Best LED Strip Lights

Top 30 Best RGB LED Strip Lights for Room Reviews Smart, Indoor, Outdoor 2020

LED Light strips can change the outlook of your home. Regular LED light bulbs are good, but they’ve their own use. Light strips, can bring fun color changing effects to your home, and still lighting the room well enough that you can see properly.

Do you want some cinematic effects at your home or office? Well, these color changing lights have made it easy for you. So, choose your desired from the list of best RGB LED Strip Lights given below.

Be more creative, and use these lights to fill the gaps in your house, to make it look beautiful. RGB led lights can be used small electronic appliances like TV, refrigerator, PC, furniture’s and wall hangings.

But, finding good rgb led strip lights is not an easy task, so your experts took the liability to find the top 30 best rgb led strip lights available in the market.

Best RGB LED Strip Lights

What are the best rgb led strip lights? Below is our recommendation with detailed reviews in 2020.

  1. PANGTON VILLA LED Strip Lights
  2. Govee Waterproof RGB Light Strip Kits with Remote for Room
  3. MINGER LED Strip Light Waterproof LED Rope Lighting Color Changing
  4. MINGER Bright White LED Light Strip with Control Box

Above list is not enough? well read below for best rgb led strip lights reviews, to makeup your mind.

1. PANGTON VILLA LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft RGB 5050LEDs Color Changing Full Kit with 24key Remote Control and Power Supply Mood Lamp for Room Bedroom Home Kitchen Indoor


Pangton Villa has something very unique and classy for you and that is LED strip light. These multi lights are perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, furniture, tv or any kind of decoration for any occasion etc.

These LED lights are available in two sizes. One is 16.4 ft and the other one is 32.8 ft. There are 16 colors and 4 DIY modes available in it. These lights come in the form of thick pcb strips. A unique mini remote control is available to operate the functions of the lights. 

You can easily install these lights either with the help of a double sided tape or with the additional buckles fittings included in the package.These lights consume power as low as 12v. However, these lights are not waterproof so you can use it for indoor decor only. 


  • A unique mini controller included.
  • Controller has 16 lights and 4 DIY modes. 
  • The voltage of the LED strip lights are 12v.
  • Can be installed by using a double sided sticky tape or the additional buckles fittings. 
  • The two sizes available are 16.4 ft and 32.8 ft.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Perfect for bedroom, kitchen, furniture, event decorations etc.
  • Suitable for indoor uses.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Long service life.


  • Not waterproof.
  • For indoor use only.

2. Led Strip Lights, Govee 16.4Ft Waterproof RGB Light Strip Kits with Remote for Room, Bedroom, TV, Kitchen, Desk, Color Changing Led Strip SMD5050 with 3M Adhesive and Clips, 12V Power Supply

Are you fond of funky multi color decor LED lights? If so then Govee has just the right product for you. These LED strip lights come with 44 IR remote control. It has 16 color options and 4 primary colors which are red, green, blue and white. 

These color changing LED lights are perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, table, tv or any event decor etc. 3M adhesive clips are included to attach the stripes on walls, tv etc. There are 8 levels of lighting from dim to bright to create whatever ambiance you want according to your mood. 

These strip lights are water proof so you can use them to decorate your garden too. However, the adapter and the remote controller are not waterproof so you have to avoid using them nearby any liquid item. It is available in size 16.4 ft. There are 5 adhesive clips included. There is a 12 months warranty and a friendly 24 hours service. 


  • 16.4 ft LED strip lights. 
  • 12V/1.5A power supply.
  • An adapter and a remote controller included. 
  • Lasts for 50,000 hours of lighting.
  • 3M adhesive included for sticking. 
  • 16 color options available and several styles available.


  • Easy to install and use. 
  • Perfect for kitchen, tv, tables, and bedrooms etc.
  • Can also be used in the garden. 
  • Waterproof stripes.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • 24 hours friendly service. 


  • Adapter and remote control are not waterproof.
  • Only one size available.

3. MINGER LED Strip Light Waterproof 16.4ft RGB SMD 5050 LED Rope Lighting Color Changing Full Kit with 44-keys IR Remote Controller, Power Supply Led Lights for Bedroom Home Kitchen Decoration

MINGER LED Strip Light Waterproof Rope Lighting Color Changing

Minger LED strip lights are perfect for any kind of decoration having some unique features for instance, it has different levels of controls from dim to bright, it can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations because it is waterproof. These led room lights are available in two sizes which are 16.4 ft and 32.8 ft. 

