Best Pink PC Cases

Best Pink PC Cases (Gaming, Mid Tower, Large, Full Tower)

What would a person expect when they hear the word “pink?” Do you think about a little girl in ponytails and a skirt? Maybe, cupcakes with pink frosting. But for some people, they might see it as something else entirely: just another color or girly! 

If that’s your first instinct, then this buying guide is going to change your mind. There are many different shades of pink out there that we have compiled. In this buying guide, we have selected the best pink PC cases so that you can find one that fits your style perfectly. 

Whether it be light pastel pinks or deep dark shades, we have them all right here! Keep looking to get out further info about the awesome products! If you are searching for the perfect PC cases, then read on. We will talk about what to look for in a good case, and we will have reviews of some of our favorite pink PC cases. 

Who said girls only like to play with their favorite Barbie dolls? They love doing gaming also, but why are we referring to the color pink only to girls? Colors don’t have genders. Pink can be a favorite one to a boy also. Here in this buying guide, you will be able to see the best pink color PC cases. 

Let’s face it, and pink is a pretty awesome color. If you are looking for the perfect one to match your style and personality, then this article will be of great help! With so many different colors out there, it can be hard to find just the right shade that matches your taste in fashion and personality. 

Luckily we have compiled tons of the best pink computer cases available for you! This list should help narrow down your search and make buying your next computer case easier than ever before!

List Of Top Rated Best Pink PC Cases

  1. Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case
  2. GOLDEN FIELD MAGE-P Computer Case Gaming PC
  3. Apevia Predator-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case
  4. Apevia Genesis Pro G-PRO-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case
  5. InWin A1 Plus Pink Mini-ITX Tower
  6. Apevia Aura-F-BK Mid Tower Gaming Case
  7. Apevia PRODIGY-PK Micro-ATX Gaming Case

1- Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Are you looking to up your PC game? Need the latest and greatest PC accessories that are on-trend, perform well, and won’t break the bank? The Apevia Crusader is a tough but lovable mid tower gaming case that has you covered. 

With a variety of stylish colors from which to choose via our Radiance tool (a color matching paint system), it will look great in any setting! Plus, with full length tempered glass side panel for an excellent view of your components, RGB fans for optimum airflow to keep everything cool, support for ATX, Micro ATX, ITX motherboards with USB 3.0 ports, and improved cable management features. 

This case has all bases covered! So don’t be embarrassed taking it out to LAN parties! The best part about this PC case is that it is in pink color. With the prettiest shade of pink with RGB lights, the user can take its PC aesthetics to another level. 

The Apevia Crusader Gaming Case has1 x Full-Size Tempered Glass Pan that is a subtle, stylish choice for gaming needs. With a contemporary solid steel pink color and mesh design on the front panel that provides extra air flow to components, this newcomer to the industry will bring style and functionality to any home or office setup. 

Play through 16 different lighting modes via a touch of a button while still carrying much more than just lights. The dimensions of this PC case are 15.5 x 8 x 18 inches, and it weighs around 13 pounds.

2- GOLDEN FIELD MAGE-P Computer Case Gaming PC

GOLDEN FIELD MAGE-P Computer Case Gaming PC

GOLDEN FIELD MAGE-P is an all-in-one gaming PC case with tempered glass on three sides that maximizes cooling and allows for build customization like never before. The space, up to 360 mm radiators in the front, offers more room than traditional cases so that you can enjoy water coolers or air cools without interference. 

The GOLDEN Case supports ATX PSU, which makes wiring a lot easier when using your custom set up. It also has one mobo tray that features built in padding to secure its shape no matter how many screws go through it! 

We have always been strong supporters of having maximum airflow inside a computer system, so we made sure to include some fans inside. It comes in three different sizes—small (ITX), medium (MATX), and large (ATX)—and can be easily customized with components that meet your specific needs. 

It all adds up to less time opening cases during installation—which means more time flaming trespass. GOLDEN MAGE-P is a high performance Mid tower PC gaming case, with 1 x tempered glass window, removable mesh front panel, and 3 LED colorful fans preinstalled. 

Made of 0.7 mm SPCC metal sheeting which is not easy to deform, made in an innovative design, also there are 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x USB 3.0 ports for all your peripherals needs. Smartly designed with a pink silhouette, the MAGE-P is the perfect computer case for storing and displaying your PC gear. 

