Best PS5 Controllers

Best PS5 Controllers – Cheap, FPS Controller for PlayStation 5 in 2021

Let’s find out what are the best ps5 controllers, there are also some cheap and affordable option available too. Anyone who plays a lot on the PS5 will at some point wonder whether the gaming experience can be further improved with a good controller.

We compared the best models with each other and revealed whether the upgrade from the DualShock 4 is worthwhile for you.

The criteria for deciding which is the best PS5 controller on the market obviously differ depending on the type of player. Some gamers want more convenience, others are looking for maximum performance to get an advantage online. We have tested the current top models and introduced them to you.

Meanwhile, Sony has stated that PS4 controllers will not work with new PS5 games . So if you want to play the latest PS5 games, you also need a Dualsense controller.

From cheap to expensive, with special skins or special keys, in custom versions or simply in the standard version from Sony: There are plenty of PS5 controllers. In our comparison, we present you current alternatives for controlling your PlayStation 5 and tell you which one is best for what.

Best Controller For PS5

  1. PS5 DualSense controller
  2. Sony DualShock 4
  3. Razer Raiju Ultimate, Wireless and Wired Gaming Controller For FPS
  4. NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro Cheap Controller For PlayStation 5
  5. Snakebyte Gamepad S Wireless PS5 Controller for COD
  6. TUTUO wireless PS5 controller for Fortnite

1. PS5 DualSense controller

PS5 DualSense controller

The DualSense controller will be one of the great technological innovations of the new generation of Sony consoles, PS5.

There are many things that we already knew, starting with the haptic feedback technology and the adaptive triggers , which will make it easier for both handles and the L2 and R2 buttons to feel the use of a bow or when we get out of the mud on the road when driving. A vehicle. It will also incorporate the CREATE button , which will replace the SHARE button, incorporating new functions in the process, which will be detailed later.

“We decided to keep everything that players loved about the DualShock 4 intact and add new functionality and an updated design,” said Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of product planning and management. As we will see below, it is a command with dimensions of 160mm x 66mm x 106mm and a weight of 280 grams . The front touchpad, Six-Axis technology for the motion sensor (six-axis gyroscope with accelerometer), jack- type headphone port , vibration with dual triggers and haptic feedback, Bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C connection are maintained .”

Finally, one of the aspects that most concerned the community: the battery. In this case, unlike the PS4 DualShock, which had between 800 mAh and 1000 mAh (depending on the age of the model), this time we will find a controller with 1560 mAh , so it is expected that the autonomy will be much greater.

2. Sony DualShock 4

Sony DualShock 4

The standard PS4 controller is certainly one of the best current input devices of the current generation. The high-quality controller offers a good price-performance ratio and is now available in many different colors.

In the basic configuration, the gamepad does not offer any special features, but the controller can be expanded by two additional, freely configurable buttons with the back key extension. 

The extension piece offers an OLED display with touch function, via which the two paddles can be configured, and is simply plugged into the headphone connection. But since the back key extension piece also has a jack output, headsets can still be used, it is also compatible with PS5.

A total of three different key profiles can be saved, between which it is easy to switch back and forth.

The advantage is that the controller can be controlled via USB as well as via Bluetooth. The former is particularly useful when the battery is empty, but you want to continue playing. The touchpad, which is located in the middle of the controller and is used by some games, is also unique. The share button is also cool, with which you can quickly share content or take screenshots. The jack connection, via which headsets can be connected, is also good.

Compared to other third-party products, the Dualshock 4 is comparatively expensive. Also, the controller is only compatible with the PC and PS5 and excludes the Xbox Series X and the Switch. The compatibility on the PC is also associated with a few tricks.

The battery life weakens after prolonged use. It is also annoying that the light on the back cannot be switched off completely, but you can at least greatly reduce the controller’s lighting. 

3. Razer Raiju Ultimate, Wireless and Wired Gaming Controller For FPS

Razer Raiju Ultimate

The latest model from Razer’s PS5 Pro controller series now also runs wirelessly on the console via Bluetooth. In addition, the LED lighting can be integrated into the well-known Razer Chroma system. 

The workmanship looks high-quality and the PS5 controller offers many extras, such as additional buttons, different profiles or configuration via a smartphone app. 

However, the socket for the headset can only be used in cable mode. At around 200 dollars, the Raiju Ultimate is one of the most expensive controllers in our test series.

The controller relies on stable processing, for example mechanical switches are used for the thumbsticks and buttons. The freely assignable multifunction buttons are also good. The controller itself can be further adjusted using a mobile app.

4. NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro Cheap Controller For Playstation 5

NACON Controller Esports

High-quality workmanship, additional buttons, high adaptability through weights or removable analog sticks were already standard in previous models of the Nacon Revolution controller. 

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro now finally has a wireless connection to the PS5. And since this is established via a USB dongle, the headset socket also works. 

Even if the transmitted microphone sound could be even better. However, the controller is not exactly cheap at around $170.

There are also buttons on the back of the controller to control the volume directly from the controller. This is very practical because you no longer have to switch to the PS5 menu.

On the back there is also a button with which you can switch between Bluetooth and cable, which is a useful option. The cable is also pleasantly long at 3 meters.

The thumbsticks are a little smoother than the official PS5 controller from Sony. Behind the R1 and L1 buttons are Omron switches that are usually more familiar from gaming mice: Omron switches are very precise and have a long service life.

The main disadvantage is the comparatively low battery life: the controller only lasts 6 – 8 hours. In addition, there is the steep price, which will not please everyone.

