Best Cocktail Smokers

Best Cocktail Smokers (Whiskey Smoking, Foghat, Mitbak)

The best cocktail smokers are perfect for people who love to taste their drinks, but not necessarily the smoke. Perfectly sized and shaped so that you can take them wherever you want without hassle or fuss. These small smoking devices allow anyone with a passion for good barbeque food and tasty cocktails an opportunity to enjoy both at once!

Cocktail smoking is essentially the practice of infusing certain types and flavors into different alcoholic beverages. You can use a wide variety of ingredients to create your own unique cocktails. From fruit to vegetables or cocoa beans, you name the list. You can add flavored items such as whole spices, fresh herbs like mint leaves, vanilla pods, dried fruits, including raisins and cranberries. Anything that tastes good with alcohol!

The most important feature of these appliances is that you can use them to infuse food with smoky flavors. Another great thing about the best models on this list is their small form factor. They are easy enough to store in your kitchen, allowing them to be used for everyday cooking tasks. With features such as being able to have an electric or charcoal fire, it is also customizable and portable.

You will never go without having access to smoking any of your drinks again! Another factor that makes them different from other types is their lightweight design. Unlike traditional smokers, they weigh around 10 pounds or less because there is no heavy metal container to carry. They also have superior heat control and modes to select in the settings.

It is easier to smoke food at lower temperatures and keep things juicy instead of dried out if desired! You can create smaller amounts simply by using half or quarter portions compared to regular sized ones.

List Of Top Rated Best Cocktail Smokers

  1. Oklahoma Joe’s 7678088R06 Cocktail Smoking Box
  2. TMKEFFC Smoking Gun Portable Smoker Infuser
  3. Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun Food Smoker
  4. Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional BarwareSmoking Box
  5. Smoked Cocktail Kit. The only complete 7 Piece Home Bartender Kit
  6. MITBAK Cocktail Smoker
  7. Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker

1- Oklahoma Joe’s 7678088R06 Cocktail Smoking Box

Oklahoma Joe's 7678088R06 Cocktail Smoking Box

Do you want to add a smoky, wood fired flavor to all your favorite spirits and cocktails? Wanting an easy way to change up the flavors of your smoked cocktails? Introducing the Oklahoma Joe’s 7678088R06 Smoking Box! This handcrafted box is made from high quality white oak in a traditional shape.

The stainless steel grate slides are helpful in and out for easy cleaning. By simply moving it side to side, you can maintain hygiene. Easy access fuel trays will make filling with wood chips or pellets quick and simple. For multiple aromas at once, this invention will not disappoint anyone anymore.

Your friend offers to bring drinks over but requests that you provide all of the supplies. Fill it with hickory or oak wood chips and enjoy spirits, cocktails, and coolers infused with a deep smoky flavor. Made in the USA to keep your drinks dry. Oklahoma Joe’s Cocktail Smoking Box is made to smoke your favorite spirits and cocktails.

It has the same white oak used in making whiskey and bourbon barrels for that extra depth of flavor. Never worry about smoke leakage with its stainless steel fuel tray, grate, and sliding door. The easy access fuel tray lets you swap between different wood chips or pellets to enhance the flavor profile.

This box transforms your tastes and interpretations of classic cocktails or finesse with artisanal mixology. Handcrafted and made in the USA, it is as durable as it is elegant.

 It can hold enough wood chips to season up to 3 Old Fashioneds at a time. As featured on The Tonight Show, Hangover Harry uses his Oklahoma Joe’s Cocktail Smoking Box to make Harry Mudders.

No more mid segment buyouts, only premium quality! The compact size and easy access fuel tray make it perfect for picnics, camping trips. This handy box allows you to infuse smoke flavor from light hickory, medium applewood, or heavy mesquite wood chips. It measures 5.5″ L x 5.5″ W x 6.5″ H.

2- TMKEFFC Smoking Gun Portable Smoker Infuser

TMKEFFC Smoking Gun Portable Smoker Infuser

Do you love cooking with your sous vide machine but want the added smokey flavor and aroma? Then, the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun Portable Smoker Infuser is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This cold smoking kit includes a handy small handheld device powered by 2xAA batteries.

It efficiently delivers cold smoke without changing its texture or temperatures. Just insert natural ingredients like real wood chips, tea, herbs and spices, hay, and dried flowers into the Smoke chamber. As desired for delicious flavors such as hickory-smoked ham or tomato sauce topped with smoked mozzarella cheese!

Add another layer of authenticity to any food or drink just in time. For those cool fall nights, you can turn it into a homemade flavor factory. For those of you looking for new ways to enjoy your favorite dishes, check out the innovative Smoking Gun Infuser. Using real wood chips, tea, herbs, and spices, this device can produce flavorful smoke.

