Best Hand Mixers For Mixing Cookie Dough

Best Hand Mixers For Mixing Cookie Dough, Hand Mixer For Cookie Dough

The best Hand mixers for mixing cookie dough are perfect for your kitchen and baking dreams. A big bowl, sturdy blades and strong arms will help you create the best flavor ever! In order to make the best chocolate chip cookie dough, you need a hand mixer.

There are several types of mixers out there and they each have their own unique features that may suit your needs better than others.  One example is an immersion personal blender which can also help when making pie filling or ice cream sauce by using its blades as paddles. While beating together milk into sugar or eggs until thickened fully before adding other liquids will require a better beater.

You need to control the features thankfully you will get buttons to power, eject and select speed levels. From 9 speeding limits, there is the addition of smart mix technology. For automatic function, this technology allows starting with a lower speed to avoid splattering dough.

They can be used to make small amounts of batter and can handle it usually long enough so you don’t have to bend down while mixing. These have an easy grip design which makes it easier than using a spoon or spatula. Moreover, you need less counter space because these types of appliances take up less room than larger ones.

All parts except the beaters come apart, making cleaning much easier. Some brands offer other attachments like dough hooks for making homemade candy and more. What more you can expect from this is these mixers are dishwasher safe and easy clean when you are done.

List of Top Rated Best Hand Mixers For Mixing Cookie Dough

  1. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
  2. BELLA 14460 Immersion Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment
  3. SHARDOR HM315W Hand Mixer
  4. Hand Mixer Electric, 400W Ultra Power Kitchen Mixer Handheld Mixer
  5. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer
  6. UTALENT U-2046-W Hand Mixer Electric
  7. Braun HM5100 Electric Hand Mixer

1- Hamilton Beach 62682RZ 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

This hand mixer has 6 speeds to make any cooking adventure easy. The handy hanging loop lets you keep it easily attached when mixing potatoes or cake batter, while the snap-on storage case keeps your small kitchen items in one place. It includes traditional beaters and whisk attachments are easy to clean with their long durability.

From egg whites to whipped cream, this hand mixer will get the job done fast and efficiently. Just because baking can be a complicated task does not mean you have to spend hundreds on a KitchenAid mixer. With the help of our Hamilton Beach, any baker can mix up a recipe with ease. 

Paired with many attachments, you get to see traditional beaters and whisk. Any handyman or woman is in for a stirring treat when it comes to perfecting their pies, cakes, cookies, and doughs from scratch without breaking their budget! Included with the appliance is an easy-to-clean set of tools that will make cleanup fun instead of frustrating.

This hand mixer includes all essentials, from snap-on storage case to 250 watts peak power. You can get your mixing done in a breeze with this Electric Hand Mixer. In seconds, you can choose from 6 speeds, including the quickest button to accommodate any task from bread dough to whipped cream to cookie batter.

With dual beaters and whisk attachments that are easy to clean for quick confectionary creation, there is no need for anything else but your creative side. The storage case helps seal all of those mixers away securely with a snap-on lid. Now you never lose another attachment again!

This stainless steel kitchen mixer is powerful enough to mix even the heaviest flour blend. With speeds perfect for frothing milk and whipping cream into soft peaks. Its sturdy bowl rest locks flush with any size mixing bowl so drips are stopped at their source! Quiet yet efficient, you are sure to love how well this electrical mixer gets things done.

2- BELLA 14460 Immersion Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment

BELLA 14460 Immersion Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment

A world of possibilities are right at your fingertips. With this 10 inch hand blender, you can mix up a variety of delicious soups, sauces, desserts & more in the kitchen or on-the-go with ease. While you are saving time cooking with this handy immersion blender for small projects, easy clean up is just as important.

Give your favorite soups new life! Whip up a rich and creamy apple pie filling with this hand blender. Banish all thoughts of giving up an old family recipe because you don’t have the pot to make it in. Shake up anything without all those pesky lumps!

Discreetly whip up some perfect mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, save some leftovers for fried potatoes or just indulge and fry them fresh. You did not receive that prized jewelry set from your great-aunt and now nobody will be able to tell! Invest in one of these handy devices and get creative.

We are sure you will show off every cooking process on social media. The motor has 2 speeds, so whether you want a delicate sauce or something more robust cooking. Use the BELLA handheld immersion hand blender with whisk attachment to easily whip up scrambled eggs or froth a latte.

Its ergonomic comfort grip and multifunctional design lets you tackle more tasks in your tight kitchen. The stainless steel blade system is durable enough for tough jobs like smoothing hummus or puréeing soup.