These LED lights are easy to install and use. It can be cut between every 3 LEDs without damaging the others. 3M self adhesive tapes are included to stick the lights wherever you want. These lights have short circuit protection and memory function as well. 

These lights are capable of changing colors and speed automatically and periodically. It also allows diy selection so you can choose the lighting according to your own mood. It is a very nice product at such a low price under $30. 100% satisfaction guaranteed plus 24 hours friendly service is available.


  • Two sizes 16.4 ft and 32.8 ft are available.
  • 44 key remote controller. 
  • One IR control box included.
  • 1 power supply. 
  • A user manual for assistance. 
  • Zero risk purchase. 
  • Double layered copper on PCB board. 


  • Low power consumption.
  • Diy selection of styles and colors. 
  • 16 colors plus 4 primary colors available.
  • Waterproof lights. 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • 3M adhesive tapes are perfect for sticking the lights on a dry surface.
  • 24 hours friendly service.


  • The controller and adapter are not waterproof.

4. LED Strip Lights 32.8ft, MINGER 6500K Bright White LED Light Strip with Control Box, Strong 3M Adhesive, Dimmable 600LEDs Lights Strip for Mirror, Living Room, Study, Wardrobe, Cupboard

MINGER Bright White LED Light Strip with Control Box

Do you want your dressing table to brighten up in no time? Well it can happen for sure with Mingers LED strip light in white color. This is an amazing LED light which can brighten the room in no time. Just stick it with the adhesive tape provided, plug it and you are good to go. 

These LED lights come with 2 rolls of 16.4ft. It is capable of being adjusted from dim to brighten, the choice is yours. It can also be used for decoration. The white light is for the people who do not like the multi sparke in their surroundings. They can use this decent white light to relax, to decor and to do much more with it.

It uses a low power and it is absolutely safe to use. You can cut a piece of it without destroying the other. However, you can use this light only for indoor purposes because it is not waterproof. It comes with an adapter and a controller. 


  • Two sizes 16.4 ft and 32.8 ft available.
  • Comes with an adapter and a controller.
  • Have different levels from dim to bright. 
  • 3M adhesive tapes included along with 10 clips. 
  • Consumes only 12v power.
  • Built in short circuit prevention. 


  • Safe to use.
  • Perfect for dressing table, living room, cupboard, wardrobe etc.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Power consumption is very low.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not waterproof. 
  • Can be used for indoor purposes only.

Best RGB LED Strip Lights Buying Guide

There must be some points to consider before buying LED strip lights. For instance:

Durability: The LED lights should be durable enough so that they should work for quite a long period of time. Try to buy a light about which you could be sure that it would be able to work for a long time.

Stick properly: Try to choose an LED light which cannot fall every now and then. Use a fine quality adhesive to stick the light properly and you are good to go.

Low power consumption: While buying an LED light an important point to ponder is that the light should consume a very low power. Before buying, you must do a good research on the products and choose the most low power consuming light.

Water proof: Try to choose a light which must be waterproof so you would then be able to use them indoors and outdoors as well. 

Colors availability: There are many brands which are offering economic price and a vast variety of colors available. Try to choose one of those if you are fond of more and more colors.

Styles and designs: The more the merrier, you should choose the light which has maximum designs and styles to choose from so you would never get bored of only one or two styles. Plus there are some brands which give you DIY options to create your own design or style so it is better to search for such products and buy them.

Frequently Asked Question / People Also Ask

Can you cut minger lights?

Yes you can. There are marks available after every third light so you can cut them from there. In this way you’ll get your desired size and you will not end up ruining the other piece.

Are minger lights bluetooth?

No these lights are not bluetooth but they can be operated by a compact mini remote controller which is very tiny in size but works very well.

Is there an app for minger lights?

Not yet. But may be in future an app would launch for operating the LED strip lights.

Do LED strip lights need to be plugged in?

Of Course. Although  these lights consume very low power, they still need to be plugged in.

What are the best LED lights for rooms?

It depends on your requirements. Either you like multi colored lights or just simple and decent white color. Do a thorough research on LED strip lights then choose the one which best suits your requirements.

How much is a LED light strip?

You can get a nice LED strip light under $30. The amount will rise according to the enhancement of the features offered.


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