Best ps5 controller skins

Best PS5 Controller Skins (Wraps, Covers)

Do you want to upgrade your PlayStation 5 controller with the best ps5 controller skins? If so, then the best way to customise your gaming controller, you have to buy the best PS5 controller skin. You’ve been disappointed with the look of previous controller skins so you decided that this time around, you’d go for a custom design then find the best ps5 controller skins. You know how difficult it can be to find something that’s not only unique but also high-quality. Well, we have good news: below are the reviews about some of the best ps5 controller skins available right now! Check these out! 

In order to have the best gaming experience possible, you should invest in a controller skin. It will protect your PS5 controller from dings and scratches so it will look brand new for years to come. Not only that, but it is also going to enhance your gameplay because there are improved grips on the top of the controller which makes holding onto them much easier! You can find all kinds of different designs and styles in the tech market.

The skin for the controller should be made of high-quality material and designed to last. It’s hard to think about the PlayStation 5 without thinking about its controller. What if you want a different color or texture on your controller? Luckily there are some great options out there for customizing your PS5 controllers! 

The ps5 is the newest addition to the Playstation family, below is a buying guide for the best ps5 controller skins. We’ll cover different types of materials, shapes, and designs.  The goal with this article is to help you find a skin that fits your style and preference with minimal effort on your part! 

List of Top Rated Best ps5 controller skins

  1. Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin
  2. Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip, Non Slip Comfort Silicone Skin
  3. eXtremeRate BWPF007 Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin
  4. eXtremeRate JPF4009 Touchpad Cover for PS5 Controller
  5. YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin Case for PS5
  6. eXtremeRate PFPJ005 Absorbent Controller
  7. eXtremeRate ‎YHPF008 Ergonomic Soft Anti-Slip Controller

1- Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin

Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin

Personalize your PlayStation 5 controller with this clear, tough-yet-silky silicone skin that’s studded to be extra grippy. The Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin gives you all the benefits of customized control at a fraction of the price. It fits perfectly over your new controller to provide enhanced grip, precise button response, and wonderful durability for everyday use, while protecting it from scratches or other damage.

This is  custom made protective, functional and high-quality controller skin designed to cover your PlayStation 5 controller in style without adding any bulk or weight. The DualSense surface of the Aosai offers an enhanced grip feeling during gameplay that prevents slip even when wet. Everyone could use an extra hand with games like Spiderman, so why not try out our new DualSense Controller Skin for PS5 today?

Interested in making gaming more fun? Wrap up your PlayStation 5 controllers with our delicious looking PS5 Controller Covers! Available in patterns and styles you can never get bored of these covers will completely change up any game session. When you slide on one of these silicone skins.

Your worries about slipping off the controller during those intense gaming moments are now a thing of the past. In addition to impeccable grip, this high-quality silicone cover will make your PlayStation 5 Dual sense controllers as unique as you are! The decorative studding adds that extra bit of flare and customization that can quickly change your play style on any number of games. Customize yours with one letter on each side for a truly custom set up.

Ditch your old controller and upgrade to the Aosai PS5 Dualsense Controller Skin, Studded Anti-Slip PS5 DualSense Controller. Durable as it is fun with 8 FPS PRO Thumb Grips included for smoother gameplay, you’ll never want to go back. Plus full cover protection? Problem solved!

The Aosai PS5 Dualsense Controller Skin is here to save your hands while you’re fighting against the hordes of skull zombies. With FPS Pro Thumb Grips that are designed for fine-tuning, this skin will have you zombie slaying in no time. Your weapon won’t slip out of your slippery hands with the anti-slip material, and you’ll be ready when the radioactive wolves break out of their cages on Hektara Space Station!

2- Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip, Non Slip Comfort Silicone Skin

Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip, Non Slip Comfort Silicone Skin

Why are your hands itching right now? Probably because you’re struggling to stick with the same old controller grip that’s always getting covered in sweat. Here is a product that gives you an amazing experience, the Cybcamo PS5 Grip Controller Grip. You’ll be more of an expert in your game when you have Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip. This product has the perfect cutouts for all buttons so you’ll never have any trouble finding them. They put pins for traction on where your palm will touch and we guarantee they improve grip and feel too! Now who said gaming is ever going to stop?!

Comes with textured edges to improve your grip during serious gaming sessions, commanding abilities have never felt so good before. Can’t wait to take your PS5 on a go? This precisely cutting fit playstation DualSense Controller Grip and Silicone is uniquely designed with an ergonomic grip that will add comfort and improve your gaming experience. This versatile playstation controller protector case is easy to install.

This new PS5 Silicone Controller Grip was made to give you that non-slip grip and better protection for your ps5 controller. Protecting it from scratches, moisture and shocks! Simple yet elegant, what more could you want?

Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip is the perfect solution for when you want to keep your controller safe, dry and in style. With this cushion-y soft silicon grip, not only can sweaty hands worry less about slipping off, but it is also great against moisture, protecting your controller from shocks and scratches too. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip, Non Slip Comfort Silicone Skin Cover Protector Case with thumb grip options to fit your needs. There are 3 pairs available for thumb grip of varying height to meet different needs.

