Best CPU Cooler For RTX 3050

Best CPU Cooler For RTX 3050 (Air, AIO, RGB)

The best CPU coolers for RTX 3050 are made for the entry-level and small form setups that do not consume tons of energy. This card also uses less TDP compared to RTX 3060 so the coolers that are included with the compatible CPUs like i3, i5, and i7 must also be power efficient.

Having 1005 RAM compatibility will make you look out for the slots that used to be blocked due to the ill designed form of the cooler before. Even the thinnest profile contains a 48mm heat sink that is flexible to accommodate the RAM slots. 

Moreover, the fans have various sizes from 92mm to 140mm and in between for all the users who want to choose perfection. Other than this, there are 5 or 6 heat pipes also present to bring the maximum performance rating and optimal cooling for your CPU.

There are products that can consume 150W TDP for bigger setups and so the overclocking ability is also a part of their incredible feature list. With the RGB controller and ARGB lighting support, there is glow inside the CPU and upon the fan bearings to give you a shining light appearance whenever you look at it.

No matter what type of fan you choose, it should not make that much noise which disrupts your peace. It should be between 19dB to 26 dB and not more than 32dB which is normal human hearing. In case it makes more whirring noises than usual, you need to check the components of it immediately.

List of Top Rated Best CPU Cooler For RTX 3050

  1. DEEPCOOL AS500 CPU Air Cooler
  2. be quiet! CPU Cooler
  3. CoolerMaster MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler
  4. be quiet! Dark Rock Tf CPU Cooler
  5. Noctua Passive CPU Cooler
  6. Cryorig C7 CPU Cooler
  7. Noctua Dual-Tower CPU Cooler

1- DEEPCOOL AS500 CPU Air Cooler


Are you looking for a CPU air cooler that doesn’t take up a lot of space? Look no further than the DeepCool AS500. Its slim tower design ensures zero interference with your other components, and the one TF140S FDB fan delivers excellent cooling and quiet operation.

This cooler comes with LED underglow lighting that is customizable with the wired controller offered by the brand. You can also tweak it through supported motherboard software. Anyone who is conscious about the appearance of their cooler must utilize this feature to its fullest.

The Deepcool AS500 CPU air cooler is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an efficient, low-profile cooler. With 5 heat pipes and a slim profile, this cooler can be fitted in any situation.

There is a 120mm fan which ensures quiet operation as low as 29.2 dB. The included controller allows you to customize the lighting effects. If you’re looking for an air cooler that will keep your CPU running cool and quiet, this is a great option.

This slim tower design features one TF140S FDB fan with PWM support and perfect RAM compatibility. Moreover, a thin 48mm heat sink for ultimate flexibility is the ideal feature of this product.

To improve their PC cooling without sacrificing precious RAM space, many users around the world are looking in this direction. Its slim tower design means it won’t interfere with your other components in any case. Consuming almost 1.32 watts of power, this cooler will be suitable with a low end power supply as well.

2- be quiet! CPU Cooler

be quiet!  CPU Cooler

Even an entry level GPU like RTX 3050 can heat up to a certain extent if used violently. So to overcome the fear of slow performance you must need a capable CPU cooler that will be able to withhold the power and agility that is needed.

Be quiet!’s Pure Rock 2 Black is a high-performance CPU cooler that can handle up to 150W of heat and keep your system running smoothly. There are 4 efficient 6mm heat pipes and HDT technology working together to dissipate heat quickly.

Its asymmetrical construction avoids blocking any memory slots that usually CPUs do. The Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan operates silently, providing 26.8 dB(A) of noise reduction, and the elegant black surface is perfect for any build.

Thanks for easy installation is a breeze with the included installation kit! Looking for an ultra-quiet cooling solution for your high-powered PC? Be quiet! have you covered with the Pure Rock 2 Black! This powerful cooler features four 6mm heat pipes and a 150W TDP, ensuring that your system stays cool even under intense loads.

An asymmetrical construction allows it to fit easily in even the tightest of spaces, and the Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan keeps noise levels to a minimum while providing excellent cooling performance.

With its elegant black surface finish, the Pure Rock 2 Black is sure to complement any build. So if you are looking for a top-of-the-line CPU cooler that does not sacrifice silence for performance, look no further than be quiet!’s product with capable power.

