Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3090

Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3090 Ti (RGB, Gaming, AIO)

With this problem, it stops working just because of a small cooling system not required to cool it down. For this problem, you need the Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3090 ti for this high-end GPU. For your CPU and GPU, we tell you about the Perfect AIO Liquid Cooling System that can save you valuable time in searching.

You build a PC for some high-level work, like high-end gaming, Graphics designing, etc. For these purposes you want to install the graphics cards, after Hours of work on your PC can make your CPU and GPU overheat, especially when graphics-packed games are playing.

When you are working or gaming you need full attention and the unnecessary noise can distract you from your work. But thanks to this cooler because it comes with low noise quality that can be as low as 23 to 25 dB for peak performance.

The RTX 3090 ti is the most powerful graphics card when you use it for a long time, cooling is most essential for work running. In which article you get cooling fans, heatsink pipe, and a water block with these products you can get extraordinary performance. 

Therefore, this cooler has dual fans and 3 fans to better dissipate heat with 120mm and 240 radiators and pumps. Talking about the fan speed, these coolers can offer 200 RPM up to 2000 RPM for rapid cooling. Such as, these coolers come with years of warranty to cover any damage if it happens.

These coolers support not only Intel’s LGA 1700 sockets and so on, but they also work with LGA 2011, LGA 1150, LGA 1366, and LGA 2011-v3, LGA 2066, AMD Sockets: AM4, TR4, TRX4. Furthermore, its liquid coolers offer great software with this technology you can change RGB lighting colors, you can match these RGB colors with your keyboard, mouse, etc. 

List of Top Rated Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3090 Ti

  1. ARCTIC ‎ACFRE00101A All-in-one CPU Cooler
  2. NZXT RL-KRX53-01 CPU Liquid Cooler
  3. Corsair ‎CW-9060043-WW CPU Cooler
  4. Raijintek 0R10B00083 CPU Cooler
  5. Corsair ‎CX-9020009-WW Cpu Cooler
  6. DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX Liquid CPU Cooler
  7. GDT9025S12V3P*2 CPU Cooler

1- ARCTIC ‎ACFRE00101A All-in-one CPU Cooler

ARCTIC ‎ACFRE00101A All-in-one CPU Cooler

When you use your system for a long time, then your system components are very hot when you are constantly playing games. Then cooling is of the utmost important factor for your CPU, without a cooling system your CPU components can damage. 

This cooling solution comes with great features like they are easily compatible with the latest sockets, Cold plate, proprietary pump, and has 2 fans 120mm. With this liquid cooler, you can keep CPU temperature low and get high performance when you play games and other applications.

Its impressive features make a liquid cooler different from other AIO water cooler fans. And so on, its 15°C lower voltage regulator maintains the temperature for the CPU efficiently. You can easily fit this liquid cooler into the latest Intel LGA 1700 and be compatible with Intel’s new Alder Lake Processors.

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 comes with 36 advanced A-RGB LEDs placed along with the fans’ center points. Furthermore, the transparent rotor, with its design, is indeed a wealthy illumination.

An additional, 40 mm VRM fan that is PWM controlled is present next to the pump. Complex cable administration permits you to keep everything clean without fear of it getting to be harmed or crimped during extended usage periods. 

 The ARCTIC liquid cooler comes with 3 great 120mm fans that are ideal for your CPU cooling and RTX 3090 ti. Because it’s fans have Static pressure of1.85 mm H20 and fans speed is 200-1800 RPM. This device is designed to reduce noise levels and that is maintaining optimal cooling performance.

2- NZXT RL-KRX53-01 CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT RL-KRX53-01 CPU Liquid Cooler

Along with selecting the right temperature control solution, you can help your CPU components, RTX 3090 ti cool and prevent overheating. We will tell you about customizing liquid cooling systems. That is a great way, with it you can personalize your PC and make it stand out.

The NZXT Kraken X53 240mm RGB CPU Liquid Cooler is a very brilliant design for temperature control solutions and perfect for preventing overheating. And so on, good for warmer climates, cool off your high-performance GPUs, and sustain cool temperatures over time. With it, you can keep your CPU cool like a cucumber. 

The liquidation system is very well designed so that you can see everything working. It is made by a re-designed cap and a larger infinity mirror ring LED. You can easily fit this liquid cooler into the latest sockets because it is supported by AMD Sockets: AM4, TR4, TRX4. Such as, it also supported Intel Sockets: LGA 2011, LGA 1150, LGA 1366, and LGA 2011-v3, LGA 2066.