5. Snakebyte Gamepad S Wireless PS5 Controller for COD

Snakebyte Gamepad S Wireless PS5 Controller for COD

The controller from Snakebyte offers the cheapest entry into the field of controllers. If you are looking for a second or third controller for the couch-coop, or you can otherwise do without features like VR, you can get the Snakebyte 4 S Wireless. Competitive gamers should invest more money.

The Snakebyte controller is the cheapest controller of our article and offers all the basic functions a PS5 controller must have for around 30 dollars. The thumbsticks and buttons are precise enough and the controller offers a 3.5mm jack connector. Overall, the controller is lighter and also slightly smaller than the original controller from Sony.

The processing is only mediocre in this price range and the controller is made of a lot of plastic and has no rubberized handles. For this, manufacturer Snakebyte promises a 5-year guarantee, which is also rather rare for a controller. The controller basically also works on Windows, but the driver software causes unnecessary problems here

There is also no light bar on the back, which is a problem for many VR titles that need it.

6. TUTUO wireless controller for PS5

TUTUO wireless PS5 controller for Fortnite

If you are looking for a comparatively low price for a PS5 controller that still offers the most important features, you should take a look at the controller from TUTUO.

The Tutuo controller offers the most important functions that the original Sony controller also offers: vibration, motion control such as light bar and touchpad. All important functions are integrated. Headphones can also be connected via the jack connection. A loudspeaker is also built in.

The buttons are also good and precise, the resistance of the buttons slightly heavier than on the original controller.

For under $50 (April 2020), the price is also very fair. The controller only uses ABS plastic, so the workmanship is only mediocre. The battery life is between 4 and 6 hours, which is okay for the price.

PS5 Controller Wired or Wireless?

Blonde or Brunette? Ketchup or Mayo? With or Without Potato? You have two choices when selecting a PS5 controller, wired or wireless. Sony’s official DualShock 4 gamepad uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS5, but you can also play wired, especially to charge the controller.The main difference between wired and wireless, and the reason why a lot of gamepads professional use wired connections, that’s the latency.

What is latency? Latency is how quickly your PS5 responds to the moment you press a button. I’m sure you’ve had that kind of moment before, you play online in your favorite FPS, you play good games with good scores. But, you have a pet peeve. A guy you just can’t get past. In each face to face, he is ALWAYS the first to shoot. “He’s probably a cheater.” Well, not really.

In fact, it may be, but in the majority of cases it simply has less latency than you, thanks in particular to its wired controller. You may insult him with all the names, you will end up raging. Wired PS5 controllers provide a faster and more stable connection, saving just a fraction of a second you make a difference in multiplayer games. The wireless connection is slower, but offers the advantage of not being connected to your PS5.

The Difference Between: Pro Controller & Standard Controller

The Pro controllers offer different advantages over the standard DualShock 4 gamepad. It should be noted that pro gamepads tend to be constructed from higher quality materials and therefore are more durable. They also offer a lot more customization and configuration options (especially for buttons).

If you think your controller isn’t responsive enough, and your Kill / Kill ratio pisses you off, it may be your gamepad. A pro gamepad will help you improve your score. Some controllers also allow you to replace joysticks for smoother control. It also helps to extend the life of a gamepad by changing the triggers (R1 / L1 / R2 / L2) buttons most used in shooting games.

The joysticks wear out quite quickly on the two old DualShock 4 joysticks.

Official, Unofficial Controller: Is It Really Important?

There are only three officially licensed PS5 controllers on the market: Sony DualShock 4, Rai Razer, and Nacon’s Revolution Pro. Licensed controllers have the security of never being picked up, thanks to PS5 updates, however some unlicensed gamepads tend to lag behind when it comes to updates.

Despite this, we still find unlicensed pro gamepads such as Scuf’s Infinity PS5 regularly updated. They work great with all new PS5 updates. On the other hand, a cheaper gamepad is unlikely to have the support of manufacturers to keep it updated regularly.

Note: Only the official Sony DualShock 4, can turn on the PS5 remotely via the Home button. This is a feature that PlayStation does not share with third-party manufacturers.

What Price For A PS5 Controller?

For a classic black DualShock 4, it will cost no less than 50$. And around $55 for the different colors or limited editions. Prices for real professional gamepads start around $85. The best of them can reach over 200$. However, you can find low-end controllers for less than $30.

Is It Worth Spending More?

Do you want me to repeat the speech from the beginning? No, I think it will be fine. There are cheap PS5 controllers out there that look like a bargain. A lot of them are way too basic and use poor quality parts.

In fact, these wired controllers are not as fast as the official Sony wireless controllers.

You might end up with gamepads that get damaged very quickly under your thumbs and components that break easily, all of which I hate. Keep in mind that a PS5 firmware update can make your low-end gamepad obsolete and no longer work. Who would want to save a few dollars to buy a controller that will become obsolete in a month?

What do I have to consider when buying a controller?

This is how buying a controller works: You should go through the following steps before buying a controller and weigh them up subjectively:

  • Wireless or wired: First you should consider whether you want a wireless or wired controller: Wireless controllers are more flexible, you may have to expect input lag. With the wired controller you are tied to the cable, but you do not have to charge in between and minimizes lags.
  • Calculate the budget: how much money do you want to invest? A controller doesn’t have to be expensive to work well. Expensive ones are often much better processed or rely on more precise and mechanical components.
  • Preferred games: Those who like to play shooters have different preferences than someone who prefers sports games or MMOs.
  • Ergonomics: How important is a good grip and easily accessible keys? Are you ready to get used to or do everything have to be right?
  • Compatibility: Not every controller works with every system. Oftentimes, PS5 controllers are compatible with PC, but not Xbox Series X. The other way round there are these problems as well.

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