It provides all kinds of hardware configuration options that are easy to swap in and out without tools! The measurements of the product are 17.32 x 8.46 x 18.9 inches, and it weighs around 20.8 pounds.

3- Apevia Predator-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Apevia Predator-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Prepare to conquer your opponents in atmospheric style with the Apevia Predator-PK Gaming Case. Designed with all of the features a gamer would desire, including USB 3 ports for easy connection, 4 x RGB fans to bring your system together in light and color harmony, with the sleek design that accommodates today’s modern CPU coolers and video cards up to 350 mm in length. 

The Predator-PK is an excellent choice when you are conquering your next opponent or just hanging out on your desktop. The tone for creative personalities: You know what they say about bigger is better? Well, think again! Have fun while pushing limitations without compromising performance with this precise yet powerful case built exclusively by APEVIA. Who said pink is only for girls? 

This case has a pretty shade of pink color that will be a perfect match for boys as well. The Predator-PK is a mid-tower gaming case that has been designed for all the gamers who need space inside their PC to store their PC’s hardware without being crowded. 

This case can house up to six spinning fans with 120 mm diameter, which will keep everything cool and run smoothly. It also features enough space for a 240 mm radiator in either the front or top, so you have control over how much heat your system generates. 

The patented Apevia blue glow fan makes this chassis look stunning from any angle – not only on the interior where it’s used but also from outside, thanks to its transparent side panels made out of glass. The dimensions of the product are 15.94 x 7.91 x 17.13 inches, and it weighs around 14.72 pounds.

4- Apevia Genesis Pro G-PRO-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Apevia Genesis Pro G-PRO-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Apevia’s Genesis Pro G-Pro PK Mid Tower is the perfect choice for the advanced gamer who needs a stylish, practical, and high-quality case that delivers with 6 x fans preinstalled and 2 x tempered glass windows. Support for up to six 120 mm fans offers cooling efficiency with room for either 240 mm radiators in the top or front of your build. 

The ports included in this PC case are USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HD audio. The sleek exterior design offers cool styling and improved airflow throughout the system, with intelligent cable management channels cut out behind the motherboard tray to keep an easily accessible layout. With Apevia’s state-of-the-art lighting feature, you can play it safe without having too many wires running down your towers with 16 different lighting options! 

Hear what it sounds like when your computer game commands are executed instantaneously with the silky smoothness only an Apevia Genesis Pro G-PRO-PK case can provide. Keep your current rig up to date or start anew today with this heavyweight champion of gaming machines. 

The G-PRO-PK has a user-friendly chassis with a beautifully designed exterior. If you’re looking for a space that can seat your water cooling kit as well as your hard drive and SSD, the Apevia Genesis Pro G-PRO series will be perfect! 

The enclosure also has two tempered glass panels on both sides to give you viewing from all angles of the inside of the computer case. From laser cut holes, filters to keep dust out, it’s built for working individuals who want their build to look sleek and professional. 

The best thing about this PC case is that it has a tea-pink color representing every teenage girl’s beauty. The device’s measurements are 15.94 x 7.91 x 17.13 inches, and it weighs around 16.12 pounds.

5- InWin A1 Plus Pink Mini-ITX Tower

InWin A1 Plus Pink Mini-ITX Tower

If you are looking for a powerful PC build with a minimalistic styling, the InWin A1 Plus is perfect for you. With ample room to fit two of your GPU options of choice, this tower offers an inconspicuous tinted transparent stand. That will show off where your addressable RGB lights are coming from, no matter which side they are on. 

The included 650 W Gold PSU is 80 Plus certified and pre-built into the case, so all you have to do is connect cables into their designated ports! Lights up your world – One of the most important features in any computer system these days is the ability to personalize it with customized color themes or lighting presets. 

Never miss another moment – Flexible LEDs allow for many modes, including. The glamorous part of this case is its pink color, which attracts the audience mostly towards it. Wireless connectivity is enabled with a convenient USB 2.0 fast connection, so no wires are needed! Two 120 mm fans provide ventilation on the A1 Plus. 

Many customers have used this product to create sound-proofing barriers against unwanted noise over 40 decibels. The A1 Plus solves those problems and offers a discreet appearance as it blends in well with your surroundings. Its small size makes for easy transportation as it can be carried without any need for additional equipment. 

Perfect for office furniture shopping rooms! This product features multiple function capabilities that make it a go to PC case. The dimensions of this PC case are ‎16.3 x 11.61 x 13.54 inches, and it weighs 16.72 pounds.

