Best PSU for AMD RX 6500 XT

Best PSU for AMD RX 6500 XT (1250W, 1000W, 850W)

To run at maximum power with security that won’t fry them when things get tough, you’ll need a powerful graphics card. That’s why the Best PSU for AMD RX 6500 XT is available to provide you with the necessary power.

It is sensible to choose a PSU that is not overly powerful, such as 1200W, and it is not proper to buy a PSU that barely keeps your rig running. So you don’t have to risk your PC to save a small amount of money by selecting from this category, which has the finest selected companies.

There are certain models which are less than 800W and have a lower rating than Gold; these are for older graphics cards that do not require as much power. You must obtain a Gold rating with a 92 percent efficiency rating for the RX 6500 XT.

Your system’s performance is dependent on the power supply you choose. With 120mm fans tuned to provide a quiet operation, you need to concentrate on your job. As a result, there will be no disturbing noise, and you will work more efficiently.

Because it has the ATX form size, it can be readily installed on most ATX motherboards. There are also additional possibilities if you prefer a more compact style. 12V dual rails are also available for system reliability, in addition to 100% Japanese capacitors.

You may rely on these functions without fear of your system being fried due to an unreliable source of power. In this category, you can get up to 1000W, but you must select the suitable one for your needs.

Furthermore, the modular cabling system is the reason for an effective ventilation system that allows for quick plugging and unplugging of cables as needed. So, below we have selected the most famous Power supply for AMD RX 6500 XT. Go and read out more information about that.

List of Top Rated Best PSU for AMD RX 6500 XT

  1. PowerSpec Power Supply, PS500WF
  2. NZXT PA-6B1BB-US ATX Gaming Power Supply
  3. ESGAMING Power Supply 750W
  4. ASUS ROG Strix 1000W Gold PSU
  5. NZXT ‎NP-C850M-US ATX Gaming Power Supply
  6. Thermaltake PS-SPD-0700NPCWUS-W Power Supply
  7. SilverStone Power Supply PS-ST85F-PT-x

1- PowerSpec Power Supply, PS500WF

PowerSpec Power Supply, PS500WF

The PowerSpec 500W Fixed Power Supply is tested and certified to meet the 80 PLUS Standard. The 500W model offers great features, construction, and capability as our 500W active power supply, but with a fixed +12V rail instead of active PFC technology. This provides users with greater stability, allowing them to power their computer system reliably even at the most demanding loads.

This Supply has been tested to meet the 80 PLUS Standard for power supplies. The power supply has high operating efficiency of up to 85% at 50% load and 86% at 100% load. This means that even though the unit may be drawing high wattage from your computer, it will also be running at a very low temperature. The fan is designed to operate at low speeds without creating too much noise for most users.

The new power supply unit from PowerSpec features high-quality power circuitry and a low-noise fan for quiet operation. The fixed cable allows for easier installation, and the 80+ certification ensures long-term reliability. This unit’s output is 500W with a single +12V output rail for stable power delivery. The fan features a dual-bearing design that provides smooth running and long life. 

This PSU is ideal for use with most high-performance gaming systems but also works well with custom builds, office workstations, and more. It is specially designed for PC build-in requirements, compatible with the newest 8th and 7th Generation Intel Processors systems. In addition, the Heat sink and fan design can effectively reduce the CPU temperature by 20°C at full load.

2- NZXT PA-6B1BB-US ATX Gaming Power Supply

NZXT PA-6B1BB-US  ATX Gaming Power Supply

NZXT C650 Bronze PA-6B1BB-US 650 Watt PSU game power supply is designed for high performance, stable power delivery, and high efficiency. The low-noise but high-flow 120mm diameter variable speed fan generates impressive airflow for efficient cooling. The single +12V output rail provides strong and stable power to high-end gaming computer systems. The 80 PLUS Bronze Certified power supply provides up to 95% efficiency under typical loads with an amazing 85%+ without a load.

The C650 Bronze is a power supply unit (PSU) for computers with a PSU cable size of ATX 20-pin and PS/2. The C650 Bronze supports the latest 80 PLUS Platinum, 80 PLUS Titanium, and 80 PLUS Gold standards. 

These are highly efficient power supplies that utilize highly efficient and high-efficiency voltage regulators to maximize system efficiency. In addition, the C650 Bronze features fully modular cables; the bulky PSU can be fitted into a compact chassis without adding unnecessary weight or heat to the system.

