a total speed of 60 FPS in 4K mode. Moreover, you get an ultra fast 240 HZ at 1080p resolution and 120 FPS as well. 

There is also the support of HDMI 2.0 cable and an addition of cyberlink power director so you get to edit your live action. On top of that you get access to AVerMedia REcentral that lets you set up your recording device in simple steps and can manage various profiles for different game modes.


  • Plug and play type
  • Recording pixels: 4k, 1440p, 1080p120 and 60 HDR
  • NVIDIA graphics card support 
  • 240HZ of refresh rate in full HD 
  • Low latency video
  • Cyber link power director 15 added
  • Supports windows 64 bit and MAC

2. Razer Ripsaw RZ20-02850100-R3U1 HD Game Streaming 4K Capture Card

Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming 4K Capture Card

Razer Ripsaw streamer has hit the market with the launch of its HD capture card that lets you record videos in high definition and at the speed of 60 frames per seconds. Offering a smooth and uninterrupted game play is all you need with a bunch of customizable options in your setup.

The design serves you with multiple audio fixing and mixing options like live commentary and adding recorded voice or music just like you get to see in those memes or roasting videos. With no latency issue or out of sync audio you can upload your flaming action on your favorite websites and get tons of views within hours.

Here is how you get to enjoy 4K quality with the pass through that is provided in this device recording your videos in 1080p resolution or more in 60 frames per second because everyone knows there is compromise on the quality. Notice the unsuppressed video pixels and clear images and is compatible with playstation 4 and Xbox series.

If there are audio mixing options there has to be a 3.5mm audio jack that connects your microphone with it and without a delay keeps your broadcasting going through dual PCs as well. Another perk of this recorder is that you get to connect your consoles with HDMI 2.0 cables input and output and the power of USB type C makes Ripsaw Razer an all rounder in the field.


  • 4K pass through
  • 1080p full HD 
  • 60 FPS speed
  • Audio management capabilities
  • HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, audio jack 3.5mm connection
  • Compatible with all resolutions

3. Elgato 10GAP9901 4K60 S+ Capture Card4K60 HDR10 Capture Card

Elgato 4K60 S+ Capture Card4K60 HDR10 Capture Card

Elgato lets you work without a computer through the 4K60 S+ capture card that is easy to use and functions efficiently even if you are away from your personal computer. This standalone device has left many of its competitors behind because it has enabled SD card storage where the data is saved in your card and you do not have to sit around your computer’s hard drive.

For the software’s maximum output you may need a computer otherwise you can record your videos in 4K quality and HDR10 supports your footage to a high extent. 60 frames per second speed is how you get absolutely no interruption like lagging or out of synchronization video.

The addition of HEVC chip on the card allows you to encode with the utmost performance rate where you can stream and record up to 7 hours non-stop in 4K and the card supports limits to 256GB of storage capacity.

Set up your personal studio with an OBS app via USB 3.0 connection instantly and create your own workspace with worldly famous broadcasting apps on your system.

The true pass through can be noticed when you put your both monitors side by side and can notice the lag free action at the same speed rate and graphics even in live streams. Get ready to be one of those famous YouTube players and twitch experts you have seen and your name will be among one of them with Elgato’s 4K60 S+.


  • Stunning 4K quality via pass through
  • HDR 10 support
  • SD storage enabled
  • HEVC enabled
  • USB 3.0 connection
  • Work without a computer

4. AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt: Thunderbolt 3 External Video Capture Card (GC555)

AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt Thunderbolt 3 External Video Capture Card

AVerMedia Live gamer Bolt will allow you to capture like you have never done before with one of the highest frame rates possible. Extending its capacity as high as HDR10 and 4K at 60 frames per second, whereas it uplifts to 240 FPS of ultra fast speed at 1080p resolution, has really changed the game for professionals.

Being an external video card it is a huge jump switching the resolution at 4K by AVerMedia with the addition of HDR that helps in smooth game play recording that looks even better than the real gaming. If your motherboard missed the support of thunderbolt 3 it can be a hurdle in the 4K HDR streaming otherwise you are ready to set off with your streaming.

On one side of the capture card you get to have HDMI 2.0 input and output, thunderbolt 3 type c and an audio jack 3.5mm to let you experience like a true gamer. By matching the hardware requirements you need to have onboard you can get 1080p60 recording or with 240 Hertz.

With the right compatibility you can get so much more with this device without limiting anything in return and can get a variety of footage for your online world. The device can be used with REcentral software for in-house editing suite and streaming your favorite footage.

Moreover it supports other apps as OBS and XSplit through the connection of thunderbolt 3 and you are good to go. MAC operating system can also be used with this card without any hindrance as it functions on windows system.

