Best HDMI 2.1 Cable For Gaming

Best HDMI 2.1 Cable For Gaming (PS5, Xbox Series X) 2021

A true gamer needs the best HDMI 2.1 cable for gaming, because he knows the importance of real time action packed gaming. This update has taken the hobby to another level of professionalism where everything belongs to the top tier performance.

Under the connection one cable there is a lot to offer to the users, as this is how far technology has gone. Not only is the refresh rate increased but the resolutions also become higher and smoother. The visual itself becomes better and best with a single attachment.

This new upgrade has made the support of dynamic HDR making sure every scenario is captured, and viewed with the same amount of detailing, as it is seen through naked eye. Each and every scene expressing a brighter color contrast, a vivid imagery and an ideal visionary are just some of the perks of having HDMI 2.1 cable in your setup.

Creating a strong pathway between your content and video resource, this cable is made compatible with all versions of technology. Increasing the average bandwidth that the standard 2.0 was providing, HDMI 2.1 multiplies its power performance with thrice the energy.

Serving up to 10K frame rates at 120 frames per second speed whereas 8K resolution would be normalized for the users. Pushing the display to its limits, you do not have to worry about the connectivity issue with this cable as it works with older versions as well.

A major table turning point also involves the automatic low latency mode that is responsible for the adjustments of the screen. For instance, it is able to handle fast moving pictures and delivery the higher frame rates to the monitor or console you are using without the clash of lagging frames.

List Of Top Rated Best HDMI 2.1 Cable For Gaming

  1. Cable Matters 3-Pack 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable
  2. Cable Matters Premium Braided 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable
  3. Monoprice DynamicView Ultra 8K HDMI Cable
  4. Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cable
  5. ANNNWZZD 8K HDMI Cable, HDMI 2.1 Cable High Speed 48Gbps 8K@60Hz
  6. Monster Ultra High-Speed 8K Cobalt HDMI 2.1 4ft Cable
  7. Cable Matters 3-Pack 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable with 8K 120Hz Video and HDR
  8. True HQ™HDMI 2.1 Cable 8K 2M 48Gbps
  9. 8K HDMI Cable 6ft, BIFALE HDMI Cable 2.1 Support 8K@60Hz,4K@120Hz

1- Cable Matters 3-Pack 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable

Cable Matters 3-Pack 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable

Cable matters has invented the gold plated HDMI 2.1 connectors that comes in the combination of 3 colors. Easy gripping over these cables with the durability stamp put up on these have the trust of today’s user.

The super fine construction includes copper conductors, separate insulation for each wire, a braided shield around the foil and flexibility in the PVC covering. Making this wire one of the best choices for a strong and long lasting connection, these elements are able to long last in the run.

Supporting the HD resolution at 10.2Gbps, 4K HDMI at 18Gbps and 8K quality at 48Gbps is truly amazing step for the betterment of gaming community specifically. 4:4:4 dynamic HDR with 10 bit color gamut is supported through RGB in all resolution making your pictures look bright and realistic as possible.

With the dual bandwidth a 10 bit color depth, there is the increased brightness in each frame that can be seen from a far. The color mapping has enhanced the overall quality of an image by serving you Dolby vision HDR support.

Easily troubleshooting a connection problem, these smart cables have the ARC audio return channelas well. The brand has put in all the effort to ensure a stable signal transmission that willnot cause any sort of hindrance in the performance.


  • 8K resolution
  • 48 GB bandwidth
  • 4K resolution, 1080p support
  • 9.8 feet length
  • DTS X surround sound 7.1, 5.1
  • Compatible with consoles, monitor PC and TV etc
  • 12 bit HDR

2- Cable Matters Premium Braided 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable

Cable Matters Premium Braided 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable

Speed and display matter in the world gaming world, which is why cable matters has come up with an HDMI 2.1 latest connector. This cable is equipped with one of the latest features and approved after several tests.