As the 6th generation of the acclaimed CX series, the new CX650 delivers even more power for your PC. Capable of supporting multiple graphics cards and CPU-intensive applications, the 650W supplies all the power you need to drive multiple monitors and high-performance components.

Plus, it’s fully compliant with the 80+ standard, so you know that all components are operating properly. It is a standard PSU that many computer enthusiasts and enthusiasts use to meet the needs of many people.

3- ESGAMING Power Supply 750W

ESGAMING Power Supply 750W

The ESGAMING power supply is fully modular with a low-profile ATX 12V v2.4 design for the ultra-slim case and EPS 12V v2.92 for more efficient airflow and improved cooling performance.

The high-quality components enhance efficiency and provide the cleanest power to your PC components. The LED fan provides a cool and quiet operation, while the modular cable design allows for easy cable management, reducing the clutter and making your build look great. 

Specially designed for multi-GPU systems, ESGAMING Power Supply can deliver stable power output and meet the needs of high-performance gaming systems. In addition, its low noise 120mm RGB Fan achieves excellent heat dissipation to keep your system cool.

The AMD X470 chipset is designed to support up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory with speeds of up to 2800 MHz. The AGESA 1001 BIOS allows overclocking and offers various other features.

Modular cable design greatly reduces the confusion of cables’ management, increases airflow to improve overall efficiency and heat dissipation performance. Great PSU choice for your flagship system, ESGAMING power supply delivers the power you need over and over again.

4- ASUS ROG Strix 1000W Gold PSU

ASUS ROG Strix 1000W Gold PSU

ROG Strix series is a fully-fanless design that combines high-grade components with refined thermal designs. Designed for max performance, full-featured and compact, these PSUs are built to handle big workloads while remaining whisper quiet.

This is the power supply of choice for today’s high-performance gaming PCs, featuring robust safety and performance standards with the reliability of ASUS’ highly acclaimed engineering. In addition, it consumes much less power than traditional PSU units, ensuring low noise and a longer lifespan.

This features a dual +12V rail design with an ideal 50Amp rating for your high-end gaming CPU and GPU. High-quality polymer capacitors ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation. The best PSU for overclocking and high-performance gaming. This 1000W gold-rated PSU offers a mighty 12V rail for super stable voltages. 

Plus, this modular design also allows you to upgrade your PSU in the future with user-replaceable cables and modules. This 1100 cooler is designed with the highest thermal performance and has full copper heat pipes that transfer heat efficiently to the aluminum fins for effective cooling performance. It also features a full cover that dissipates heat by directing it into the heatsink. 

The advanced E-series of high-efficiency, digitally controlled fans are specially designed for maximum airflow performance, ultra-quiet operation, and enhanced longevity by reducing energy loss. This uniquely designed fan hub houses four 8 mm heat pipes.

These optimize heat dissipation from the device. The clean cables are protected by an additional layer of twisted pairs and are fitted with premium-grade ferrite core chokes to provide excellent power stability.

5- NZXT ‎NP-C850M-US ATX Gaming Power Supply

NZXT ‎NP-C850M-US ATX Gaming Power Supply

The NZXT C850 power supply is 80 Plus Gold certified and can deliver up to 850 Watts of reliable, clean power. Zero RPM fan mode ensures you get a silent PSU in the lowest power state. And with easy-to-access modular cables, installation and maintenance are made simple.

The C850 is a reliable power supply equipped with an 80 Plus certified efficiency rating. In addition, the C850 offers a modular design to save space on your desk and in your case. With a low noise fan mode that reduces the amount of power used, reduces power draw, and total PSU weight, the C850 can be easily placed on your desk. Furthermore, Zero RPM Fan mode lowers the fan speed at low loads for even quieter performance.

To ensure the most efficient use of power and provide the best environment for computing, this modular, 80+ certified PSU has been designed to monitor your hardware status continuously. With a push of a button, Zero RPM mode is activated to prevent unnecessary noise, and your fan will only spin when needed. 

This PSU incorporates the best ATX and SFX power supply design features. It is equipped with an 85% efficient 1+1 phase power supply. In addition, it features an intelligent voltage regulation module that ensures load sharing between components in a PC – improving efficiency while saving energy and lowering noise.

Your PC is one of the most valuable assets you own. This 80+ certified PSU is engineered for efficient, stable performance and high reliability under most conditions. Experience quieter operations with a modular design that only needs the cables you need, ensuring less clutter and easier installation. 

