Best monitors for PS5

Best Monitors for PS5 144hrz, 4K, 8K Gaming Monitor, Ultra Wide Monitor 2021

The best gaming monitor for PS5 that we’ve tested, is the Acer Nitro XV273X. It’s a great budget monitor for PS5 with excellent gaming performance. It provides 1080p screen resolution, which is best fit for PS5 standard, and with 240Hz refresh rate.

Below we will list some of the best PS5 compatible monitors with backward compatibility, currently available that will not only support the latest edition of the PlayStation.

Top Rated Best monitors for PS5

Buy one from our picks of best ps5 monitors in 2021 given below.

  1. MSI Optix MAG321CQR 32″ Freesync Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor
  2. Asus VP28UQG 28″ Monitor 4K/UHD FreeSync Eye Care Monitor
  3. Acer Gaming Monitor 27 Inches KG271 Cbmidpx 144Hz Refresh Rate AMD FREESYNC
  4. Asus ROG Strix 27” Curved Gaming Monitor Full HD 1080p 144Hz
  5. Viewsonic Elite XG270Q Gaming Monitor

1. MSI Optix MAG321CQR 32″ Freesync Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix MAG321CQR 32″

For the gaming lovers, MSI presents a super stylish and modern monitor of 32” in full HD RGB LED. It is a narrow bezel monitor which has a 144Hz refresh rate. It has a curved gaming display which is super comfortable for the gamers no matter for how many hours you stick to gaming, it won’t hurt your vision. 

Moreover, it has the mystic light which gives the ultimate finish to the gaming. Also, it has WQHD high resolution which highly prevents the blurring of the screen giving super amazing finish to the screen. 

Furthermore, it has 1ms response time which ultimately eliminates screen tearing as well as choppy frame rates. It has a USB hub for the connectivity. In addition to that, the height of the monitor is adjustable so you can adjust it as per your comfort level. 

This monitor is specifically designed for game lovers. It looks super stylish and modern. However, the stand is very thin so the monitor must be placed on a plain balanced surface for a perfect fit. 


  • Curved gaming display.
  • Mystic light.
  • WQHD resolution.
  • 144Hz refresh rate.
  • 1ms response time.
  • USB hub as a connectivity technology.


  • Eliminates screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • User friendly.
  • Specifically designed for gaming lovers.
  • Stylish and modern.
  • The best gameplay immersion.


  • The drivers for this monitor are not referenced properly in the docs or on the website.
  • Available only in black color.

2. Asus VP28UQG 28″ Monitor 4K/UHD 3840×2160 1ms DP HDMI Adaptive Sync/FreeSync Eye Care Monitor

Asus VP28UQG 28 Monitor

Asus presents a 28” 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160) monitor which has an amazing 1ms response time. This monitor has adaptive Sync /AMD free sync for crisp and immersive visuals one could ever want. This monitor is just like a dream come true for the people who love gaming. 

Asus monitor features display port and dual HDMI connectivity. Another amazing feature of this monitor is the Asus eye care technology which lowers blue light and eliminates flickering to reduce eye strain and ailments. 

Moreover, the display colors are 1073.7 M 10 bit and maximum contrast ratio 1000 : 1. The display refresh rate can be adjusted dynamically by the available graphics. Furthermore, the 5 way joystick delivers intuitive monitor controls for you to access features for instance, ASUS Game Plus on the fly. 

In addition to that, there is much more to explore  for example, exclusive Game Plus and game visual settings enhance color performance and control. Asus gives a 3 year rapid replacement service so do not have to be worried if you get a faulty piece or you face any issue with the device. 


  • 28” monitor with 1ms response time.
  • Adaptive sync/ AMD free sync. 
  • Asus eye care technology available. 
  • Display colors are 1073.7.
  • Maximum contrast ratio 1000 : 1. 
  • Dynamically adjusts display refresh rate by the supported graphics.


  • User friendly.
  • The most updated version of the monitors.
  • Asus is a very well known brand.
  • Durable and super stylish.
  • Specifically designed for gamers.


  • A bit expensive for many features which the other brands are giving in low price for instance, height difference.
  • Available in black color only.

3. Acer Gaming Monitor 27 Inches KG271 Cbmidpx 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate AMD FREESYNC

Acer Gaming Monitor 27 Inches

For an ultimate gaming experience, Acer presents a 27” gaming monitor which has so many amazing features for which the game lovers fall for sure. 

It has a wide and large 27” display screen in full HD TN display with AMD freesync technology. It has a 144Hz refresh rate and a display port to. The response time is 1ms and the pixel pitch is 0.311 mm. 

Moreover, there are many useful ports such as 1 display port, 1 HDMI port and 1 DVI port. An HDMI cable is also included in the package so you do not have to buy one. The mounting type is VESA. 

Acer monitor is a super stylish and durable monitor specially designed by keeping in mind the requirements of gaming lovers. Go grab yours before the stock runs out. 


  • 27” full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen.
  • TN display with AMD FreeSync technology. 
  • 144Hz refresh rate.
  • Pixel pitch is 0.311mm.
  • Response time is 1ms.
  • The available ports are a display port, an HDMI port along with a cable and a DVI port.
  • The Mount type is VESA.


  • Super stylish and modern.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Durable.
  • Made of superior Quality material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wide display screen.
  • Clear and crisp vision.


  • Flat screen, not a curvy screen monitor.
  • A bit small in height at this price.