Is your PC overheating? Be quiet! has the perfect solution: The Pure Rock 2 Black. This high-performance CPU cooler is equipped with 4 heat pipes and a 120mm fan for excellent cooling capacity.

3 – CoolerMaster MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler

CoolerMaster MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler

The CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler is the perfect choice for anyone looking to solve their overheating problems. Featuring dual heatsinks, 6 heat pipes, and 2 SickleFlow 140 fans, this cooler has been designed for maximum cooling performance.

A black aluminum top cover offers a premium finish and noise level of only 30 dB. And with RAM clearance options and an easy mounting system, it is easy to see why the MasterAir MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler is one of the best on the market.

Frustrated with your old, noisy air cooler? Well, say goodbye to those days and hello to the CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624. This sleek and elegant black aluminum top cover offers a premium finish that will complement any build.

Plus, at just 30 dB noise level, it runs whisper quiet perfect for when you need to focus or get some sleep. Having a dual heatsink serves as a combination for the surface area so that you can get a better cooling process.

An optional 3rd fan sizing a 120mm fan is present for the RAM support. You know that sinking feeling you get when your computer starts to overheat? Well, with the CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler, you can say goodbye to overheating computers.

This fan setup utilizes push-pull airflow for optimal pressure and cooling. The 6 heat pipes with nickel plated base help to further disperse heat. Keep your system updated and running in its best shape with the help of this cooler for your CPU.

4- be quiet! Dark Rock Tf CPU Cooler

be quiet! Dark Rock Tf CPU Cooler

Be quiet! Dark Rock Tf is the perfect solution for cooling high-performance CPUs. It features dual dark nickel-plated heat sinks with anti-vibration rubber inserts. There are 6 high-performance 6mm heat pipes with aluminum caps for more protection and durability.

Having twin virtually inaudible Silent Wings 135mm PWM fans are equipped with durable fluid-dynamic bearings. Besides this, there are smooth 6-pole motors to keep noise levels down. This cooler also supports Intel and AMD processors, making it compatible with a wide range of systems.

Looking for an extreme cooling solution? Look no further than be quiet! Dark Rock Tf. This dual-heat sink cooler can handle up to 220W of heat, making it perfect for high-power processors. Plus, its dual silent Wings 135mm PWM fans keep noise levels down to just 26.7 dB.

With its 6 high-performance heat pipes and aluminum caps, this cooler is sure to keep your processor running cool and quiet. This amazing product features dual dark nickel-plated heat sinks with anti-vibration rubber inserts.

Dark Rock Tf is compatible with Intel’s LGA sockets including 775, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066 etc. Whereas AMD offers AM2+, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2+ sockets on the go. The construction of the CPU cooler is important because it has the most effect on the performance and longevity of the system.

As much as the 100% PWM fan speed is important, it is possible with optimized fan blades and airflow.  Even the space saving design ends up in the surrounding of your system without any hassle.

5- Noctua Passive CPU Cooler

Noctua Passive CPU Cooler

Are you tired of noisy fans dominating your computing experience? Noctua has the solution: the NH-P1 passive CPU cooler. Using only natural convection for cooling, this silent heatsink can keep your system quietly cool without any extra noise. It has been designed to be 100% RAM compatible with AMD AM4 and Intel LGA1700/1200 sockets.

You do not have to worry about compatibility issues because both the brands and their sockets are well added in the list. The included SecuFirm2+ mounting system makes installation a breeze. Thanks to the improved NT-H2 thermal compound that ensures optimal performance.

So if you are looking for a low-noise cooling solution that won’t take up too much space, the NH-P1 is perfect for you. This is a powerful and efficient passive CPU cooler that can handle CPUs with low to moderate heat dissipation.

Featuring a fanless design, this cooler relies on natural convection for silent operation. Additionally, the 100% RAM compatibility on AMD AM4 and Intel LGA1700/1200 motherboards makes it perfect for small form factor builds.

Such a passive cooler features a robust design that allows for natural convection cooling, meaning you will never have to worry about noise again.  Moreover, with less dust accumulation, your computer will stay clean and running smoothly. Noctua’s NH-P1 is the perfect solution for CPUs with low to moderate heat dissipation.

The brand backs all of such products with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. So if you are looking for a cooler that is both quiet and efficient, you have come to the right place. You will get a low noise operation which is as noiseless as 19dB.