For an upgrade in your gaming arena you need to have these beauties attached to your system. On an average length of 4.4 feet long, the RGB HDR successfully has increased color spaces without any hassle. There is reliability in the signal transmission that enhances the performance and the delivery of maximum bandwidth.

8K resolution support on a full ultra HD visibility is made possible with individual cable testing. 48Gbps bandwidth is served with this resolution without a single scratch and stutter or lag. The premium look of the cable includes gold plated connectors with metal housing and braided cable coverage to prevent it from fraying.

Dolby vision support with HDR 12 bit color depth just makes the situation even better when the dynamic color mapping is brought into light. Not only this cable is compatible with all types of devices including TVs, PC monitors or consoles, it works best with computers that have NVIDIA graphics card.


  • 48Gbps bandwidth
  • 8K resolution ultra HD
  • Compatible with consoles, AppleTV etc
  • HDCP cinema aspect ratio
  • Immersive surround sound audio
  • Tangle free video streaming
  • RGB HDR, 12 bit color
  • Dolby vision 4K HDMI cable

3- Monoprice DynamicView Ultra 8K HDMI Cable

Monoprice Dynamic View Ultra 8K HDMI Cable

Monoprice dynamic view includes an HDMI cable that touches the higher end of gaming performance. With the length of 3 feet, this cable is designed to carry intense loads, made with stronger insulation. 48Gbps bandwidth is able to bring forth the best features and detailing into your frame.

Other hardware issues are also resolved with the support of dynamic HDR, Dolby vision and DTS surround sound system. Talking about the visual quality, this cable can go as high as 10K resolution with HDR that makes sure each picture or video is displayed at its best.

Bringing the details and depth in every frame with wide color spectrum and brightness that appeals the eye, is one of the expected features of this connection. Every scene is loaded with top tier quality in 8K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate and 4K resolution also.

Advanced gaming action is unloaded through the higher bandwidth, which is able to enjoy through different PCs, consoles and Laptops etc. enhanced audio return channel support with extended consumer electronics control has the backup for this HDMI Ethernet cable, working best with AMD FreeSync on PS4 pro as well.


  • 48Gbps bandwidth
  • Heavy load carrier
  • Dynamic HDR, Dolby vision
  • 8K resolution at 60Hz
  • VR gaming support
  • 3 feet length
  • eARC support

4- Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cable

Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cable

Be ready to transform the home theater and entertainment through the high performing single cable support. Be it movies on your smart TV or ultra HD gaming HDMI 2.1 is the epitome of high performing visuals. This cable, with the ideal of length of 2 meter (6.6 feet), is compatible with all sorts of smart devices including Apple TV, PlayStation 5, Xbox series X etc.

Serving you with HDR and Dolby vision for 4K resolution pictures, the cable is designed for HDR10 quality in each frame. Pushing the limit to 8K resolution in 60Hz refresh rate and 4K screen view with 120Hz refresh rates at best. 

Easy to set up with just plugging the cable in, you are good to go. Using it with different gadgets like media players, cable boxes and gaming consoles, 2 year of warranty is also given by Belkin Ultra HD cable. The limit is pushed higher with the compatibility with not only gaming but streaming devices as well.

The brightness levels, color contrasts and wide range of technology lets you enjoy the dynamic range of next generation gaming. The picture quality and imagery is the most wanted and requested feature in the gaming arena and with this cable it is made possible.


  • HDMI 2.1 Ultra HD certified cable
  • 48Gbps optimal bandwidth
  • Compatible with console gaming, projectors, blu-ray players
  • HDTV stream support
  • Double layer shielding
  • Dolby vision
  • 2 meter length

5- ANNNWZZD 8K HDMI Cable, HDMI 2.1 Cable High Speed 48Gbps 8K@60Hz


ANNNWZZD has come up with a solid companion HDMI 2.1 cable that is made to make your entertainment even more exciting. With a total length of 3 feet, you just have to plug and play no matter if you are a professional gamer or just want to enjoy your evening with a great movie.

