Best Gaming Chair for Xbox Series X

Best Gaming Chair for Xbox Series X (Cheap, Budget) 2021

There is no doubt that a good Xbox gaming setup needs the best gaming chair for Xbox series X. It’s hard to find high-quality products to complete the ultimate next-generation game zone; we have picked out the comfort of an extraordinary sitting.

The combination of comfort and style is rare in the market and makes it difficult for you to choose between them. We’ve handpicked the best-rated chairs and brands for you to help you find quality products.

You get to see PU or PVC thick leather coating with extra padding on the sitting area to give a soft and plush feeling. While you enjoy a good time on the seat, the cold-molded foam can include breathable water-resistant and stain-free technology.

The chair’s maximum length ranges from 40 to 55 inches, mostly adjustable to the different types of users. Height management with a lever below the seat will help you avoid dangling feet, causing your body to feel numb. Removable lumbar and back cushions are a bonus for the extra level of comfy served by the manufacturers.

As thoughtful as that feature is, one also sees an armrest that can move in all four directions to suit the way a user wants to go. The 360 rotations will never get old for all the users as it lets you multitask without getting up from the chair. With the addition of smooth casters and steel pistons, there is no stopping these gaming chairs from winning the race.

Another feature adds footrest to the rescue for anyone who cannot get his desired height can put out the retractable resting space. Overall, these chairs are durable enough to contain almost 200 to 400 pounds of weight on average. From the warranty cards that trustworthy brands provide, you never have to go anywhere to shop for your favorite chair.

List Of Top Rated Best Gaming Chair for Xbox Series X

  1. Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Racing Series Gaming 
  2. Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather LCS Gaming Chair
  3. Gtracing Luxury Gaming Chair Racing Style with High Backrest
  4. noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair – Office Chair – Desk Chair
  5. Gtracing Gaming Chair with Footrest Big and Tall Office Executive Chair
  6. Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair 
  7. Gtracing Big and Tall Gaming Chair High Back

1. Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Racing Series Gaming 

Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Racing Series Gaming

No matter what kind of gaming fan you are, one always needs a good resting chair to let you play comfortably for long hours. Vertagear understands the need for this item and has introduced SL5000 from its S line series.

In this model, there is not the only comfort provided but also luxury at some point. The seat width of 22 inches containing any body size is the ultimate resting area for gamers. 25 by 25 inches and 48 inches of overall length is why one gets to make it to the most out of it.

The chair’s backrest measures 21 inches, lets you rest easy, and keeps your posture straight. Made from high-quality PVC leather, this can resist sweat and is stainless in that respect. The main body consists of stainless-steel rods that provide grip and solidity to the overall structure.

Custom racing casters can move fast with the coating of plastic on them, including a five-star base. Basic ergonomic features that you often get to see with the height and in 4 directions. The armrest of the chair has 4 points for your laid-back evenings with a flat surface.

A good height range and backset till 140 degrees gives you a better angle and comforting position that you will work more than the usual working hours. Such tasks like gaming need more concentration and focus than the rest, so the resting seat and padding contain an open-cell breathing structure.


  • 25 x 25 x 48.6” size
  • Pvc leather made
  • Adjustability in 4 direction
  • Aluminium steel feet
  • 4 point arm rest
  • 150 KG (59 pounds)

2. Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather LCS Gaming Chair

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather LCS Gaming Chair

Secretlab omega prime 2.0 gaming chair is the new name for luxury and comfort, especially the type of material used. Its size and dimensions range from 32 by 14 and 27.5 inches in length and width.

Made with PU leather gives a plush type of feeling that lets you sit on it for hours. Manufacturers have designed this chair for intense gaming that is sometimes raging. The improved standard for the upper coating can be flexed and uphold resistance as well.

Friendly ergonomics of this sitting item can max out to their best version, where it rotates 360 degrees without obstruction. Extreme cushioning is served over the seat that has a thick layer of cold-cure foam.

Its ergonomic support and shape are comfortable for almost every body type. This gaming chair has got vast space. Another important factor is its full-length backrest that should contain the load of a full-blown battle.

Recline the backrest even more backward to take a power nap or after a long tiring competitive gaming session. All work and no rest will make Jack a dull boy but not anymore with omega prime 2.0 made with a sturdy aluminum base.

This type of construction is strong enough not to rust or keep away from corrosion while reducing weight. The 4 adjustable height management steps serve you with every kind of height, preventing dangling feet that stop the blood circulation if left unassisted for too long.