4. Asus ROG Strix 27” Curved Gaming Monitor Full HD 1080p 144Hz

Asus ROG Strix 27” Curved Gaming

Asus Rog presents an amazing 27” curved gaming monitor that is specifically designed according to the requirements and needs of gaming lovers. Its refresh rate is 144 Hertz and it has AMD technology (48 ~ 144 Hertz) with Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) for immersive, smooth gaming. 

Moreover, the connectivity available is a display port, HDMI port and DVI connectivity. Another amazing and unique feature of Asus Rog is the Marathon ready with swivel, tilt and height adjustability along with vesa mount so you can always find the ideal viewing position. 

Furthermore, for color enhancement and more focused game play, there is Exclusive game plus and game visual available with the latest MOBA mode. In addition to that, there is enhanced customization featuring Asus Aura RGB lighting on the back and LED projection in the base. 

Asus offers a 3 years rapid replacement warranty with 2 way free shipping so you don’t have to think twice for spending money on such a wonderful piece. Go grab yours now. 


  • Brightness 300 cd/m2 Max.
  • Asus Aura RGB lighting on the back. 
  • LED lighting projection in the base.
  • New MOBA mode available for color enhancements.
  • Connectivity modes are display port, HDMI and DVI.
  • 144 Hertz refresh rate.
  • 27” full HD curved gaming monitor.


  • User friendly.
  • Durable.
  • Stylish and unique design.
  • Specifically made for gaming lovers.
  • Tilt and height adjustability available.
  • Exclusive game plus and Game visual available.


  • The stand is very thin. 
  • Brightness range is low as compared to others available in the market.

5. Viewsonic Elite XG270Q Gaming Monitor

Viewsonic Elite XG270Q Gaming Monitor

A quick glance over the specs list suggests there’s not actually a lot of new tech here; we’ve had 165Hz, QHD, IPS gaming monitors with G-Sync for some time now. But there’s more to the Elite XG270QG than that. It’s a combination of design aesthetics and some new tweaks to the technology that makes it truly impressive.

It all comes down to the panel at its heart. Viewsonic’s taking advantage of LG’s pioneering IPS Nano Color tech. It’s actually a relatively new panel type, first debuting in about 2018, and we’ve seen very few manufacturers actually take it up in the gaming monitor space. The reason for this is that it adds a fair amount of cost to a screen, but improves colour accuracy quite remarkably. 

With most IPS panels, the biggest issue when it comes to colour reproduction in the RGB spectrum is the white backlight that sits behind the pixels. Because this light is entirely white, it emits a considerable amount of additional light wavelengths through the pixel itself (i.e. noise), which in turn can warp certain colours from showing accurately.

To get around this, LG developed Nano IPS. It’s a thin layer of light-absorbing material that’s coated directly onto the backlight itself. In fact each particle is just below the 2nm mark, which is what gives it its name. These particles absorb those particular wavelengths of light that can otherwise distort a colour, which in turn increases both the spectrum of colours you can represent, and how accurately those colours can be displayed. LG states that, with its Nano IPS panels it can achieve a colour accuracy of 98% of the DCI-P3 spectrum (or 135% of the sRGB space). That’s the spectrum HDR itself relies on.


The monitor itself looks fantastic – the company is clearly straddling that fine line between gaming and professional. There’s no ostentatious displays of gaming styling, nor is it so slick you’d mislabel it as an Apple product.

It’s also stupidly well-equipped. It features a 1ms G2G response time, a 165Hz refresh rate, and G-Sync as standard. Combine that with the impeccable colour response, and what you’re looking at is an exceptionally adept gaming monitor. In fact we’d go so far as to say this is genuinely the first time we’ve seen a mind range to high-end gaming monitors that didn’t suck for people who enjoyed or worked with colour.

That actually makes a lot of sense – in the past we’d easily let go of the foibles of a gaming monitor because they provided us with the super-snappy response times or the ridiculous refresh rates, in exchange for colour and viewing angles. Vice versa, 60Hz and a 9ms G2G was fine when looking at a bezelless, classy artworker screen.

In the case of the XG270QG, it happily straddles both of those, with little concern on either front. On top of that, ghosting is minimal, even under the most intense firefights, G-Sync works well, and 165fps is about as fast as this journalist’s eye can tell the difference. Yes, it does come with one heck of a price tag (if you can manage to find it in stock), but for what you’re getting, there really aren’t any alternatives out there. If you’re after the best 27-inch 1440p gaming monitor today that money can buy, the Viewsonic Elite XG270QG is the king.


  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Pixel Density: 109ppi
  • Panel Type: 27-inch Nano IPS
  • Maximum Refresh: 165Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Response: 1ms G2G
  • Display Inputs: 1x DisplayPort, 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are monitors better for gaming?

A: Yes. Monitors are better for competitive gaming since they are much more responsive than TVs. However, for those who don’t mind the higher responsive times, a TV is just as viable a choice as a monitor.

Q: Can PS5 run at 144Hz?

A: PS4 doesn’t support 1440p or 144Hz, so it’s not the ideal place to play games on but the PS4 pro will work just fine at 1080p and 60Hz on that monitor.

Q: Why do pro gamers use 24” monitors?

A: 24” monitors are usually cheap and compact enough to see the whole screen so pro gamers don’t have to strain their neck to look at the whole screen. 

Q: Which is better 24” or 27”?

A: 27” is a better experience than 24”. It’s the largest you can get without getting into ultra wide and all the scaling problems that come with it. 

Q: Is 1080p bad for a 27” monitor?

A: It’s not bad, depends if you mind the big pixels you’ll be seeing on the screen. However, if you have vision issues, it might be easier to see because everything will be bigger. 

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