The resolutions are pushed up to 10K at different refresh rates, where the 8K resolution is supported at 60Hz and 4K at 120Hz with a top speed of 48Gbps bandwidth. The files are transferred from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

Compatible with Apple TV, consoles like PlayStation, Xbox series, Laptops or NVIDIA shield TV along with projectors and monitors, ANNNWZZD has raised the bar for ordinary gaming and movie streaming. HDCP 2.2 video source lets you enjoy 3D display of picture or video on the screen that is not possible with ordinary connections.

Moving towards the structure and design of the cable, it is made by the experts with high quality 28AWG copper conductors. Braided jackets made with nylon covering are passed through 10,000 bending tests to ensure the flexibility and durability of the wiring.


  • 48Gbps optimal bandwidth
  • 8K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate
  • 4K resolution at 120Hz refresh rate
  • Compatible with Apple TV, NVIDIA shield TV, CD, DVD players etc
  • HDCP 2.2 video support
  • Copper conductor wiring
  • 18 months money back guarantee

6- Monster Ultra High-Speed 8K Cobalt HDMI 2.1 4ft Cable

Monster Ultra High-Speed 8K Cobalt HDMI 2.1 4ft Cable

The definition of speed should be asked from the makers of HDMI 2.1 cable just like Monster Cobalt has made this cable. Allowing you to transfer files at the maximum speed of 48Gbps, sharing and getting data from one device to another will never be problem anymore.

Made in the length of 4 feet long, this cable delivers crisp visuals though HDR support making them bright, vibrant, vivid and realistic. Pointing out every detail in each frame, the resolutions are pushed to 10K where 8K is provided at the 60Hz of refresh rate and 4K comes out in 120 Hz.

Not only the picture and video quality is increased but there is a massive change and betterment in the audio as well. Enhanced audio return channel lets you enjoy sharp and lossless sound that blesses your ears with the soothing effect of your favorite music. Whereas cobalt multichannel audio has a crystal clear sound that is uncompressed and works on advance formats.

Another fan favorite feature is the fixed rate link that ensures the uncompressed resolution to be stable at the settings on which they are set. It is made compatible with all types of devices including HDTV, Blu-ray players, CD, DVD, monitors, laptops, consoles etc.


  • 4 feet length
  • 48Gbps maximum speed
  • HDR images
  • eARC sound quality
  • Fixed rate link support
  • 4K quality image at 120Hz 
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices

7- Cable Matters 3-Pack 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable with 8K 120Hz Video and HDR

Cable Matters 3-Pack 48Gbps Ultra HD 8K HDMI Cable

Cable matters has packed a 3 color combination of 3 gold plated HDMI 2.1 cables that are bound to deliver all the latest game and video features. The different color combinations allow you to manage and organize each cable into different device so no confusion would ever have to take place.

These copper conducting and braided in foil shielding wires are made for giving an optimal performance after going through several approval tests. Each cable is designed to give the maximum transfer speed of 48Gbps at maximum. Doubling the speed from ordinary HDMI 2.0, you never have to wait for the pictures to load or a large file to transfer from one device to another.

HDR 10 supports the increased color gamut and spaces making each frame bright and eye catching pin pointing every detail in them which were often missed before. HDCP 2.2 video source makes the motion picture smooth in its movement.

8K resolution is provided in 60 Hz of frame rate whereas 4K is also supported in 120Hz of refresh rate at best. Making it compatible with almost every device including Apple TV, consoles and laptops etc, Cable matters has made the smart decision.


  • Pack of 3 cables 3.3 feet
  • 48Gbps speed
  • HDCP 2.2 video source
  • 32audio channels
  • Dolby Atmos and surround sound support
  • Compatible with all devices
  • RGB HDR 12 bit color depth

8- True HQ™HDMI 2.1 Cable 8K 2M 48Gbps

True HQ™HDMI 2.1 Cable 8K 2M 48Gbps

Another angle for gaming has been released by True HQ through HDMI 2.1 cable. This beauty has 24K gold plated connectors that are made with the finest material to ensure durability. The zinc alloy shell casing is made with copper for a neat and tremble free signal conveyance.