  • PU Leather coating
  • Maximum ergonomics
  • Full length backrest
  • Aluminium base structure
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • Flat armrests

3. Gtracing Luxury Gaming Chair Racing Style with High Backrest

Gtracing Luxury Gaming Chair Racing Style with High Backrest

Ideal for gaming, typing, or working anywhere, the Gtracing luxury chair is a perfect fit for your room. Its racing car style can move quickly in all directions without any obstruction in a smooth way. Enhance the beauty of your gaming setup with a perfect chair to complete the picture.

Rest your back up straight or adjust it according to the degree angle that gives you the most comfortable position after a long day. PVC leather skin is durable and comes in thick frames along with the cold cure foam layer.

Anti-oxidation and high resilience can handle 400 pounds of weight on it all at once under its thick metal frame. Get comfortable and trouble-free working or gaming throughout the time with relaxed seating and padded backrest.

A heavy-duty base holds up almost every weight on the size chart making this chair user’s convenient and favorite one. The functioning seat has a 4D armrest, whereas the adjustment claims 30- 170 degrees with reclining backward.

Increase your focus on the go when you sit on this chair, providing you with utmost luxury and next-level comfortable seating. You usually find padding only in the seating area and not the back, but this is not the case. The most important part of the chair is its back, and this chair also comes with a tiny cushion for relieving your neck’s stiffness.

Swiveling at 360 degrees and a tilt lock mechanism ensure that the chair does not move unnecessarily while increasing your work or game limit.


  • Cold cure foam
  • 4D armrest
  • Padded backrest
  • Strong base
  • Up to 400 pounds support
  • Height adjustment

4. noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair – Office Chair – Desk Chair

noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair

Noble chairs are known for their decent desk chair and designs for the maximum outcome, so this chair is on the list. The chair’s total weight is 27 kilograms; nothing is lighter than this in this product category.

Inclined with PU faux leather, on top of 55% fresh cool foam for maximum breathability, this chair provides the best comfort. Moreover, it is bound to recline up to 135 degrees with armrests that can adjust in 4 directions.

This gaming and desk chair’s maximum weight limit is 265 lbs describing its sophisticated rocking mechanism for every body type. The material made on this type of chair is used in luxury cars. Enhancing the overall user experience with premium materials is another perk of using this chair for your desk for gaming or work purposes.

PU 2.4 inches of casters are compatible with soft or hard surfaces, including the neck and shoulder support cushions. Its solid steel frame can support all the upper structures with robust design and support.

Strong stitching of foam padding upon the steel frame is an expert’s work. The logo is also visible after the making of the design and hem is finished once. Ergonomically friendly, this chair moves like a racing car on the tires with quick movements in 360 degrees angles.


  • 27kg weight
  • PU faux Leather
  • Cold foam
  • Rocking mechanism
  • 135 degrees reclining
  • Steel frame
  • 2.4” PU casters

5. Gtracing Gaming Chair with Footrest Big and Tall Office Executive Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair with Footrest Big and Tall Office Executive Chair

A good gaming chair is as necessary as other gaming equipment, so Gtracing introduces its best of the lot. The dimension in which the item ranges is 20 inches in length, whereas the width is 21 and 52 inches of maximum height.

This chair is unique in many ways from typical chairs that you see in this budget; these are the footrest. Dangling feet can decrease blood flow making your legs numb if you plan to sit for a longer duration.

With 136 kilograms of total weight, the chair can swivel 360 degrees, and the backrest can hinge from 90 degrees to 170 degrees for an actual lay back set up. Smooth PU leather is used in the model’s seating and backrest to provide the ultimate comfy experience.

High-quality cushions material has been included in the package with nylon rolling casters that serve you with utmost stability in its movement. Make this your partner for working or playing with the color code that efficiently blends with your setup room.

A retractable footrest can take out whenever you need it from beneath the seat. A durable and robust design with a touch of comfort and style makes it the chair of this generation. The armrests are also adjusted to the user’s preference of positions.


  • 20.47 length
  • 136 Kg weight
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • 90 – 170 degrees back adjustment
  • Rocking mechanism
  • Smooth caster rolling
  • Lumbar pillows

6. Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair 

Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair

Secretlab’s distinctively improved quality chairs did not fail to impress many users with its upgrades. Titan Prime 2.0 is made with 4 times more durable PU leather coating. This synthetic element is dense and covers a great portion for optimal padding.

