Best External Hard Drives for Xbox Series X

Best External Hard Drives for Xbox Series X (Cheap, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB) in 2021

Every Xbox Series X player will inevitably encounter the problem of using the console’s limited built-in storage to manage game collections-the original Xbox Series X version only had 1TB of storage space. 

Although the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X doubled the built-in storage to a maximum of 1TB, reaching that memory threshold is still a problem for anyone with a large game collection. 

500GB can easily hold a small number of top Xbox titles (they always have regular updates that require more memory). Add a new game loop feature on Xbox Game Pass, and you will definitely find yourself deleting games you still want to play, just to make room on the console.

Xbox Series X is expected to be launched during the holiday season and is expected to include expandable options, but we are still unable to manage storage issues on our own for the time being.

Fortunately, adding storage to Xbox Series X is a very simple task. The correct external hard drive connection can solve all your storage problems and make elimination through game collections a thing of the past. 

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The Best External Hard Drives for Xbox Series X 2020

We have collected some of the best external hard drives for Xbox Series x on the market.

  1. SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB: Best overall
  2. Toshiba (HDTB410XK3AA) Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
  3. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Series X 2TB External Hard Drive Portable: Built for Xbox Series X
  4. WD My Passport Portable 4TB External Hard Drive: Best budget hard drive
  5. Samsung M3 Portable External Hard Drive
  6. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD With USB-C: Most portable hard drive
  7. Seagate Game Drive Hub 8TB External Hard Drive Designed for Xbox Series X: Most storage space
  8. Sabrent External Hard Drive Docking Station
  9. RavPower External Mini SSD For Xbox Series X

1. SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB: Best overall


The Samsung T5 ranked first in the 2020 best external hard drive list, and as far as Xbox Series X is concerned, this hasn’t changed. Samsung T5 SSD achieves a unique combination of size and speed. Its solid-state drive dominated the competition in the read and write test (and its T3 prequel). 

The T5 is small and is housed in a sturdy aluminum case, which means that it can easily be hidden behind the Xbox Series X and will be punished if you accidentally knock it over. Although it comes in several different colors and looks stylish, it may not be the drive you want to show.

Samsung T5 has 500GB, 1TB and 2TB options, so whether you want to increase space or don’t want to think about storage anymore, you can meet your storage needs.

2. Toshiba (HDTB410XK3AA) Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

To make the best choice in the hard drive market, you cannot ignore Toshiba brand products . And according to the opinions of users who have performed tests with the brand’s items, this model is the best buy you can make.

With a USB 3.0 interface, you will enjoy high transfer speed and storage capacity of up to 4 TB of data. This device can be used with Microsoft Windows without software installation first.

You will therefore be able to store your precious files very easily. Designed with a matte and elegant finish , this physical medium will follow you wherever you go without any difficulty.

Powerful and robust hard drive, Good value for money. Compact and fast hard drive.

3. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Series X 2TB External Hard Drive Portable: Built for Xbox Series X

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Series X 2TB

If you need the best external hard drive specifically designed for Xbox Series X choose Seagate Game Drive.

You can’t go wrong with the storage options designed for the console. The original Xbox green-does it make you want to participate in the Halo 2 Slayer Marathon? 

The basic hard drive has a capacity of 2TB, which is five times the capacity of an ordinary 500GB Xbox Series X. A transfer rate of 120MB per second allows you to easily move files between internal and external storage. 

It weighs less than 6 pounds, not the most portable hard drive currently, but it is not difficult to carry around.

If you are a serious game collector and 2TB won’t cut it, there is a 4TB model that is a bit more expensive, but still has the classic Xbox look.

4. Western Digital My Passport: Best budget external hard drive

WD My Passport Portable 4TB External Hard Drive

In most cases, the price of a WD My Passport hard drive is about $60, which is the best choice for buying 1TB of storage within a budget. The data transfer rate of USB 3.0 can only reach up to 5Gbps, so you may see a longer load time to start the game from external storage.

However, you can also plan the game time in advance, and then transfer the game of your choice to the internal storage device, so as not to worry. If you want to put it out of sight, then this model is small and can be hidden behind the console.

But it has black, red and blue color options, so if the splash of color contributes to the atmosphere of the game console, you may want to ignore it.

The worst part of reaching the initial storage limit is to look at the external hard drives and realize how much they cost. Although WD My Passport may not be designed for games, the price is still as high as new games. But it is a relatively cheap and simple option that helps overcome storage space issues. Compared with faster units, some models also have more bargaining storage space.

5. Samsung M3 Portable External Hard Drive

Samsung M3 Portable External Hard Drive

We begin the comparison of the best external hard drives by the model of the Samsung brand . The reason this product got the top spot in this review is because it garnered a lot of positive reviews from users.