Fast travelling energy reaches the device with the speed of 48Gbps and that is how the transfer of files is made in the blink of an eye. Higher resolutions are expected from this single cable as 8K at the speed of 60 hertz of refresh rates and 4K at 120 hertz.

Dolby Vision support for HDR10+ brings a glorious change of brightness and better color codes in each picture. Moreover the enhanced audio return channel is made to go with the perfect sound signals including 3D surround sound like Dolby Atmos.

10 bit color depth with RGB Chrome Subsampling is enabled through HDCP2.2 version. Making this cable of the finest of its quality, designed with braided jackets to prevent tangling has really took the brand on the top.


  • Ultra high speed
  • 8K resolution
  • HD surround sound support
  • Gold plated connectors
  • RGB chroma subsampling
  • Nylon braided wires
  • 48Gbps bandwidth

9- 8K HDMI Cable 6ft, BIFALE HDMI Cable 2.1 Support 8K@60Hz,4K@120Hz

8K HDMI Cable 6ft, BIFALE HDMI Cable 2.1 Support 8K@60Hz,4K@120Hz

Bifale HDMI cable is made to make your gaming more powerful and realistic so that there is no hindrance on the way. This is made possible with variable refresh rates that eliminate input lagging and judder keeping the smoothness in picture movement.

Quick media switching, frame transport and auto low latency mode, all these features allows you to set an automatic selection for the uninterrupted gaming experience. 8K visual quality is delivered at 60 hz of frame rate whereas 4K is also available at 120Hz on the go.

All under one cable is how technology is doing wonders for the arena by making this available for each kind of device including consoles, monitors, projectors etc. with 6 feet long wiring, Bifale has made this cable on fixed rate link that makes the resolution process uncompressed.

48Gbps is the maximum bandwidth through which you get to transfer, plug and play anytime and anywhere. Surround sound technology 7.1 and Dynamic HDR just makes your time more fun with enhanced color spectrum and detailing in the scenario. Pushing the resolution to 10K, the brand has really raised the bar for ordinary HDMI 2.0 connection by increasing the overall performance speed for the user.


  • 8K resolution
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Dynamic HDR
  • Compatible with all devices
  • 6 feet length
  • eARC support
  • true audio HD 7.1

Best HDMI 2.1 Cable for Gaming Buying Guide

Gaming in the next generation got to be a big flex these days and for that you need to right equipment and setup to go about. HDMI 2.1 is the newest release that unleashes the power dynamics and better visual quality with its single attachment.

The good thing about this cable is that it is made compatible with all devices including Samsung smart TV, laptops, projectors, monitors, consoles etc. there is no doubt upon the versatility of this technology but there are some points that you should consider if you have decided to buy one.

Increased Bandwidth:

HDMI 2.1 look familiar with the old version but the transfer speed has been increased to a large extent. The maximum you can get out of it 48Gbps which was 18GB before in the 2.0 version. Depending upon the resolutions you go for, the speed can vary according to the screen adjustment as well.

In case you want to increase the resolution and play on a higher frame rate for an action packed gaming, this will definitely be a good option.


The best sources that this cable will be unstoppable are PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, graphics card including NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090. Besides these, it works well with different top tier laptops or monitors that support good graphics and has a port for it.


There is a huge push for the 10K resolution to 8k and 4K down low with different frame rates. 8K is provided at 60Hz of speed for loading the frame and 4K goes as high as 120Hz. This is the maximum speed for the pictures to load and on each click; you do not have to wait for the scene to appear.


This feature just enhances the beauty of each frame and scene through the RGB color coding and depth. Realistic images in fine details can be seen through the support of dynamic HDR 10+. Making its way to the users’ favorite quality on the screen, this feature has its own importance for the gamers who need perfection.

Enhanced audio return channel:

eARC serves you with the compensation of advance audio formats which is able to be availed through HDMI 2.1 items that supports it. All of the latest coming devices are made compatible with this feature whereas the smooth motion and picture movement is also possible through this.

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