But this device is easy enough to chuck into the dishwasher when it needs cleaning. And did we mention that its 6-inch shaft length makes it perfect to use in a deep mixing bowl. Say goodbye to time-consuming chopping, preparing and mixing with the all-in-one immersion blender.

3- SHARDOR HM315W Hand Mixer

SHARDOR HM315W Hand Mixer

You know what is worse than getting your perfect dessert out of the oven only to realize that you forgot the cookie dough? The scraping, messy kitchen. But with our handy SHARDOR Hand Mixer you can quickly put all of your dirty dishes away in one click.

With quick Turbo boost and Automatic Speed design, this mixer is versatile enough for most cooking or baking tasks. And like most things worth doing well, mixing up a batch of brownies is easier when it is done properly. This power packed device will not allow anything pesky mixers coming unplugged ever again!

The SHARDOR hand mixer 350 watt handheld with storage case is the perfect solution for anyone who loves to cook and bake. With 5 stainless steel attachments you get 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters and a whisk.

Its turbo function speeds up each gear, this product allows you to easily mix batters or cookies without any type of splatter. For those baker’s looking for more flavor-having something to look forward to. Once their cooking session is over, these features make it easy to clean as well!

Plus! Plus, five extra bonus loops make it super easy for you to take everything on the go. This silicone coated, fast-spinning hand mixer can cater to all of your desserts! It includes 5 stainless steel attachments with auto speed design that keeps everything running smoothly.

With turbo function speed up for each gear, start gradually to avoid splatters. You can effectively reduce splash with the dough hooks and mixer beaters you have come to know and love.

4- Hand Mixer Electric, 400W Ultra Power Kitchen Mixer Handheld Mixer

Hand Mixer Electric, 400W Ultra Power Kitchen Mixer Handheld Mixer

Using a mixer has never been easier. This powerful, yet gentle hand mixer takes care of even the toughest blending. With its different speeds and design to stand up on your countertop you can easily work from any angle. For difficult mixing jobs like stir-frying meat or whisking eggs, this is an incredible option.

It also doubles as a great little kitchen assistant when it is time to put away dishes or make filling doughs in preparation for making pies! The arm socket rotates 360º which are perfect angles no matter where you are in the kitchen. Cooking on the stove top, preparing foods over an oven range cooktop, or working with simmer pots that need constant stirring is all under control.

Grab a Hand Mixer Electric, 400W Ultra Power Kitchen Mixer with its 500-watt motor and 5 different speeds. Cook like a pro with these innovative features that are designed to work on multiple functions of the kitchen. Not just for baking! You can use it to prepare sauces or liquid mixes as well!

With features such as anti dumping and heat removing you are guaranteed an easy time in any kitchen. Blend your way to a kitchen revolution with this 400W Hand Mixer. Fill your kitchen with love by combining the device of flour, salt, sugar and butter with the one-touch speed controls.

Multi-directional hot air convection prevents your dough from heating up too quickly or cooking unevenly. Simple enough for a beginner to use but powerful enough for professionals. This appliance is guaranteed to make all your cake dreams come true!

5- Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

The Cuisinart HM-90BCS is a durable, high power handheld mixer that comes with all the mixing accessories you need for any recipe. With 3 low speeds to help avoid splatters, it is perfect for use by kids or on the go. The beaters are versatile and work well on both wet and dry ingredients while the whisks can handle egg whites as well as whipped cream.

The Dough hooks are designed for bread doughs but can be used to mix meats, meringue toppings, cookie doughs, etc. So no matter what your culinary aspirations are, there is something here to help you get started developing them without spending an arm and a leg in trial-and-error shopping trips.

This Power Advantage Plus handheld mixer is the ultimate home chef’s helper. It has 220 watts of power with 9 speeds to mix any liquid, liquid doughs, or stiff batters into deliciousness. The pastry whisk effortlessly whips egg whites without turning them dry and crispy.

On the other hand, swivel beaters are made for both whipped cream and everyday cooking needs. They can whip up a batch of rich potatoes within seconds! Don’t stress over dirtying too many bowls either. Its snap-on storage case ensures that your utensils are never more than an arm’s length away from where they are needed most!

With a 220 watt motor, this machine can tackle any of the most common recipes with ease. This device comes with 9 different speed options, low start speeds to keep things from splashing out on you or your countertop. The beater, chef’s whisk, dough hooks and spatula will allow you to create just about anything under the sun.