You can be safe, effective, and easy to install on the system and much better cool the CPU other than air. And this AIO technique allows you to get the most out of more powerful components and play games without any heating problems. 

Therefore, the 240mm radiator is good and performs largely, its radiator is made of aluminum that is so good at protecting the damage. The NZXT liquid cooler comes with 2 great 120mm fans that are ideal for your CPU cooling. Because its fans have air pressure of 0.18 – 2.93mm – H20 and power consumption is  12V DC, 0.32A, 3.84W.

Such as, fans’ dimension is 120 x 120 x 26mm perfect for sockets, RTX 3090 ti, and speed 500 – 2000 + 300 RPM is very impressive for cooling. And so on, fans have fluid Dynamic bearings and 4-pin PWM connectors. That bearing provides you with a longer lifespan and quieter operation than any other fan technology. 

If you want to control cooling and change the RGB colors with this CAM software you can easily set it according to your choice. The RGB customizable is a very brilliant ability for your CPU system and is more attractive.

3- Corsair ‎CW-9060043-WW CPU Cooler

Corsair ‎CW-9060043-WW CPU Cooler

Do you find yourself worrying about the heat your computer is generating? Well, worry no more! The Corsair iCUE H1ooi RGB is an ideal choice for your RTX 3090 ti CPU cooling Because it is a fully customizable CPU cooler with a clean, easy interface.

This cooler has two great fans that will dissipate all the heat from your system and keep the CPU as cool as cucumber. The 2 corsairs ML magnetic levitation PWM 120-millimeter fans provide improved airflow for extraordinary CPU cooling performance.

The Corsair iCUE H100i comes with 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs that light up the pump head to deliver shocking customizable lighting impacts to coordinate your build. With RGB Lighting you can customize the colors and match these colors with your keyboard, mouse, and gaming monitors.

Because its cooling system has Corsair iCUE software, and so on with this software, you can easily control and synchronize your cooler RGB lightning coolant temperatures. Therefore, you can easily adjust the fan and pump speed. 

The dimensions of its device are 276 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm that is easily fit in sockets. Such as, You can easily fit this liquid cooler into the latest sockets because it is supported by the new Intel LGA 1700 and enables Zero RPM mode to keep the noise down at low temperatures.

4- Raijintek 0R10B00083 CPU Cooler

Raijintek 0R10B00083 CPU Cooler

If you like to keep your desktop PC and RTX 3090 ti running cool with Raijintek 0R10B00083 Morpheus Vega Heat Pipe you might be just what you need. Its product maintains optimal cooling performance.

With its heat pipes, you can keep your system cool for a long time because its cooling capacity is up to 360 watts TDP. This device supports 2 x 120mm x 25mm fans and its item dimensions are 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches and weight is 1.14 pounds.

However, if you want your CPU and GPU to stay cool for this solution this product 1 of the right choice. And it is extremely impressive in its cooling, the heat sinks work flawlessly without producing noise even when you work a long time with a heavy load.

That is a very brilliant design with 129 Aluminum fins with nickel plating and adding a nose shine to your GPU. Without any problem, this Morpheus Vega heat pip is an ideal choice for your RTX 3090 ti. In addition, 12 heat pipes every pipe size 6mm that helps your graphics cards cool and CPU.

Compatibility features are very impressive, you can easily fit this heat pip in your graphics card. We will tell you about a few latest graphics cards with these Heatpipe compatibility. That is AMD RADEON RX 5700/XT/RADEON RX5600/XT, and compatible with NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti/super/GeForce RTX 2070/SUPER/RTX2060/super.

5- Corsair ‎CX-9020009-WW Cpu Cooler

Corsair ‎CX-9020009-WW Cpu Cooler

The GPU water blocks keep all of your PC graphics cards’ heat-generating components cool, including the RTX 3090 ti. This water-blocking device maintains the temperature of your video card’s components and the stability of the hardware can help you get greater performance and extend the life of your video card.

The Corsair Hydro X Series comes with a very gorgeous design, Premium add up to transformation plan cools not for the GPU, That is your graphics card memory and VRM as well, all clean and stylish aluminum casing. And so on its diemension is 10.55 x 4.76 x 0.79 inches that is easily fit in your graphics cards.

The Exact CNC-cut nickel-plated copper development, which includes more than 50 high-density cooling balances positioned above the GPU, improves thermal transfer for reduced temperature and maximum performance.

