Best Cast Iron Skillets For Steak

Best Cast Iron Skillets For Steaks 2020

Here are the best cast iron skillet for steaks americas test kitchen to Last a Lifetime 2020 and consumer report.

The power house of all kitchen equipment, the cast-iron skillet is the only cookware that improves with use each time you cook with it, polymerized oil builds up to form a non-stick, water-repelling surface.

Best Cast Iron Skillets For Steak

Compared with aluminum or stainless steel, cast iron has low thermal conductivity but offers superior heat retention, making it ideal for high-temperature cooking such as searing steak and caramelizing vegetables.

However, not all cast iron is created equal. The top rated pans from brands like Griswold and Wagner that you might find in your grandmother’s kitchen or at f lea markets got their smooth surface through hand-polishing.

Most of today’s manufacturers forgo this time-consuming and expensive process, and instead preseason the cast iron to reduce stickiness (although a few are going back to time-tested polishing methods).

With the right skillet and skills, you could build upon the factory seasoning to rival the polished pans you’d find at antique shops. Plus, you’ll get more satisfaction (and save money) by doing it yourself.

Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet Review

Best Everyday Skillet

  • Price: Best Under 50
  • Weight: 7.6 lb.
  • Smoothness: 95.5 dBa
  • Stickiness: 4
  • Searing: 7
  • Heat Distribution: 4
  • Pouring: 5

Lodge is the best brand of cast iron skillet available in the market. It’s the cast-iron brand that you can find just about anywhere, Lodge has been around for over 120 years. That’s why they make best cast iron pan for steak.

The Classic 12-inch skillet doesn’t exceed others at any particular task, but it’s a popular and affordable choice that’ll yield decent heat conductivity and balance despite its heft and slower heat rate—for decades.

Smithey Cast Iron Skillet 12 Review

Best Overall Performance

  • Price: Best Under 200
  • Weight: 8 lb.
  • Smoothness: 91.1 dBa
  • Stickiness: 10
  • Searing: 10
  • Heat Distribution: 10
  • Pouring: 4

If you are looking for best cast iron skillet for searing steaks, your search ends with Smithey. Smithey Ironware is one of the new companies taking inspiration from vintage pans by polishing the interior to create a gorgeous, glassy surface.

This is the heaviest skillet we tested, but its weight potentially contributed to its excellence in searing and heat distribution. It quickly delivered an even, dark sear with no hot-spots and very little sticking.

Victoria Cast Iron Skillet 12 Inch Review

Best Value

  • Price: Best Under 25
  • Weight: 7.4 lb.
  • Smoothness: 80.5 dBa
  • Stickiness: 3
  • Searing: 9
  • Heat Distribution: 8
  • Pouring: 9

You can find this 12-inch Colombia-made skillet for $25 or less, yet it outperformed some skillets that cost more than eight times its price.

It may require some extra seasoning to improve its nonstick surface, but overall, it supplied even heat distribution with an ergonomic handle.

Stargazer Cast Iron 12-inch Skillet Review

Best Nonstick

  • Price: Best Under 150
  • Weight: 6.2 lb.
  • Smoothness: 70 dBa
  • Stickiness: 10
  • Searing: 8
  • Heat Distribution: 9
  • Pouring: 10

The young Stargazer brand reigned supreme with its nonstick surface. Compared with more expensive options, Stargazer’s 12-inch skillet is better balanced in terms of weight and heat conductivity and distribution. Its 12-inch size makes it best size cast iron skillet for steak.

It doesn’t have pour spouts, but its unique, rolled rim never dripped. With a long handle designed to stay cool and the largest helper handle, it’s as comfortable as it is functional.

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle 1.75-inch Skillet Review

Best Enameled

  • Price: Best Under 200
  • Weight: 6.6 lb.
  • Smoothness: 85.5 dBa
  • Stickiness: 7
  • Searing: 8
  • Heat Distribution: 7
  • Pouring: 6

The high-end French Le Creuset label lived up to its reputation as the maker of the finest enameled cast- iron cookware. We personally liked this, as this is the best cast iron skillet to cook steak.

Both the interior and exterior of this 11.75-inch pan are glossy and resistant to stains, and it has balanced handling with a wide loop helper handle.

How We Test

Our expert conducted a series of five tests to judge 10 skillets’ heat conductivity, heat distribution, smoothness, stickiness, and ergonomics.

He measured smoothness by scraping a metal spatula over their surfaces and recording the decibel levels (dBa).

He judged factory seasoning (stickiness) by frying an egg with no oil at medium heat . Heat distribution was tested by observing burn patterns on paper circles.

For heat conductivity, he seared boneless strip steaks to monitor the speed, evenness, and depth of browning.

Finally, he poured one cup of water from each pan to consider the ergonomics of the handle, pouring spouts, and weight.

After ranking each skillet from 1 to 10 (worst to best) in each test and considering its value, we determined that these five are the best skillets you should consider.

We hope that our buying guide and short review will help you to find best cast iron skillet for steak which are top rated in 2020.

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