3- eXtremeRate BWPF007 Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin

eXtremeRate BWPF007 Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin

The eXtremeRate PlayVital Samurai Edition Purple Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin is designed to keep your controller safe, new and stylish. With the wide selection of styles and colors, you’ll always have an option that complements your personality or fits your mood. The ergonomic grips will ensure you are less likely to slip during intense gameplay with its 3D concave lines on the silicone skin which provides a fabulous grip sensation reducing hand shake by 80%.

All non-slip silicone grip skin design with ergonomic samurai edition for great visual impact and enjoyment in mind. The surface of the premium designed grips texture reduces things like slippery hands and sweaty thumbs by providing a nice level of traction to make all games more manageable!

Feel like getting a new controller for your PS5 console? Maybe you’re one of those people that always seem to drop and break your media consoles. Or, you might be looking for that perfect accessory to try and keep the device in tip-top shape! Whatever the reason may be, this is it!

Made out of durable silicone sleeves that are also easy to install on most devices without interfering with their input functions or buttons that means peace of mind if anything were to happen! Stop worrying about breaking your controller or scratching up its exterior by giving this product a look today.

This purple anti-slip controller silicone skin! It stops button slipping for good so you can keep lucking out in Fortnite or getting that last headshot in PUBG. This product is the perfect solution for your PlayStation controller’s daily wear and tear, preventing it from being scratched, dirtied by spills or grease. The silicone cover comes with 1 piece of silicone skin, as well as 1 pair non-slip thumb grip. Play games comfortably while not worrying about small accidents happening out of nowhere!

4- eXtremeRate JPF4009 Touchpad Cover for PS5 Controller

eXtremeRate JPF4009 Touchpad Cover for PS5 Controller

The eXtremeRate Black Replacement Touchpad Cover for PS5 Controller  and Soft To protects and personalizes your controller by adding a touchpad cover that seamlessly fits with the existing controllers. The soft silicone material feels great on the touchpad while enhancing durability and grip between fingers and hands.

When it comes to your controller, why take chances? This unique touchpad was made according to the original specifications so that its high quality design would also last longer. The product detaches easily without leaving any residue on the controller and installs with ease, there’s no cutting or gluing required! Plus, this innovative replacement can add a personal touch of color and allow you relive more memories from games. We know our controllers mean everything to us; that’s how we come up with such durable parts for gamers like you! Trust in the experts. 

If your buttons have  broken, no need to worry, now you can replace your noisy and dysfunctional buttons with these replacement pads! 

This product fits exactly on your controller without any variations in color or texture. You’ll find no difference once it arrives at your door and snaps over perfectly and securely and fits flush on all sides and sits properly in all clips for ultimate accuracy in action-packed gameplay! 

Keep your PS5 Controller new and working beautifully with this eXtremeRate Black Replacement Touchpad Cover. Sleek, modern design means there’s no sacrificing comfort for form. With an anti-slip grip, soft to the touch, you’ll love the matte finish, and ergonomic hand placement, your hand will be in position during gameplay. Installation is made easy with a video guide on Youtube by searching “Extremerate Touchpads”.

5- YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin Case for PS5

YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin Case for PS5

If you’re looking for a new way to protect and personalize your PS5 controller, the yoRHa Camouflage Silicone Cover Skin is just what you need. Each silicone cover skin offers an individualized grip and provides protection from scratches and damages. Foldable design makes it easy for carrying on the go as well as conveniently storing in a drawer or between couch cushions.

The PS5 dualsense controller silicone cover skin case is a thick protective cover to keep your controller from getting damaged. You’ll never have to worry about sweat or grime getting on the d-pad again with this comfortable grip sleeve. The anti-slip texture will also ensure that it doesn’t slip out of your hands while you’re playing! Buy one now and make gaming more convenient than ever before.

YoRHa silicone cover skin case for PS5 is the ultimate protection device for it. The powerful, silicone will keep your controller safe from bumps and bruises that you might experience during game play. Designed with perfect little holes throughout to prevent any obstruction of wires, this cover also provides gamers with an improved grip when in hand while preventing welts on sweaty hands! Make sure you protect your investment today!

Have you bought a PS5 Dual Sense controller and want to wear an original looking cover skin case on your gaming devices?Choose from various camouflage colours to create a personalized controller that’s as individual as you are. Comes with 1o thumb grips, these higher thumb grips allow for increased dexterity and accuracy, perfect for those pressing your thumbs against the touchscreen of the Dualshock 5 on PS Vita. Customize your new controller with these silicone cover skins today! This is made of top quality soft silicone – durable, flexible, high resistance. With this new-design cover skin case as your partner, now it’s time for you to enjoy unlimited pleasures in the world of games!