6- Apevia Aura-F-BK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Apevia Aura-F-BK Mid Tower Gaming Case

Apevia Arena Aura computer case is the perfect gaming case for enthusiasts looking to create a beautifully lit PC with maximum airflow. Thanks to an included full-size tempered glass panel, the internal components are displayed flawlessly without impediment. Compatible with ATX motherboards and incompatible motherboard sizes, this case can accommodate all modern day needs. 

From too many cables cluttering up your desk space to trying to support a “wonky” graphics card, this case got you covered! A quad pipe RGB LED fan offers configurable patterns by accessing them through the front I/O panel. Use this case to take care of your tech needs with the protection it deserves. 

From setting up a tower to customizing its look, you can do it all without ever removing an overloaded tower from your desk. The design makes the Aura-F-BK perfect for desktop builders or those who want pink color in their case. Hide unsightly cables behind panels of steel mesh that are made specifically to match any motherboard style of preference. 

It’s time for convenience and stability – find both in the latest Mid Tower Gaming Case! The APEVIA Aura PC case features custom full-cover tempered glass panels, 2 inch thick metal front plate with a built-in RGB backlit dust filter, a cooling fans open type layout for viewing, and seven blue LED 120 mm fans and three red LED 120 mm fans. 

The connectivity ports in this PC case are; 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x RGB button, 2 x HD audio and HDD light indicators. The dimensions of the case are 15.75 x 8 x 18 inches, and it weighs around 14.92 pounds.

7- Apevia PRODIGY-PK Micro-ATX Gaming Case

Apevia PRODIGY-PK Micro-ATX Gaming Case

Apevia Aura-F-BK case is a modern design with sleek angles, tempered glass panels, and futuristic features like warm blue RGB LED fans. This gaming PC case offers three dimensional airflow to ensure your components stay cool and do not pollute! 

The large magnetic dust filter on top of the case helps keep dust out of your build while looking nice to show off in front of any visitors. Lastly, easy I/O ports located in the upper right hand corner make swapping cords and connections quick and simple without having to reach under all your devices for pairing cables from the backside. 

This case has universal compatibility with graphics cards, motherboards, and power supplies. Tempered Glass side panels allow for an enjoyable sight of the RGB fans while showing off your finished PC build. Easy access bottom-mounted PSU design hides cables out of view for a cleaner looking build. 

It also supports 2 x full size standard ATX motherboards. Magnetic removable dust filters are easy to clean, preventing your PC from being dusty for a longer duration of time. The APEVIA Aura Mid Tower Gaming Case is the perfect solution for your next PC build. With three dimensional circulations of heat dissipation, this case can withstand any temperature! 

The pink color is perfect for your little girl! The measurements of the product are 16.14 x 7.95 x 15.55 inches, and it weighs around 13.22 pounds.

 Best Pink PC Cases Buying Guide:

The world of gaming is changing, and pink PC cases are becoming less rare. Our team has been working hard to keep up with the latest trends in this market segment. 

Manufacturers carefully select their shades and materials to make sure that everyone can find one they love, but before you commit to buying anything, be sure you know what specs your system will need! This buying guide does not mainly target girls but also for boys who enjoy different pink shades. 

Here are some of the main aspects you need to ponder before getting a PC case:


Front-panel connectivity is key to a seamless experience. The front panel should have options for power, reset, headphones, and microphone jacks, as well as plenty of USB ports. This will make your day-to-day life more streamlined and improve your productivity overall. 

Air Flow rate:

The airflow in your computer is vital for keeping it running well. Without proper air flow, you might experience issues like thermal throttling (when the processor slows down due to overheating), performance degradation and bottlenecking, and a potential equipment failure. 

Carefully consider how much cooling you need! Where you want that cool air from should be looked at through a microscope because this can make or break your PC’s health. 

Material of the case:

PC Case manufacturers have to be careful when they are selecting the material for their PC cases. Some of them use lower gauge number sheet metals, which is not a problem as long as it does not make the case flimsy. 

Our selected products meet these criteria such that you do not need to worry about getting something cheap and made out of low quality materials.


If you have a small PC case, it can be hard to install your components. For example, you need space for air-based CPU coolers and radiator liquid cooling systems. 

If there isn’t enough room in the chassis, then some of these parts might not fit inside or require replacing the whole computer body – an expensive choice if you don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon.

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