6- UTALENT U-2046-W Hand Mixer Electric

UTALENT U-2046-W Hand Mixer Electric

A 180 Watt Multi-Speed Electric Hand Mixer like this one comes with Turbo Button. It is a complete versatile mixer set perfect for most cooking needs. Few attachments offer the most popular mixing functions at easy to use speeds that are always within reach.

Featuring 180 watts of power and a button easy eject function, fast wiping down maintenance or deep cleaning is simple. Its rapid speed turbo button lets you whip egg whites in moments!

Have you ever finished making your dough and realized the attachments on your hand mixer were all cluttered in one place without a single slot to spare? No more. This new and improved UTALENT electric mixer comes with 5 attachments. You get to see 2 dough hooks for whipping up batter, 2 beaters for mixing ingredients into that perfect consistency, and 1 whisk attachment for eggs or cream.

That extra big button switches from low to high speeds or even turbo speed when needed. Moreover, there is a quick eject button which means never having to worry about lost parts again!

Never underestimate the power of a whisk to whip eggs. We all know how much time it takes for someone to mix everything together, but with utalent’s hand blender mixer now you just need 3 seconds! With its 180 wattage and 300 watt button, all your ingredients will mix with ease.

The UTALENT U-2046-W 180W is perfect for all your needs. Say goodbye to thick batter or dry dough, this 1250 rpm mixer with turbo button will have the job done in style. Just press the ESC button and come back when you are done! 

You also get to see 5 attachments with 2 dough hooks and 2 beaters and on top of it 1 whisk for whipping eggs. Whether the thought of being slaving over an old fashioned whisk gives you anxiety, then look no further than the Turbo Button on this Mixer Set.

7- Braun HM5100 Electric Hand Mixer

Braun HM5100 Electric Hand Mixer

The Braun electrically powerful multi-mixer will have your egg whites whipping up to a stiff peak as if it were no problem, and those pesky lumps in soup? No more. With the 350 watts of running power provided by this product, you will mix anything with ease. The smartmix technology uses an inline vertical motor design that shifts the weight out of your hand.

Giving you maximum manual control, you are sure to ace everything in your kitchen. Removing mixers from containers is now lightning fast with its one-handed vario speed control dial. If all this was not enough for tackling big jobs like bread dough or cake batters then switch to attachments including the most versatile whisk ever!

With quick cleanup too there is never any reason not to pick up this amazing product that will evidently make your work faster. Knock out your cooking chores with the amazing Braun Electric Mixer. This lightweight, grip-friendly device is designed to make cake batter or frosting a breeze with only one hand! And with the help of its powerful 350-watt motor you don’t need any arm strength at all.

The bowl tilts on 2 hinges for quick cleanup plus its dishwasher safe attachments let you whip up healthy fruit smoothies or pancake syrup in no time. There are even tools that will stand up to anything from whipping cream to kneading dough. Ergonomically friendly design gives a soft yet strong and comfortable grip during work.

Find your perfect favorite attachment for every task; keep it stashed on the mixer until next time around! Power, control, and easy maintenance define the Braun Electric multi mix Hand Mixer. Simply select your desired speed to combine ingredients with ease or use this handy kitchen appliance as a whisk by flipping the auto-turn function.

Best Hand Mixers For Mixing Cookie Dough Buying Guide

Getting a hand mixer for your kitchen is no doubt a convenient way to complete the tasks of your everyday routine. They need to be chosen wisely after determining how much power you want from them. These features will help you find the ideal one.


Your machine needs power to run and that best you can get is 400 watts. This will give you accurate speeds and power for completing your tasks even if you work at a bakery.


It is always good to have extra components or a complete set;. You never know when you need to use the storage case or that specific beater for egg whites and cookie dough. With the right tools, you can always make delicious recipes and a complete package includes 2 whisps, 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks.


Your machine must be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. No one likes a messy kitchen but not everyone tries to clean it on their own. So to let you rest after a full bakery day, it must be cleaned thoroughly when ejected properly.


Modes like Smart mix technology allows automatic starting with lower speeds to avoid splatter. It also reduces the manual usage and can let you work freely in your kitchen.


For taking the components out of the machine, there is an eject button on most of the products. This is a good way to detach your machine for cleaning or repairing purposes. Other than that, a power button or speed level dial will also be present to manually select the option you want.


You get to see almost 9 or less speed values on your hand mixer. It is better to look for this option as it will allow you to choose the level of mixing your dough within your control. Easy hands on design provides perfect grip and control to the user with its useful ergonomics.

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