6- Cryorig C7 CPU Cooler

Cryorig C7 CPU Cooler

Cryorig’s C7 RGB Mini-Top Flow CR-C7R is perfect for CPUs with a TDP of up to 100W. The 6 heatpipes and mini design help keep your CPU running cool, even under heavy loads. You get to see the compact build that will fit in any small form factor case without any hassle or problem.

There is a 12V RGB fan that lets you change the look of your PC on the fly. Looking for an ultra-compact air cooler that can keep your system running cool without making a lot of noise? Look no further than the Cryorig C7 RGB Mini-Top Flow CR-C7R.

This little powerhouse delivers 100 watts of cooling power with minimal noise, making it the perfect choice for gamers and creative professionals. With its 12V RGB fan and sleek, minimalist design, the C7RGB is sure to add a touch of style to any build. For anyone who wants their rig to look like a knight in shining armor, they should look into this cooler.

This small factor is the perfect example of the combination of the system that adds the ease of installation and compatibility with entry level cards like RTX 3050. The Cryorig C7 RGB Mini-Top Flow CR-C7R is the perfect solution if you are looking for a high quality, low noise cooler.

With a speed of 600 up to 2500 RPM ±10 %, this 12V RGB fan 92mm size generates only 30 dB(A) of noise and is 97mm square with a height of 47mm. The 6 heatpipes x4 help to keep your system running smoothly by dissipating up to 100W TDP.

7- Noctua Dual-Tower CPU Cooler

Noctua Dual-Tower CPU Cooler

This dual-tower design has 6 heatpipes and 2 fans for superior cooling efficiency, and it comes with high-end NT-H1 thermal paste and the SecuFirm2 mounting system for easy installation on Intel or AMD systems. Plus, it features Noctua’s renowned quality and backed by a six-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product.

It is an extra-wide, dual-tower CPU cooler that provides maximum quiet cooling efficiency. Featuring a dual-fan design with renowned NF-A15 140mm fans and 6 heatpipes, this cooler efficiently dissipates heat from your Intel or AMD processor.

The included NT-H1 thermal paste and SecuFirm2 mounting system make installation a breeze, while the noise level of 24.6 dB ensures you can work in peace. Backed by a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, it is the perfect choice for those who need serious cooling power.

Looking for an extra-wide, dual-fan CPU cooler that provides maximum quiet cooling efficiency? This top-notch cooler features a 140mm design with 6 heatpipes and dual fans for optimum performance. For Intel Core i9, i7, i5, and i3 CPUs it is a pair made just for the systems that want to push to their limits.

With its extra-wide 140mm design, 6 heatpipes and dual fans, this cooler efficiently dissipates heat to keep your system running smoothly. The users who are concerned about their CPUs running hot and eventually slowing down and rest assured now.

Best CPU Cooler For RTX 3050 Buying Guide

Many users focus more on building the rig more than its sustenance. This step eventually makes your system become slower with time. So to avoid such a situation, you need to look at all the necessary features of the CPU coolers that you want for your graphics card like RTX 3050.


For both Intel and AMD users, you must look closely at the socket since this feature will attach the cooler with the CPU. These include LGA 1200, 2011, 1700, 1150, 1151, 1155, 2066, 2066, AM3, AM4, AM3+, AM2+, FM1, FM2+ etc.


The size depends on the form factor you have selected. Although there are different sizes like 140mm down to 92mm with various speeds of 600 to 2500 RPM. you can choose the fan with bearings for increased longevity of the life of the fan according to your need. Keep in mind that whatever the size is, it should not create much noise at least not more than 26dB.


Thanks to the thermal compound NT-H1 that keeps the cooler stick to its base without falling out and disrupting the setting inside your CPU. even at full speed, the secufiorm 2 mounting will not disappoint you and makes installing these coolers without an expert’s help.

RAM compatible:

If you are a tech expert or even a beginner at selecting the best devices for your system, always keep in mind that the RAM compatibility is an important feature to notice. There are single or dual tower designs that do not block the RAM and expansion slots and take less space as well.

Form factor:

Some users have the mini system build so they require the ITX form factor or some want the ATX form. They all have their pros and cons providing more slots and takes more space containing bigger fan sizes. For start up level systems or components like RTX 3050, the mini form ITX will also do wonders.


Having the RGB support with 12V power usage will keep your rig illuminated if you are conscious about the appearance. Just like DeepCool AS500 air cooler is known for its ARGB lighting, you can customize the look according to your taste and style.

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