Best Mini ITX Case For NAS

Best Mini ITX Case For NAS (Tiny, 4 Bay, Hot Swap)

There are many storage solutions for home and office use, but the most popular is a NAS. If you need to store lots of data at one location, this is an excellent way. There are various alternatives when it reaches NAS, but what type of case should you have? The answer may surprise you!  This blog will explore how mini ITX cases can be used as a NAS solution. A mini ITX case is not just for PC builds any more!  

Examine it for more knowledge on how? These PC cases are perfect for your needs! NAS stands for Network Attached Storage, and it is an information storehouse device that multiple users can access through the LAN or internet. NAS devices are often used in small businesses, where they serve as an external backup to the company’s internal servers. 

The mini ITX case we will cover today is perfect for building your own NAS and comes with plenty of features. Those extras make that stand out among other models. With the mini ITX NAS case, you can have a powerful PC with an easy to use interface. 

You won’t be able to find this type of setup anywhere else. If you are looking for something unique and innovative in your own computer build, go ahead and try out the suggested Mini-ITX for NAS Case! It is worth every penny. Mini ITX is a popular choice for building desktop gaming PCs. 

But, if you are looking to build a NAS server and need the best mini-ITX case for your needs, there are some factors that will inform your decision. The size of the board itself may be an issue as it could limit what type of motherboard can fit inside. 

Another consideration might be how much space would be needed around the outside of the case for ventilation or cooling fans, depending on which processor you choose to install in your system. 

In addition to these considerations, you should also think about features like built-in wi-fi adapters and USB ports since they won’t always come with every model. 

Here are some of the suggestions given below that you can consider before buying:

List Of Top Rated Best Mini ITX Case For NAS

  1. iStarUSA Group Mini-ITX NAS Bay Computer Case (S-917)
  2. SilverStone SST-CS01S Technology Case Storage Series CS01
  3. Cooler Master Elite 110 RC-110-KKN2 Computer Case
  4. SilverStone Technology Premium Mini-Itx/DTX Small Form Factor NAS Computer Case
  5. Thermaltake Computer Chassis CA-1E6-00S1WN-00
  6. Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case
  7. Rosewill (RSV-L4500) 4U Server Chassis/Server Case

1- iStarUSA Group Mini-ITX NAS Bay Computer Case (S-917)

iStarUSA Group Mini-ITX NAS Bay Computer Case (S-917)

Some towers can’t fit all of your favorite hardware, but the iStarUSA Group Mini-ITX case is here to organize your PC system and offer more than meets the eye. 

Ruggedized aluminum sheet metal panels on the front mimic a sleek black design for protection against any possible threats, with both a key locking mechanism and built-in filters keeping you 24/7 safe with stealth-like sensitivity. 

Fold down side panels make drive removal easy as pie, with screws inserted into rubber grommets to prevent blood spilling if ever lost in haste. Moreover, an internal 2.5 inches bay has been integrated for system disks (HDD), giving you room to spare without compromising space or performance like some others might do. 

This little NAS tower has all the features you need for a system that saves and secures your important data. The aluminum front panel includes USB 2.0 ports for external storage, as well as space to mount your motherboard discreetly behind the door with a key lock design to keep it safe and sound inside. 

Two internal bays offer room for an internal hard drive or can be converted to an external hot-swappable bay. The iStarUSA provides a versatile and efficient computing environment for your IT system’s needs. 

Like other products in the computer case industry, iStar has designed this product for durability and sustenance to assure longevity of use as well as high-quality peripheral connections that will serve to sustain any connection given or made. The dimensions of the product are 18.82 x 12.68 x 7.23 inches, and it weighs around 14.5 pounds.

2- SilverStone SST-CS01S Technology Case Storage Series CS01

SilverStone SST-CS01S Technology Case Storage Series CS01

The SilverStone CS01 Mini-ITX small form factor case is the solution for those who want to build an elegant, well-engineered system. The modern design represents a new era of external storage technology. Compatible with all mini power supplies, this premium aluminum exterior will have your friends admiring you for its style and beauty. 

Tongue firmly in cheek, our engineers designed this case to cool efficiently by stacking vertically because, let’s be honest about it: heat rises! There’s no need for another bulky cooling solution with a built-in Air Penetrator fan and four vents on the sides. 

To maximize hardware compatibility, two 3.5 inches drives are compatible side-by-side along with two 2.5 inches. The SilverStone CS01 case provides a sleek and modern design with a premium aluminum exterior. 

The solid alloy metal supports the stacking effect of heat dissipation with holes in its side for easy installation. The endothermic Air Penetrator fan exhausts hot air from the system’s backside. Without any doubt, this PC case offers an elegant, premium look with its aluminum exterior. 

