Best Fitness Tracker Ring

Best Fitness Tracker Ring Smart Rings With Display in 2020

Smart wearables, such as the best fitness tracking ring and best smart rings are high on demand. These are the relatively new kind of wearables are available in traditional rings style. If you don’t like heavy weight smartwatches or fitness bands, you are gone love these top rated smart tings.

Best Fitness Tracker Ring

Want to know which is the best smart ring? we have made a list of your and listed these smart rings with display in 2020.

  1. ViATOM Oxygen Saturation Monitor
  2. ViATOM Wearable Oxygen Monitor
  3. Wellue Overnight Oxygen Saturation Tracker
  4. ViATOM Health Ring Tracker
  5. ViATOM Children Oxygen Monitor

1. ViATOM Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Viatom oxygen saturation monitor, wireless blood oxygen monitor with audio reminder on device & smartphone free app. Finger wearable o2 levels meter pulse rate tracker oxylink.

If you are a person who loves to stay fit and always want to keep a track of fitness, Viatim Oxygen saturation monitor is worth a try. It is a wireless real time monitor. The PI histogram helps you to adjust the position in order to get the strongest signal. 

The oxylink and the app will beep when it detects the blood oxygen level drops lower than the level you preset. It is smartly designed as a ring so it would be more comfortable for you to wear everyday. However, oxylink doesn’t provide readings when you are playing a sport. You just need to stop moving to stay still about 10s to get the readings.

It is active enough that it could be used upto 16 hours of continuous monitoring. It monitors and records blood oxygen levels, heart rate and motion. Moreover, it provides a free app for android and iOS. The app naming Vihealth shows the graphic report and trends of blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and motion. The analysis of data can help you to avoid unhealthy conditions ultimately letting you improve your lifestyle. 

You can get 12 months of warranty so you should try on the product and get back to the company whenever you want for the queries. You can get a lifetime technical support as well. Highly efficient staff provides 24 hours service and responds to you back in less than 12 hours. 


  • Free app for android and iOS.
  • Display screen shows spO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index.
  • It has a waterproof band around the product.
  • A switch to turn on/off the ring.
  • An audio reminder also attached.


  • User manual available if you find some difficulty in use.
  • Double audio reminder from device and app when oxygen levels reduced.
  • PI helps you adjust the position to get the strongest signal.
  • Real time monitoring.
  • Wearable daily.
  • Could be used upto 16 hours.
  • 12 months worry free warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Quickly responsive staff available 24/7.


  • A bit tricky to use. 
  • There should be an option for the screen to always turn on which is currently not available.

2. ViATOM Wearable Oxygen Monitor

Viatom Wearable Oxygen Monitor, Wearo2 Rechargeable Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor With Vibration Alarm & Free O2 Report, Smart Fitness Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor With App

For continuous monitoring of your blood oxygen levels, give a try to Viatom’s wearable oxygen monitor. The smart and stylish ring monitor is equipped with a soft ring sensor which makes it comfortable and never goes off from your finger. You can easily use it on a daily basis. 

This ring monitor continuously monitors oxygen level, heart rate and motion and can be continuously used upto 16 hours. Moreover, there is a free app available on Android and iOS for your easy assistance. 

The app shows the graphic report and trends of blood oxygen saturation and by analyzing the data and the trends, you would be able to control your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

There is a smart vibration alarm available for low blood oxygen level so when your oxygen level decreases than the preset level, it starts vibrating and stirring your finger so you would be able to know and take action. 

You will get an oxygen monitor, a usb cable, a user manual and 1 year worry free warranty inside the package. So worry less and go grab yours before the stock runs out.


  • A usb cable included. 
  • Wearable oxygen monitor.
  • Huge display screen.
  • User manual included.
  • Continuous monitoring for oxygen level and heart rate.
  • Lasts upto 16 hours.


  • Water proof.
  • Can be used on a daily basis.
  • Comfortable.
  • Free app for android and iOS.
  • The app shows the trends and graphic report.
  • Data analysis helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • User friendly.
  • Durable.
  • Smart and modern design.


  • Cannot be used while playing any sport.
  • Cannot be used for sleep breathing problems. 

3. ViATOM Health Ring Tracker

Viatom Health Ring Tracker, Oxygen Levels Heart Rate Monitor W Vibration Feedback. Free App Pc Report For Sleep Fitness Aviation Wellness Use

Health Ring tracker provides you with an amazing oxygen level monitoring device which turns on automatically once you wear it. It is a smartly designed ring which is wearable on a daily basis. It is super comfortable on your finger.

Accurately and continuously tracks and records your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and movement.

There is a free android app and iOS app too for you to download and view your reports on daily basis and follow the trends so that you can easily take care of your health and maintain your eating habits. 

Moreover, there is a built in smart vibration feature when the diminishing blood oxygen levels are detected which are below your set standard. You can also find those on the app. Furthermore, this ring could be easily fit on anyone’s finger and is super comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

In addition to that, the material of this product is super durable to be with you for several years and in case you face any damage, you can get it repaired easily. You can also have a worry free 12 months guarantee so don’t waste more time thinking and just go grab your piece. 


  • Runs automatically when you wear it.
  • Built in vibration feedback.
  • Free app for android and iOS and PC software as well. 
  • Tracks the blood sugar level and heart rate. 


  • Durable. 
  • Superior quality material. 
  • Accurately and continuously tracks the blood oxygen level.
  • User friendly.
  • User manual available.
  • Smart and modern design.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • No color options available.
  • Using it may be a bit difficult however, the user manual can help you out.