Getting the editor’s choice medal, the chair has a better armrest mechanism that can be moved in all 4 directions. Faux carbon fiber texture on each side of the chair and gold logo lettering appeals to the buyers as its visual design.

After passing almost 200,000 abrasion tests to prove industry standard leather and getting approved for 5 years of warranty, the cold cure molded foam is being used in this version of the chair that contours its sides.

Thick padding covers the complete sitting area and backrest of the chair with lumbar support in its design instead of a cushion. Through the knob on the right side, you get to adjust the backrest, specifically the headrest area.

Metal adjustment of the armrest is also a significant upgrade in this chair’s overall design instead of plastic. Height and directional movements can be adjusted with smooth moves. The lever at the right can also move the chair’s height from upper to lower positions according to the user’s preference.

This entire chair and the back have a decent rocking mechanism with a lock option with the left lever. Its comfort and durability have no question mark on it while also serving with a long-lasting warranty.


  • 4x more durable PU leather
  • Lumbar support
  • Full length backrest
  • Reclining back
  • Aluminium base
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • 5 year warranty

7. Gtracing Big and Tall Gaming Chair High Back

Gtracing Gaming Chair with Footrest Big and Tall Office Executive Chair

Get the unique and durable racing chair online from your trusted stores with a good rating from its users. The Gtracing introduces every gamer’s dream that has ever existed to get a comfy chair for his setup. Including the 4D armrest can be raised or low and backward and forwards, rotating in every direction to suit whatever is comfortable for your arms.

The rocking mechanism can lock so you can let the chair move after you adjust it to your level of comfort. Locking the chair in the position you are looking into for working or playing for hours will keep it at the exact angle through the lock feature.

From 90 degrees of backrest angle to 170 degrees of the hinge, let you get a power nap after a tiring day. Attached with a lumbar cushion has the best interest of you as a consistent user so that you get comfortable seating and laying your body at rest.

A heavy metal base with a thick frame is the definition of durable to carry a maximum weight of 400lbs. The casters become the reason there is such smooth movement in the chair. A right resting back takes away the day’s tiredness, so gtracing includes a thick layer of PVC leather.

A cold foam coating is necessary for breathable property preventing you from carpet burns due to the material’s density. Get comfortable with your new desk’s friend with optimal material perfect for any work you take from it.


  • 4D armrest
  • Cold cured foam
  • 400 pounds weight limit
  • Back and neck cushions (removable)
  • 170 degrees maximum recline
  • 360 swiveling
  • Tilt lock feature

Best gaming chair for Xbox Series X Buying Guide

A good gaming chair will complete your setup for a quick tour to your fans following your gaming channel. After looking into plenty of options, one gets confused and might feel lost about where to start. These specialized chairs are designed for the real gaming experience as this is an addictive obsession. Notice the following features to know what suits best for you:


At first, gaming chairs were only made for racing car games that acted almost as simulators with the same type of luxury car racing seating. The thick padding on the sitting area and straight backrest are some of the designs that you are most likely to find in these chairs.

You can find padding side support on either side of the seat if you have to lean into critical gameplay. A design is the most important factor while choosing the chair for yourself because it will save you from back or neck pain.


Aluminum or stainless-steel thick frame is often used in many of these products since they are durable and can hold the maximum weight that is put on the base. After this, the kind of padding or leather that is used also has great importance. PVC leather or fiber is found in these chairs that work best with cold foam to let your skin breathe in harsh environments or weather as well.


Swiveling at 360 degrees angle, while the backrest can hold the hinge from 90 to 170 degrees, is a significant flex. Control your seat the way you want makes it even more ergonomically friendly and users’ go-to choose.


Armrests do not seem like a big deal, but it holds importance in providing the type of comforts gamers need the most. They are made to move in all 4 directions, which also lets them be called 4D armrests.


Many brands provide lumbar and back cushions that are also removable with the chair itself. Supposing you have a bad day or just lost a game, these pillows will be able to calm your nerves in an instant with their soft plush feeling.


Getting a footrest in your package is another bonus for you since some brands might not provide it. In case you have specific needs regarding your height or feet, a retractable footrest will work best for you while not disturbing your body’s blood flow.


Last but not least are the smooth pistons or casters on which the chair’s whole movement depends. They are designed to function fast like a racing car and quick to shift from one position to another.

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