Best NAS Drive for Media Streaming

Best NAS Drive for Media Streaming (4K, 2 Bay, 4 Bay) 2021

You must be familiar with the portable drive that saves the data for your computer, so is the purpose of best NAS Drive for media streaming. All of your creations will be saved from losing in the complicated world of tech and securely saved in the NAS drive.

With the addition of Ethernet cable, NAS drive takes other hard drives in separate sitting and makes the router connection stronger than ever. Not only this device lets you transfer and access files from anywhere in the world but it also comes with built in plex or other media streamer.

Unlike other data storing sources like dropbox or google drive, network attached storage has dual backup system and has the ability to let the user open their files. No matter wherever you are in the world, keep your files anywhere you go.

Most importantly, NAS drive is compatible with all other devices like your Smartphone, laptop or PC. Moreover you do not have to pay the fees for storage every once in a while, as many brands offer one time pay method.

The security of your information is the top priority in these machines by the manufactures. Keeping in mind the large amount of terabytes there are to offer, this drive is perfect for small business setup is an ideal companion.

List Of Top Rated Best NAS Drive for Media Streaming

  1. Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS418 (Diskless)
  2. QNAP 2 Bay NAS with 4TB Storage Capacity
  3. TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS Quad Core Network Attached
  4. Synology 4 Bay NAS Rackstation RS819 (Diskless)
  5. Asustor AS5202T | Gaming Inspired Network Attached Storage

1- Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS418 (Diskless)

Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS418 (Diskless)

There are many perks of having your private cloud space and this idea came to life through Synology’s DS418. Delivering a massive storage of 40TB, making your private space was never this easy. Get to enhance your work ethic with advanced tools and protection.

With the support of 64 bit quad core processor, making the tasks and commands go hand in hand, the transfer speeds exceeds to the limit of 10 bit. While transcoding video this quirky quickness is able to help in converting 4K H.256 quality on the table.

The unbreakable backup makes sure your data is secure under the trusted reliability of the brand. Now you will never have to face a single loss and much thanks goes to DS418 drive. 4 bay drive serves you with more storage capacity and attaching bays so that the cloud never gets tired or stuffed with your personal stuff.

Built-in multimedia control is a bonus part of NAS that comes with a Diskstation supporting all of the devices such as Apple TV, Roku’s player, PC, laptop etc. DLNA certification makes it easier to connect it with consoles for an action packed gaming.

Synching your NAS with your laptop, PC or mobile was never this easy because of the centralized data storage. it can get a bit tricky when you have multiple devices here and there with the same amount of data but through NAS it is easy to keep the record or track the info, all under your control. 


  • 256 MB reading performance
  • 4 bay system
  • 2GB DDR4 memory
  • 170 MBs writing sequence
  • 4K video quality 
  • 10bit video transcoding
  • Single volume 40TB capacity
  • Dual 1GbE ports
  • Link aggregation support
  • Managed storage temperature

2- QNAP 2 Bay NAS with 4TB Storage Capacity

QNAP 2 QNAP 2 Bay NAS with 4TB Storage CapacityNAS

QNAP has invented TS-XS1+ series that are integrated with Intel Celeron 64 bit processor. Running on quad cores with 2.0GHz CPU speed, transfer or share your ideas with your business team without any hassle.

The energy efficient DDR3L 2GB RAM is not only convenient but also is upgradable to 8GB as well. A dual Gigabit LAN port, which is also twice the speed of ordinary networking type, delivers 225MBs of reading and writing skills.

Having the right processor clock rate ranging from 2.0GHz to 2.42GHz makes the perfect combination of anything that needs the CPU intensive energy. 4TB of drives has the capacity of delivering an uncompromising performance on the working end.

Easy to set up and sync all the data that this device has contained will take no effort like it used to back in the day. Thanks to QNAP that has made it easy for the users to sync all their gadgets with which NAS drive is compatible to match the information or files the user is looking for.

The addition of QNAP remote gets you the access and control of multimedia performance and applications like Plex software etc. It is basically just the same way like you are controlling your TV where there is no complex algorithms involved.

To transcode video in HD quality, TS-xS1 is here to save the day with its powerful backup system and compatibility with all streaming devices. Even offline transcoding is a thing of today now as you share or edit your data without the connection of internet.


  • 2 bay, 2GB RAM
  • Dual storage 4TB drives
  • Pre installed drives with RAID 1
  • Intel Celeron quad core processor
  • Virtual station, surveillance store
  • QNAP remote
  • Easy to sync centralized data
  • HD video transcoding

3- TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS Quad Core Network Attached

TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS Quad Core Network Attached

The power of cloud and support of TerraMaster’s F2-210 NAS comes loaded with quad core processor. Average frequency of 1.4GHz with 1GB RAM approaches the data in an efficient way. The brand has promised the top security with T-RAID array protection.

Btrfs file system is featured in this NAS, remote backup support, end to end encryption while sharing folders, automatic backup schedule and just some of the layers of security TerraMaster has put up to get the best safety measures for the users.

By supporting several array modes including RAID 1, 0 or HTTP, this drive is packed with multiple servers. This adds multiple features for sharing the data with your team without getting scammed. Being compatible with all such media devices as TV, laptop, MacBook etc, you need to get him ready for the wide range of media streaming options.

Supported by Emby, Plex or other apps, you can collect your favorite videos and images together in one place. Organizing your gallery and media playlist was such a hassle but with NAS support, you have the option of being your own boss and organize data according to your will.