The Samsung M3 is an external hard drive compatible with several operating systems such as Windows, Vista or Mac. The transfer rate of this hard drive is 4,800 Mbit / s and it has a capacity of 500 GB.

Reliable , robust hard drive that heats very little. Excellent value for money, with Fast data transfer. Excellent for portable storage.

6. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD With USB-C: Most portable Hard Drive

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD With USB-C

Do you often play games on the go, whether it’s to a friend’s house or a long journey? SanDisk Extreme Portable will be the best choice for a powerful and easy-to-use external hard drive. Although there are many small hard drives out there, it is designed for travel.

It is slim, has a waterproof and dustproof design, and has a shock-resistant solid core. Therefore, even if you are not on the road, this drive will withstand the rough treatment of the most chaotic and angry players at home.

The data transfer rate is 550MB. Compared with the cheaper model, the transfer speed has been greatly improved.

7. Seagate Game Drive Hub 8TB External Hard Drive Designed for Xbox Series X: Most storage space

Seagate Game Drive Hub 8TB External

Doubling the game storage space is great, but what about expanding it to 8TB? This is an excessive and permanent solution to the Xbox storage dilemma. This big boy allows you to store a large collection of games, about twice as much.

Yes, it’s almost as big as Xbox Series X, but that’s the price you pay for 5Gbps transfer speed-there will be no disconnection from this hard drive to your console. Like Seagate Game Drive, Game Hub is specifically designed for Xbox. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the front, which can be used to charge the controller or add accessories.

Despite the huge storage space, the price increase is not astronomical. Now, Best Buy is priced at $180, so you can completely solve the storage problem by slightly increasing your budget.

8. Sabrent USB 3.0 SATA docking station

Sabrent External Hard Drive Docking Station

If you have an extra hard drive to collect dust and want to reuse it for external Xbox storage, you can always buy a cheap docking device for yourself. This multi-size storage cabinet can convert your existing storage devices into external hard drives.

Supports both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives at the same time, thus ensuring compatibility and ease of use. The workstation has incredibly fast transfer speeds, but some users complain that the cabinet is not completely dustproof.

If you have a limited budget and are a bit proficient, this is a reliable storage option. It does require a bit of technical knowledge to use it correctly, but if you can overcome these problems, it’s clear.

9. RAVPower Portable External SSD Pro For Xbox Series X

RAVPower Portable External SSD Pro For Xbox Series X

If you’re looking to save $20- $30 on a 1TB mini SSD, the RavPower external mini SSD is priced lower than some of the branded competitors from SanDisk, Western Digital, Samsung, and others. Amazon has it for $150. 

It offers data transfer speeds of up to 540 Mbps. Most hard drives here will work on all platforms – whether you have a Windows PC, Mac computer, PlayStation 5, or Xbox – as long as the drives are properly formatted for the right platform. 

But often, they will be referred to as working with a specific platform out of the box, and sometimes come with platform specific backup software. Unless stated otherwise, all PC drives mentioned here are compatible with Windows but can be formatted for a Mac user. 

Many of them include cables or adapters to accommodate the USB-C and USB-A ports. But if they’re not included, you can easily buy dongles for around $10.

What is an External Hard Drive?

Before proceeding to the establishment of a comparison, it is necessary to make a reminder of what an external hard drive is.

An external hard drive is a device dedicated to storage that can save data , but also significantly increase the storage capacity of a device such as the computer.

It is a classic hard drive that is embedded in a solid and easily transportable case in order to connect to the computer via a USB port.

How does an external hard drive work?

Now that you have an objective opinion on the main brands of external hard drives on the market, understanding how this hardware works is essential for a successful comparison.

In an external hard drive, the read / write heads are inductive, as they have the ability to create a magnetic field. This is what often happens in the case of writing, because by creating positive or negative fields.

The heads polarize the surface of the disc in a very small part, which will cause during the passage when reading changes in polarity.

These changes induce a current in the read head which is then transformed by an analog-to-digital converter into machine-understandable binary language .

The heads are responsible for writing information on the periphery of the disc and then continue towards the center. The information is then organized in concentric circles produced by the low-level formatting: these are the tracks. These are separated into quarters (sectors) containing the information (usually at least 512 bytes per sector).


When it comes to storage, you can’t choose the option designed specifically for the console. So, here I have listed all the external hard drives for Xbox Series X, which is more powerful than the classic Xbox Series X 1TB.

These hard drives have a higher transfer rate which makes it easier to transfer files from internal storage to external storage. The listed portable hard drives weigh less than 6 pounds, so you can easily carry them around when traveling.

Do you find a better option than these or have any questions regarding the product, please comment below. I will be happy to answer you.

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