Key Points

  • 4K pixel resolution support
  • 60 FPS/ 240 FPS
  • REcentral app compatible
  • 144 Hz/240 Hz refresh rate
  • Intel Thunderbolt 3 backing
  • Compatible with MAC 10.15 OS
  • USB type c connection
  • RGB lighting

5. Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 PCIe Capture Card 4K60 HDR10 Capture Card

Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 PCIe Capture Card 4K60 HDR10 Capture Card

Capture cards have become a necessary for the gaming community to provide live footage or recording videos on popular gaming websites. Considering the need of these devices Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 has been launched in the market for consumer grade content for you to post on the internet with ease.

This device has kicked the professional and over expensive devices from the field as it is fond of serving you with 4K quality in your videos no matter if it is recorded or live. The support of HDR pass through has enabled the machine to run at a smooth pace and offer quality capture no matter how long it takes to record it.

The sync is never out due to this technology and hence the final result is stunning that will win you praise from everyone in your YouTube family. The PCIe slot has been integrated in this device with HDMI ports for additional connectivity.

The 240Hz frame rate for the pass through is fast enough to capture the video at 2160 resolution on 60FPS giving you excellent pixels for appealing to a wider audience. As light as 181 Grams this smart gadget operates well on windows 10 OS and GTX’s latest series.

Other than personal computers you can connect this machine to your consoles as well including playstation, Xbox, YouTube app, twitch etc. through multi device functioning HDR 10 capture can consume up to 140Mbps bitrate at max.


  • HDMI in and out connection
  • 2160p resolution support
  • 60FPS speed
  • HDR10 pass through
  • H.265 HDR
  • Compatible with PS5, PS4 Xbox series X etc

6. AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K – 4Kp60 HDR Capture Card(GC573)

AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K - 4Kp60 HDR Capture Card

AVerMedia has kept its image in the market for several years from now and has stepped into the capture card field that has the best of this brand in these products as well. Live gamer 4K features the audacity to record and stream your live action in your favorite video games in the highest quality there is.

With 60 frames per second of speed and 144FPS at 1440p resolution get your gameplay with clean and real graphics making you a true gaming king. If you are a gamer you must have a good pc at home where you have played many tough hardcore video games and now want to stream it on your social media platform.

This device will help you engage your audience even better after you download the REcentral 4 software from the brand’s website. In order to get the best out of this product this app will unlock many editing features for your recorded version of game play.

4K is a powerful weapon when it comes to gaming and to obtain that you need to have Windows 10 64bit or above versions to get to utilize the best of this device. It also works amazing with consoles such as xbox series, playstation, switch etc.

Considering the looks of this streaming gear you also get to have RGB lighting that is customizable and light up the moment you turn it on. Saying a lot about the brand through the appearance and specs of this product in this pricing.


  • HDR 10 gaming
  • 4k resolution support
  • 60/240 FPS
  • Perfect for console gaming
  • REcentral app supported
  • 1440p144, 1080p240
  • RGB customizable modes

Capture Card for Xbox Series X Buying Guide

In case you are looking for a device to record or stream your video games on a daily basis you need to consider a few things before making a major purchase. Before buying a capture card notice the amount of work you are going to take from it for instance you are a regular gamer or a YouTube sensation that needs to keep its audience engaged, then your investment would be worthy.


The manufacturers that provide you with good quality capture cards assists you in filming top tier streaming data and add a brand value to your gameplay so that you can compete with other streamers with pride and confidence.

There is no lagging in the video game and if it looks smoother than the original game itself then it must be your go to choice. There are different resolutions that are supported in these cards as 786p, 1080p. 1440 and 4K ultra HD.

To utilize each of the above mentioned pixel resolutions you also need to have a good PC laying around near you in order to get the best image possible. Rich video that adheres to clarity holds immense power and frame rates that makes your content unique and valuable.


The speed of your footage encoding also matters to some extent as they determine the faster you get to see the amount of frames per second your card can hold. Mainly there are 60FPS, 144, 240 maximum at different pixels. Keeping in mind that higher pixel resolution will require more speed and thus the number can get from bigger to smaller.

Software compatibility:

Many top brands have their own software or application that can provide millions or options for the editing of your recorded video as addition of voice over, themes, modes etc. the addition or webcam has also been noted in some of the softwares and it depends on the brands themselves that they type of options they offer in their app.

Input Support:

Before getting all excited about buying a capture card make sure to note the features and criteria of your pre owned device with which you are going to connect this recorder. For example your personal computer, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch etc. since many cards are compatible with almost every device it is good to expand the horizon of your input options that is a sign of a true gamer.


The device needs to be user friendly and does not need to be over complicated as many of these game cards are plug and play type with USB connectivity option. Others have PCIe slots that needed to be switched directly to your motherboard which is tricky. Keeping it user friendly and easy to use is one of the best.

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