6- eXtremeRate PFPJ005 Absorbent Controller

eXtremeRate PFPJ005 Absorbent Controller

“Sweaty hands? Problem solved! eXtremeRate’s PlayVital controller grip is the answer to sweaty gaming. It helps you gain better, more controlled gameplay while players with larger hands can hold on even tighter.” You’ve probably picked up your controller or handled your device recently to find it soaking wet due to unwanted sweat. With this product, you can keep your hands dry and have better usage because of the material that absorbs all that sweat! Say goodbye to playing games with sweaty hands because now you won’t be sweating anymore thanks to the eXtremeRate PlayVital Red Anti-Skid Sweat-Absorbent Controller Grip for Playstation!

Bring a whole new gaming experience with our eXtremeRate Controller Grip for Playstations. This grip is a big help for those who find themselves sweaty handed while playing games, that way all you have to worry about is the actual game! Made from high quality materials and an innovative honeycomb textured surface, this controller grip will provide maximum grip as well as optimize airflow. With some great anti-slip features we’ll make sure your fingers never fall victim to sweat again, get your hand or wrist covered. For optimum results we recommend one of these grips per controller and go like they never melted.

Protect your hands from sweat and make controlling your games a breeze. Unlike other grips, our ergonomic controller grip also works with the PS5 controller. With eXtremeRate’s clever design to remove without sticky residue. If you have any problems about this controller grip pad or installation video guide, please feel free to contact us anytime. Get the installation video guide by searching“PlayVital Controller Grip for PS5”on Youtube. Take charge of your gaming experience with our Anti-Slip Controller Grips! Various colors.

7- eXtremeRate ‎YHPF008 Ergonomic Soft Anti-Slip Controller

eXtremeRate ‎YHPF008  Ergonomic Soft Anti-Slip Controller

Introducing a perfect controller case for any gamer that needs to keep their controllers in excellent condition. The silicone cover will protect your controller from dirt, scratches and other elements without interrupting the buttons or ports of the devices. Not only is this practical, it also looks great! Protection for your precious PS5 controller, keeps it in pristine condition and looks new forever! Ensure that your gaming experience is full of compliments with this eXtremeRate PlayVital Guardian Edition Blue Ergonomic Soft Anti-Slip Controller!

Greatly simplifies the installation process by providing silicone sleeves in various sizes to ensure a snug, comfortable fit for your controller. These high quality silicone cases are designed specifically with grip areas that are ergonomically angled which will provide you greater comfort when using this product. The bottom side of these sleeves has small bumps that can increase performance and be more suitable for gamers who require added comfort when performing certain moves during gameplay. 

This strategically placed nub provides your fingers with increased surface contact in order to better maintain control over the controller without needing extra pressure or force applied on each button press due to sliding hands across the slippery material. Generally, most people prefer the softer texture of skin-molded grips but excessive movement can lead to both muscle fatigue and

When gamers use this product, they have no worries about their expensive PS5 controller being damaged because the soft and gentle material prevents dirt, drops, scratches or spills. 

The eXtremeRate PlayVital is the ultimate rubber cover skin to prevent scratches, dirt, falling, spilling and grease caused by daily use. The ergonomic design provides a better grip for gamers with an easy push to expand motion. It also includes 1 pcs silicone skin and 1 pairs thumb grip caps so you can customize your controller!

Best ps5 controller skins Buying Guide 

Which DualSense sleeve is the best for you? That depends on what your needs are. If protection and grip are of utmost importance to you,  they should be! You may want to go with a fat, heavy duty sleeve that’s more than twice as thick as its lighter counterparts. On the other hand, if portability is key or you have smaller hands, then one of our thinner sleeves might serve better in preventing unwanted slipping and sliding. 

So which is the best  PS 5 controller skins for you? The answer to this question will depend on what your priorities are. Below are some features that should be in your PS5 controller, read it carefully before making your decision.


The grip on the controller is the most important feature. As if you have a strong grip on your controller then you are able to operate it perfectly and can enjoy your favorite game. Choose a controller skin that comes with a better grip. 

Extra Thumb Grips:

The grip of your thumb is necessary to play games comfortably. Some manufacturers of controller skins are given an extra pair of thumb grips or some offer 10 pieces of thumb grips extra. Also these extra grips are in different colors, which helps to provide a new look to your controller with the same skin.  Also you have a choice of various shapes and sizes, so you can choose that suits you best.


The sweating of the hands is a big issue that is facing while gaming. When the game holds the controller in their hands for a longer then the hands get wet due to sweating. Due to this the chances of fallan the controller are more. Choose a controller skin that is made of a sweat proof material. The controller skins that are made of silicon are sweat proof, select the silicon controller skin also it fits perfectly. 

Range of colors:

If you are a lover of  the colors and looking for controllers skins in different colors then you can find it as the brands make skins in many different colors, choose your favorite color.  This grip provides a smooth silicone controller skin that’s easy to use, doesn’t interfere with long-term gaming sessions, and gives the DualSense protection against damage from various sources or everyday use.

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