4. Wellue Overnight Oxygen Saturation Tracker

Wellue Overnight Oxygen Saturation Tracker with Notification for Low O2 Level and Heart Rate. Free APP PC Report for Sleep Insights

You can have calm and worry free sleep if you get the amazing overnight oxygen saturation tracker ring by Wellue. This brand is super famous for its durable and long lasting products with certain features which attracts the users a lot. 

This ring is adjustable, looks stylish and classy on your finger and most importantly, it accurately and continuously monitors the blood oxygen level, heart rate and motion. It has a wide display on which one could easily see the figures. Moreover, it has a vibration feedback for the lower oxygen levels than the preset levels so you should be able to know and treat yourself as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you can get 14 hours non stop usage. You just have to charge it for 2 hours. The device runs automatically when you wear it. Another plus point is that you can get a 12 months guarantee along with lifetime technical support and very co operative staff to answer your queries very quickly. So without wasting anymore time, order yours before the stock runs out. 


  • Adjustable vibration feedback.
  • Overnight continuous monitoring.
  • Shows the graphic sleep report and trends of blood oxygen level, heart rate and motion.
  • 14 hours usage.
  • Takes two hours to be fully charged.


  • Durable and adapt to most fingers.
  • Free professional app for android and iOS.
  • User friendly.
  • Good quality material.
  • Rechargeable.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Fast response within 12 h.


  • Only grey color available.
  • Aa compared to others, a bit less usage time.

5. ViATOM Children Oxygen Monitor

Children Oxygen Monitor, Wireless Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor For Kids Pediatric Baby. Audio Reminder on Device & Phone APP, PC Software PDF Report, Wearable Oxygen Meter Heart Rate Tracker KidO2

If your kid has a problem with blood oxygen or heart rate and motion, you should give a try to the specifically made children oxygen monitor ring by Viatom. This device is specially designed keeping in mind that this is for the issues of children. 

It is a real time wireless monitor ring. The PI histogram available on the dashboard helps you adjust the position to get the strongest signal. It runs automatically when your child wears it, also monitors and records the childrens’ blood oxygen levels as well as the heart rate and movement accurately and continuously. It helps you to go through the trends and ultimately lets you maintain your childrens’ eating habits and lifestyle.

Moreover, it provides a free app for android and iOS for you so that you can also handle it using the app along with the device. It also provides the option to export the file to the health consultant conveniently. Its design is smart, stylish and super fun for the kids. There is no way that the children do not like this ring. It is super comfortable and adjustable. It is wearable on a daily basis. So you can do it without being worried. 


  • Free app and PC software so you can export files to the doctor conveniently.
  • Wireless real time monitor.
  • Vibration feedback detects when the oxygen level drops from the preset level.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Specially designed for kids.
  • Oval shape with an adorable star theme.


  • Fun And funky display.
  • Specifically made for children.
  • Accurately and continuously monitor the heart rate and motion as well as the blood oxygen levels.
  • User friendly.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Top grade customer service.


  • One color combo available. 

Smart Ring & Fitness Tracking Rings Buying Guide

An oxygen monitor ring is a very essential device for the people who are required to monitor the blood oxygen levels and heart rate and movement. But before buying one, search for the one which has more features and less price. Some important features to consider are as follows:

App for android and iOS:

Choose the ring monitor which has a free of cost app for android and iOS so that you can also have the benefit of monitoring and securing trends so that one can maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

Wide display:

A monitor ring should have a wide display screen so that one could easily see the icons and digits on the screen so research well for the one before you purchase.

Vibration feedback:

The wireless oxygen monitor ring should have the feature of vibration feedback so that one should be able to know when the oxygen level or heart rate reduces than the preset levels so you could immediately take necessary treatment for that.

Long working hours:

Choose the device which has the maximum time to use. There are many ring devices which provide upto 16 hours time, find one and buy that one for uninterrupted continuous monitoring.


Find a ring monitor which gives accurate figures of heart rate and movement as well as blood oxygen levels. This would be tough but with thorough research and good comments and reviews, you can easily find one.

Technical support:

Some brands offer lifetime technical support for their products. Choose the product with such an offer so you would be able to get a worry free shopping experience.


You should find a product which has good quality and durability so you can spend once and use the product for a long period of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are smart rings worth it?

A: It is difficult to say why smart rings as a whole category are worthwhile because the different rings available right now do such different things. Some brands have really got it right when it comes to tracking. They both do a great job and it’s really good to be able to wear a ring to track sleep.

Q: Which finger is best for oura ring?

A: You can wear the Oura ring on any finger, on either hand. The index, middle and ring finger usually works best. The ring should feel comfortable especially in the morning when your fingers are slightly larger. The sensor bumps should be underneath your finger.

Q: Should I wear oura ring all day?

A: If you want to wear the ring only at night, just be aware of the data limitations. Oura  measures activity during the day and activity plays an integral role in your sleep and wellbeing. 

Q: Is motiv ring accurate?

A: The motive ring phone app isn’t as detailed as other fitness trackers, but it does seem to do an accurate job of the data it does record.

Q: Can you swim with a Motiv ring?

A: It is fully waterproof up to 165 feet. Whether you’re washing your hands, hitting the beach or competing in a swim race, the Motiv ring is ready to face the elements with you. A lot of fitness trackers are all about tracking steps the motiv app tracks fitness. 

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