With a minimum amount of effort on your part, it is easy to assemble. The compact design of this product will solve all your smoking difficulties effortlessly! A smoker that lets you smoke your foods without heat or chemicals but with a little bit more of the love is what you need.

TMKEFFC Smoking Gun is a combination of a smoking device and infusion appliance. It creates the effect of cold smoke without changing your food’s texture. This can be used to infuse smoked flavors for sous vide recipes, cocktails, vegetables, cheese, salmon, and even desserts! And with no artificial flavorings or chemicals, it takes less time than you think.

3- Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun Food Smoker

Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun Food Smoker

Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun Food Smoker is your new flavor magician. Professional quality smoke has no mess or fuss. Just a few pumps of fresh air then an aromatic puff for the perfect smoked food every time. On average, 1 minute to set up and get cooking with nothing but delicious results.

Forget about soaking wood chips in water for hours on end or having to lug heavy barbecue equipment over. This clever kit lets you make selectable enhancements to your dish right here in the kitchen. Anything from big BBQ flavors to delicate herb aromas, all without generating any heat whatsoever.

It leaves precious nutrients intact and protects against ‘burning off’ as traditional smoking can do at high temperatures.

Keeping it “Real” while you Cook, the Breville Smoking Gun might be just right for you.

If you are serious about smoking meat but finding it too difficult to do indoors, this product is for you. Add wood chips or tea bags or any imaginable herb, spice, dried flower into the device. It is also easy to clean so that you enjoy delicious smoked flavors with hygiene.

Compatible with gas or charcoal grills, this powerhouse runs on house power. The uptown 17.5 inch hose means it is ready for outdoor use. Guaranteed by warranty, the brand serves it being dishwasher safe! The Breville Smoking Gun is perfect for bringing any dish or drink you want up a notch.

Food enthusiasts and cocktail makers alike will love how easily the grill adds natural smoke flavor. It all happens without touching their delicate ingredients with heat. The integrated stand ensures stability on your work surface. On the other hand, its double air speeds allow you to use either low or high airflow speed.

4- Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional BarwareSmoking Box

Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional BarwareSmoking Box

Crafthouse by Fortessa Barware allows you to effortlessly recreate the smoky flavors of some of your favorite cocktail recipes. By combining smoke, tinder, dried herbs or spices, and 2 glasses on either side of glass doors. This operation separates the smoker from the glass.

This Crafthouse by Charles Joly brings the feeling of a smokey bar into your home. Char often smokes his favorite foods, and he has finally found a way to share that experience with all of us.  Through his innovative smoking box, you can create amazing recipes at your home.

Once you have stocked your Crafthouse, it allows for double sided doors. It creates an immersive cocktail experience while being sturdy enough. For passing through any beverage or food, keep in mind that if you need to rinse this product. The glass actually provides a cleaner cleaning surface, so do not fret!

Measure out at 9 ½ inches wide; it is easy to clean and keep it safe in your kitchen cabinet. Your summer parties, backyard barbecues, or cocktails on the patio are about to get really sophisticated. Crafthouse by Fortessa is like no other smoking box. Its glass and stainless steel frame contain a rich black walnut interior base. 

Moreover, the drainage channel makes for a sturdy construction. This product contains a handheld smoker machine and wood chips. They allow you to smoke your favorite foods in an interactive setting. Double-sided doors make for dramatic cocktail experiences where you can experiment with various types of woods.

5- Smoked Cocktail Kit. The only complete 7 Piece Home Bartender Kit

Smoked Cocktail Kit. The only complete 7 Piece Home Bartender Kit

Perfect for a partier who wants to be prepared and make sure their cocktails are made with high quality. Smoke boards Cocktail Kit is the perfect solution for them to have an edge. Especially when they know that someone else will bring a drink component. The wooden chips in this kit add depth of flavor and give off a rich smoky aroma.

Guaranteed fresh every time, just by using Smoke boards! This perfect cocktail smoker kit creates a presentation and impresses your friends with this whiskey smoker. Create smoky infused cocktails with ease at home. Keep your cocktails fresh with the unique custom smoker. 

This is a sophisticated home cocktail kit that is fashioned for quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. With 3 different dry smoking woods, burn time of 1 to 2 hours per smoke session, the smoker will do the work of infusing over 300x more. Compared to what other automatic smokers can do, this will blow your mind.

It might be worth it to carry around these small pieces of wood chips to mix up tons of drinks anywhere. Then, serve them fresh at any event where guests are craving innovation. This means there is no need for filters, chemicals, oils, or anything else. You only need to light the oak board on fire and puff away while pulling out strong spirits like whiskey.