Personal usage through mobile phones, laptops or console attachment is able due to the compatibility flexibility with all types of gadgets. DVR management and streaming will be fun and creative at the same time with this powerhouse of a storage device.

TOS based containers are accessed by the Docker software that has a built in wide range of accessible data from other parts of the world. Variety of backup methods and synchronization exchanges a USB 3.0 storage as well.


  • 2bay optimized system
  • Quad core 1.4GHz CPU speed
  • Supports Emby/Plex media servers
  • All device compatible
  • Docker, cloud drive support
  • 32TB of total storage

4- Synology 4 Bay NAS Rackstation RS819 (Diskless)

Synology 4 Bay NAS Rackstation RS819 (Diskless)

On a diskless design with 4bay drives, Synology NAS comes with 1U form factor. The comprehensive data management makes this machine an all rounder in the field. A compact rackstation and the combination of 64 bit quad core processor.

Running on 1.4GHz CPU speed the user is intended to get one heck of a NAS drive for their business. Talking about the high performance record goes up to over 224 MBs of encrypted reading speed with the unbelievable 8 drives connection.

The easy to set-it-up fashion, where the 2 post rack chassis allows you to get started with your device anywhere, has the ability to save the extra hassle and time consumption. Avoiding any big build ups, what is convenient for the user is the optimal file management system.

File station that is equipped in the NAS is based on the web which secures your data with the fast browsing tools and provides many options such as select, drag, drop files etc. following the most awaited and requested protocols as AFP, FTP, NFS etc, are fully made functional.

Level of storage efficiency is taken to another level with Btrfs file system. This cutting edge technology has optimized snapshots so that your data is saved from corruption and the overloading can be reduced. Having layers of security checks like two step verification and app armor with end to end encryption, develops the user’s trust with the brand.

A regular and strong backup with cloud integration on public accessible account is made possible with the perfect synchronization. Multiple device compatibility enables you to keep an eye on your information with everything under your control.


  • 4bay 2GB DDR4 memory
  • 1.4GHz processing speed
  • Dual 1GbE LAN ports
  • 1GB LAN ports dual
  • 10TB ironwolf storage

5 –Asustor AS5202T | Gaming Inspired Network Attached Storage

Asustor AS5202T  Gaming Inspired Network Attached Storage

Asustor AS5202T has specified their invention to the gaming community, where the demands for extra storage exceed the usual limit. Snapshot center is the most requested feature that is used in the secure Btrfs file system. This adds coverage of security over the process and access of personal and public data.

Another milestone of the brand is easy installation of the system in you smartphone to get the control in your hands. Perfect for business and photographers, the support of all device compatibility gives leverage to this device.

ADM updates and information will appear on your phone, which is how the manufacturers made this convenience for the users. A new internet passthrough is provided for the ADM 3.0 connectivity to get the router configurations but in a less complex way.

Gaming inspired theme and on screen controls give way to ASUSTOR NAS with the similar and friendly user interface. It consists of jaw-dropping HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections that are able to decode the videos in 10 bit 4K resolution. For most part of the gaming community knows, the real deal is playing in 4K and the brand did not let the users be disappointed.

HDR display will not be able to stop you from streaming your gaming skills with the world and directly saving the data into your NAS drive. Moreover there is the option of multi user platform that is supported on Mac OS or windows as well.

Ai download center allows you to be free from the torrent long waiting files to download through your mobile phone too. This convenience is made so that you have the ability to manage your tasks on the go.


  • 2.0 GHz to 2.7 GHz
  • 2GB DDR4 memory
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 x3 ports

Best NAS Drive for Media Streaming Buying Guide

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a professional gamer, or owner of a cottage business, there is possibility you may have problem accessing and managing large amount of data. Not only you but your system might also have given up keeping your data secure in one place.

Besides the low cost and onetime payment plan NAS storage provide, there are a few more things one needs to consider in case you have decided to go for this cloud storage capacity. if you do not an IT professional to handle your personal data, a NAS drive is perfect go-to-option for you after you consider the following points:

4K decoding:

Specifically for gamers, this is a high chance for you to include 4K UHD video decoding directly with your PC, monitor or TV. This feature is implemented when you are using a multi core Intel processor with the drive. With the addition of Plex media platform, it is easier to have a pre built NAS server enclosure to get the best view.

You will need to transcode a file when it does not support that format; if you NAS storage have that format in it then the problem is solved. But if the situation is vice versa you have to look into a stronger processing unit.


This element cannot be ignored as it determines the base to maximum speed the data will be shared on. Intel has been a big supporter of this feature which runs the system on base speed of 1.5 GHz to 4.5 GHz. Depending upon the storage type and type of work a user intends to get from the digital storage, really determines the functionality and speed of the CPU.

Media support:

A lot of brands offer the support of Plex media or Emby media servers for the use of streaming music and video files or presenting a full fledge presentation. For this need you should go for the storage that has the compatibility ratio higher with media streamers.

RAID optimized access:

There are serves in these digital storage that let users access the company data all the time. The increased level advantages and features as RAID optimization extends the reach across the globe no matter what the project is.

Centralized data:

Most of the problems occur when you have tons of information and it is divided in different sections and sometimes in different devices or platforms. What NAS drive does is that it centralizes all you large files and other info in one place. The added security and easy to set and access makes it user friendly. You will not need a tech expert to locate your files anymore!

Layered security:

Internet theft scares all of us and makes one afraid of losing out data while getting it into the wrong hands. Thanks to NAS drive that has added more than double security like the Btrfs filing system. This feature makes end to end encryption, FTp, NFS, AFP, security codes on each file sharing so that you know who is accessing your data and where.

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