The case also features triple 120 mm front fans that utilize the stack effect to cool you very efficiently without additional power consumption needed on top of the GPU or CPU. 

Therefore, this SilverStone model offers a great storage solution while keeping it simple by making sure you don’t have to buy any extra external items to best use it. It only has two 3.0 USB ports of 3.0. The measurements of this device are 11 x 11 x 16 inches, and it weighs around 9 pounds.

3- Cooler Master Elite 110 RC-110-KKN2 Computer Case

Cooler Master Elite 110 RC-110-KKN2 Computer Case

Cooler Master Elite 110 mini-ITX case is perfect for your mini PC Gaming, Steam Box, HTPC needs. This PC case gives you all the features you need to game without breaking your budget with great airflow and noise blocking cooling that’s even quieter than any of the full-size tower cases. 

You can fit up to 8. 3 inches long graphics cards in there. The manufacturers make sure not to forget about storage either; this case has room for three 2. 5 or four 3.5 inches hard drives or two SSDs on the motherboard tray back behind where your CPU will be installed. 

Great for anyone looking to build their custom PC tower that fits in an apartment or office environment. All the AIO coolers will fit, and most standard video cards will fit without needing extra space for air circulation. 

The MESH front panel provides excellent airflow, which is perfect for a high-power machine that creates a lot of heat! The Elite 110 Computer Case is a sleek and compact case designed for NAS users on the go. Strategically placed vents near your motherboard allow for cool air to enter the system while preventing dust from fouling your computer’s delicate circuitry. 

The front panel can support up to 3 120 mm fans or radiators with room enough for CPU coolers that are 76 mm tall and graphics cards that measure 210 mm long. 

As a result of these two components working together in harmony, it gives you satisfying airflow without compromising smart cable management. The measurements of this cooler master PC case are 11.1 x 10.3 x 8.2 inches, and it weighs around 5.9 pounds.

4- SilverStone Technology Premium Mini-Itx/DTX Small Form Factor NAS Computer Case

SilverStone Technology Premium Mini-ItxDTX Small Form Factor NAS Computer Case

Have a need for a versatile and powerful NAS? SilverStone Technology has come to the rescue! With a large 12 drive bay capacity, this product is perfect for those who have multiple drives from their desktop PC. 

Not only does it have eight hot-swap bays, but also four fixed ones as well. The Premium brushed aluminum front door can be locked at all times and features an adjustable LED light that can be turned on or off depending on your preferences. 

The way this case mounts your motherboard is very precise, with plenty of cable space, so you never have to worry about any wires being left out. Whether you are looking to host data or work collaboratively, this device has all the storage space you need and more! 

If you are looking for a strong and effective mini-ITX box, search no more. Mini’s tough to search for a perfect one! This incredible little powerhouse is ready to take on anything or anyone who might come in a way. You get up to 12 drives total with eight hot-swappable. So if your storage needs are limited but immense with options, this PC case will rule them all. 

The SilverStone DS380B was made for those that need fast performance and the utmost efficiency. It allows any high-end GPU to be used, which makes it perfect for gamers or professionals alike. The innovative design is attractive with its brushed aluminum door and red LED lights. 

We’re more than happy to help you decide if this case is right for you! The measurements of this NAS computer case are 8 x 11.22 x 14.17 inches, and it weighs 16.66 pounds.

5- Thermaltake Computer Chassis CA-1E6-00S1WN-00

Thermaltake Computer Chassis CA-1E6-00S1WN-00

With a whisper-quiet Thermaltake Suppressor F1 Mini ITX case, you will be able to power through the day with an understated chassis. It offers a broad spectrum of compatible parts as well as maximum expandability for your DIY projects. 

The interchangeable side panels allow customization, so you can build the system with personality and stand out from those pesky tower cases elsewhere on the market. The F1 Mini ITX case is a gaming champion and expert in power management. 

It has ample space for full size graphics cards and coolers, ease of installation with interchangeable side panels, and enough clearances for cable routing to keep things clean while running on silent settings, which means that the exterior of this quiet powerhouse will not hinder your experience.

New cooling features such as two removable magnetic dust filters help dissipate heat from components such as HDDs, SSDs, CPUs, and GPUs. At the same time, separate ventilation slots on the front panel provide extra airflow with an ingenious design constructed out of three popular materials giving strength where needed most. 

It’s no surprise this Thermaltake Case dominates every competition on its way. Thermaltake Suppress chassis is the premiere chassis for all your mini-ITX and space conscious needs. The suppressor F1’s unique interchangeable side panels allow users to express their personal style better while supplying a powerful cooling solution. 

With room for up to four storage devices and 160 mm of graphic card clearance on one side, this model offers an intelligent balance of user experience and convenience. Perfect for NAS! The product’s dimensions are 12.9 x 14.6 x 12.7 inches, and it weighs 8.8 pounds.

6- Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case

Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case

The Node 804 is one of the world’s smallest computer cases to support Mini-ITX motherboard and CPU, as well as micro-ATX motherboards. The Node includes room for an external power supply making it ideal for ITX system builders. 

Those who want maximum flexibility on installation space to fit any size components inside their case. With mounting holes preordained into the aluminum structure, hardware assembly should be a breeze with this highly usable cube form factor. 

It allows you to build configurations varying from horizontal desktop systems, DIY data center units, or vertical NAS/home Servers, all while retaining stylish looks exposed from every side of the chassis. This PC case is engineered with the uncompromising style and intelligent design that Fractal is known for. 

Incredibly compact, extremely quiet, incredibly powerful – able to take on any challenge you might think of. An up to date dual chamber layout made for amazing airflow and cooling performance with an elegant brushed aluminum front panel. Don’t forget about our uniquely designed hard drive mounting system that can fit up to eight 3.5 or four 2.5 inches drives in only four bays. 

Choose between a window side panel or solid side panel cover panels in order to match how you prefer the look of your rig. Highly effective dual chamber case layout for best possible cooling with excellent water cooling compatibility, for PC enthusiasts who demand the pinnacle of performance. 

The minimalistic design with an elegant brushed aluminum front panel is perfect if you want to show off your beautiful machine inside and out. The product’s measurements are 13.5 x 12.1 x 15.3 inches, and it weighs around 13.2 pounds.

7- Rosewill (RSV-L4500) 4U Server Chassis/Server Case

Rosewill (RSV-L4500) 4U Server ChassisServer Case

The Rosewill 4U mini-ITX case has the great durability you need for your servers. With eight cooling fans, it’s sure to keep your server cool even at high temperatures. 

The front door security feature is always being mindful of thieves and malicious entry attempts. The 2 x USB 2.0 connectors are ready for quick attachment to peripherals without opening the rear dust filter door again! Conventional chassis typically have side mounted I/O panels as well as front-mounted USB ports. 

These designs can be inconvenient and sometimes dangerous when you’re working inside a server case with just one hand, unable to reach the panel, or find a safe way out of your enclosure without disconnecting cables or letting go of a set screw. 

To avoid such problems, the Rosewill PC case has a perfect chassis, and at the front panel, there are 2 x USB 2.0 connectors. These connecting ports can be used to attach multiple different peripherals. The Rosewill PC case is the one that you never knew you needed–until now. 

With a spacious interior for ample room to hold all your server hardware along with an excellent thermal solution and secure front door, the Rosewill is one of the best budget rackmount servers on the market today. 

It’s also backed by a one-year warranty, which makes this even sweeter! The measurements of this PC case are 7 x 16.8 x 25 inches, and it weighs 23.1 pounds.

Best Mini ITX Case For NAS Buying Guide:

Mini ITX cases are a great way to get the benefits of a NAS without taking up so much space. If you have been looking for a good mini ITX case, we recommend both small and powerful ones. A mini-ITX can be used as either a motherboard or just as the enclosure for your NAS drives with some creative modifications. 

The best option will depend on what type of use you need it for most often. Building your gaming PC from scratch requires experience and patience but has tons of rewards in store! So we have presented the best options above. You can choose any one that suits you the best.

Here are some of the strong points that you need to consider before buying a mini ITX case:

Cooling options:

You might think that cooling your NAS helps make it look better, but why bother with water-cooling when the rig probably won’t be aesthetically pleasing? The suggestions we have provided you above are the best to go within the case of Mini-ITX. They are spacious and have pretty much space for air cooling and water cooling. 

Drive Bays:

The feature to keep in mind when looking at a NAS is the drive bay configuration. A minimum of six or more 3.5 inches hard drive bays are recommended, preferably all SSDs if you want an all-SSD system. On average, though, most people will be using their build with traditional HDDs spinning away, so look for those as well. 

If 2TB isn’t enough storage, then it might make sense to consider going further upmarket on your HDD choice – perhaps 1-2 TB drives that have higher data transfer speeds? And remember that one can always add additional HDD later on down the line by adding another physical disk!

Form Factor:

There are many factors to consider when choosing a motherboard form factor for NAS PC cases. For example, if you only have simple needs like streaming videos or file sharing on your network, mini-ITX may be the ideal choice because it is small and inexpensive.

However, this site does not offer much room for expansion as there aren’t too many ports available, nor do they support high-performance graphics cards, like those found in gaming motherboards which can cost more than ATX ones. But sacrifice features that make them suitable options for smaller builds with fewer resources needed since ITX boards often lack SATA ports, so users cannot add drives through an external connection.

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