Therefore, CORSAIR lighting 16 RGB LEDs built directly into the GPU block create brilliant adjustable RGB lighting. If you want to control cooling and change the RGB colors with this CORSAIR iCUE software you can easily set it according to your choice.

With this, you can customize the behavior of your fans and lights, match the color fans of your desktop system and enjoy a more gaming environment. You can optimize the performance of your computer system along with software and this helps you overclock your system, troubleshoot issues, and more. 

6- DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX Liquid CPU Cooler

DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX Liquid CPU Cooler

You want your computer to be cool at all times and you can do your work without any worries. The DeepCool Castle 360EX AIO cooler can help, this little powerhouse outperforms many larger coolers.

You ensure that your system stays cool even under extreme conditions. In addition, its smart design allows it to fit into tight spaces, making it perfect for smaller cases. Keep your CPU and RTX 3090 ti running at peak performance with the Deepcool castle CPU cooler.

The Deepcool Castle Liquid cooler has a 360mm radiator and comes with 3x beautiful stylish TF120S fans which have been particularly designed to match the radiator. This new version is more excellent than its previous version castle 240 EX and the new version comes with Anti-Lack technology.

This technology makes a difference as the framework accomplishes automated pressure balance, which can essentially make strides in operation security of the AIO fluid cooling system.

Therefore, The fans’ dimension of its device is 120 x 120 x 25 mm, fans speed 500-1800 RPM, Airflow 64.4 CFM, fans air pressure 2.33 mmAq, FANS noise level is 32.1 dB(A). And so on, fans have Hydro bearings and 4-pin PWM connectors. Hydro bearing is a good factor because that is for high-performance rigs. 

 In which Addressable RGB lighting is adjustable with the 5V motherboard work and through an included controller. With RGB Lighting you can customize the colors and match these colors with your keyboard, mouse, and gaming monitors. 

This liquid cooler comes with a 3-year warranty which is very beneficial for you. In such a way that if there is any defect in it then the company will repair or replace it.

7- GDT9025S12V3P*2 CPU Cooler

GDT9025S12V3P2 CPU Cooler

If you need compact Graphic card Fans that can deliver outstanding performance, the GDSTIME Graphic Card fan is perfect for your RTX 3090 ti. This device comes with great features you can easily install, its large area directly blows the whole graphics card cooling.

Along with PCI fixed keep the fan away from the slots and components of the motherboard. The 2 fans have been unified into a single interface, allowing you to control all of the fans from a single location. It works at full speed when linked to the motherboard 3-pin or 4-pin interface.

This product is a very sleek and beautiful design with its package including the graphics card fans with 1 power D-type interface cable. The dimensions are 92mm(L) X 92mm(w) x 25mm(H) and 3.62in(L) x 3.62in(W) x 1in(H) in per fan.

We tell you about the fans’ other properties which are very much impressive. The rated voltage of fans DC 12V, Current 0.2Amp, Fans rated speed 2000 RPM, Airflow; 86CFM, Noise: 27dBA These abilities are very ideal for your 3090 Ti Graphics cards. The noise level of this product is very low, you can easily do your work without any noise problem.   

With these fans, you can get a D-type interface cable in which 4 interfaces 3 voltages; 5V, 7V, AND 12V. These voltages have different airflow, speed, and noise; you can select the appropriate voltage interface for the fan’s cooling needs.

Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3090 Ti Buying Guide

If you are thinking about getting perfect cooling for RTX 3090 Ti The products mentioned above are the best CPU coolers for cooling both your CPU and GPU. But if you are using a liquid cooler or any other cooling system then you must see these features.


When you buy a cooler, the socket is the component that will fit the cooler onto the RTX motherboard for the CPU. From Intel, LGA 1700, 1200, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2066, 1366, 2011 and in AMD, AM2, AM3, AM3+, AM4, TR4, etc must be supported.


With the help of fans, all the heat will be removed from your GPU. For this, you need to look for 120mm and 240mm, and 280mm fans which will give you high-level cooling performance. 

Noise Level

If you are happy in a peaceful environment and want to work in a peaceful environment. Then buy a noiseless CPU cooler, in which the cooler’s noise level be at least 23 to 25 dB. If you get a 16dB noise level that is a very great ability for your CPU cooler.

RGB lighting

You can handle your favorite idea and color with great supportive software. These software allow you to change the colors to your liking and change according to the color of the keyboard, mouse, etc. Corsair and ICUE software these technology allows you can check the condition of the cooler.

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