The perfect investment for the enthusiast of slow smoked infusions and cocktails. You do not have to do it yourself! Our product comes in a nice carrying case and 3 large jars of wood chips. Make one tonight to impress your friends this coming party season because you will not find anything better priced.

6- MITBAK Cocktail Smoker

MITBAK Cocktail Smoker

The MITBAK will be a perfect finishing touch to your cooking projects, and it is so easy! The included wooden chips need to be soaked in water for an hour before usage. Their smoking time is at least 4 hours after lighting the chip with the lid on. A wonderful smelling five hours of smoke will cover a 325 square foot area.

Oh, did we mention this new edition comes with 3 different speeds? It means that you can just want the kind of smoke flavor you prefer. So if there is something in your fridge that needs some cold smoking before tomorrow morning, do not worry! Adding a bunch of ice cubes or styrofoam containers will help this smoker go ahead.

This sleek and portable device offers a deep, satisfying smoke flavor. It comes with wood chips for smoky flavors. The 3 setting temperature control serves an adjustable cooking temperature that will keep your food moist without being too dry. So join the cool kids club before it is cooled off!

Smoke just became trendy thanks to this gadget which lets you cook any meat, cheese, or dessert, including cocktails! This beautifully designed smoker allows you to smoke food pleasantly. At 3 different speeds, it cannot be overdone while giving meat distinctive charing marks and depth of flavor.

Talk about convenience! Need something quick? You can also charge up your battery by plugging it in for 3 hours. The perfect way to spice up a dinner party! It is not only functional but attractive. This cocktail smoker comes with all the components you need, including a special domed lid.

Load this thing up with deliciously seasoned wood chips. Charge up for an hour or two beforehand to be sure of the power.

7- Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker

Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker

Sharks do not sleep, but you will need to with this amazing Cocktail Smoker. This GKC portable smoker kit will make your cocktail time the best of all worlds. Transforming your gourmet kitchen skills and promising a cool indoor smoke! You will receive a downloadable recipe guide filled with tips & recipes.

It is securely attached to any pot, pan, or Dutch oven for smoking the best craft cocktails. This way, you will not have to worry about finding more dish soap! The easy to use and clean support of this smoker machine is what makes it incredible. Do you love cocktails but have always dreamed about owning your own smokehouse?

Well, good news, now you can, with the GKC Portable Smoke Cleaning Tool! You will be dueling in no time with this cleaner. This will keep your professional barbeque skills through whatever tricky components might come across its path. Made of tough materials for easy cleaning and durable construction.

The smoker offers a brush for cleaning, wood chips, and replacement parts so all can enjoy their smoke sessions. It is a specially designed chamber that is perfect for just the right amount of chips. To produce indoor smoking without chemicals, this machine can do it without worrying about outdoor fire fighting measures.

Smoking your favorite cocktail instead of drinking it is the perfect match for every drink lover. Using this portable smoker, you can easily smoke your food while at home or on the go. To create gourmet dishes with ease, you only need to get this beast in your kitchen.

The GKC Smoker offers high quality, sleek design, and easy clean up and convenient storage bag. The robust foot pedal makes opening and closing quick and simple. Its airtight seal keeps everything fresh inside until ready to eat!

 Best Cocktail Smokers Buying Guide

Keeping the need to smoke your food and eatables seems fancy. But it can ruin the taste if you do not have the right equipment. Going out to expensive restaurants is also not possible every day. What about the craving for smokey flavor added to your cocktails? Thankfully these features listed below will offer you an insight on how to select the right cocktail smoker.


The selection of material is an important part of choosing such a piece of equipment. There are Plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and wood materials in this category. Of course, you can go fancy and choose hand-crafted wooden, but it is up to the user. If one wants durability, stainless steel or aluminum are preferred for their long lifetime.


Having accessories with your smoke machine is a blessing. This makes the kit complete that includes a wooden board, wood chips, dome, and plate. Other than that, a guide for exciting recipes and cleaning tools is always appreciated by consumers all over the world.


You get to turn On and off the button, and it can prepare your drink after 30 secs. This is an ideal time for burning the wood chips with just the perfect amount.


The smoker machines that operate on batteries need to be charged for almost 3 hours. Other than that, they usually run on a house power supply. Simple plug and use it to your convenience. The battery will last for as long as you want it with maximum charging capacity.


Your smoker machine needs to be easy to use without complex settings. It must come with cleaning equipment and assembling parts as well as replacements. Never forget about hygiene and always clean your smoke machine even if it is only air.

Smoke modes:

There are usually 3 setting modes for choosing the type of smoke depth you want to add. You can manually select from the settings of the machines how much flavor one needs.

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