6- Thermaltake PS-SPD-0700NPCWUS-W Power Supply

Thermaltake PS-SPD-0700NPCWUS-W Power Supply

The Smart 700W has a gold-plated voltage design, stable topology, and ultra-quiet 120 mm fan. Its new high voltage design with patented OCP (Over Current Protection) technology ensures quality power delivery under all conditions. In addition, its 80PLUS Bronze certification ensures 100% energy efficiency and great stability under full load. 

This PSU is pre-assembled and launched with a full cabling system. It has a 4 +6pin PCI-E connector of high performance, optimized to be fully compatible with the latest graphics card. The SATA cable is equipped with a semi-pivoting plug used to save space in the case.

The Thermaltake Smart Series V.700W is a reliable power supply unit with 80 plus certification. The Thermaltake Smart Series V.700W 80+ White Certified PSU Saves up to 85% power consumption compared to conventional PSUs by utilizing 3-phase digital + PFC technology, which provides stable and constant voltage output. The Smart series is Thermaltake’s first high-end PSU design for the enthusiast market, based on the intelligent Continuous Power Design.

This high-power model is the perfect choice for gamers and enthusiasts who needs the most reliable power supply available today. It features an 80 PLUS GOLD certified efficiency rating, which allows it to run at its maximum power without compromising its overall performance. 

Rated up to 700W, this model is ideal for demanding applications like SFF systems. It incorporates various components, including a 120mm fan and a semi-modular design, resulting in higher performance and stability during operation. This PSU can ensure stable power delivery even in the heat of the moment.

7- SilverStone Power Supply PS-ST85F-PT-x

SilverStone Power Supply PS-ST85F-PT-x

The SilverStone 850 watt Strider is one of the first 80 Plus power supplies on the market that’s designed to provide reliable full-load operation thanks to high-efficiency DC-to-DC conversion and a semi-fanless design.

It’s engineered with only two capacitors, a single +12V rail, and a single PCIe cable, minimizing noise and the risk of short-circuits by avoiding the need for bulky heat sinks. The Strider uses a low operating temperature of 40°C (104°F) to ensure that it delivers all its power without burning out, making it perfect for any kind of system.

This fully modular power supply integrates with the latest ATX12V 2.4 standard, developed to improve system reliability and power efficiency. This 80 PLUS Platinum certified model also comes with a rated efficiency of 90% at 20% load. With multiple protection features to help ensure reliable operation, it is ideal for quality PC systems and multimedia applications. 

The 80 PLUS certification ensures that this power supply is an eco-conscious choice that offers excellent performance at an economical price. The ultra-quiet 120mm fan offers best-in-class airflow with the semi-fanless operation. This allows the fan to operate at an ultra-low speed when not needed, resulting in less noise during low load conditions.

The SilverStone Strider 850 has a continuous power output of 850 watts and 80 plus Platinum efficiency. This PSU is designed for high-performance gaming, data acquisition, and multimedia applications. Utilizing a highly efficient design, this PSU will not degrade the life span of your hardware. In addition, the PSU’s modular cables allow the user to easily manage their power supply and save time when upgrading or building a new system.

Best PSU for AMD RX 6500 XT Buyer Guide:


An only one rail power supply can deliver significantly more current to your components. Some voltage will be routed away from what is required by specific system devices in a multi-rail configuration. It is also directed to other places or peripherals for them to function. All of this is to keep everyone fueled up and safe from harm. Because too many demands are placed on one region, it becomes overburdened. This phrase is sometimes used alternatively with a single rail. A PSU with multiple +12V rails performs differently than with just one.


A power supply with difficult wiring is ideal since it eliminates the need for extra connections between the internal PCB of the device and the connector that will eventually be put into one of your components. One end of the cable is soldered to a standard connection on both ends. When adding a new connection, such as using modular power supplies, you add more resistance than a potential failure spot. Because they require less wiring overall, a power supply using hard-wired wires has numerous advantages over those that employ modules.

80 PLUS Certification:

A computer’s power supply unit is an essential component. The 80 Plus certification scheme ensures that the power supply unit consumes at least 20% less energy than conventional units. It also gives an efficiency rating for three distinct loads: 100 percent, 50%, and 20%. So if you have 500W Loads, for example, they’re only certified to utilize 625 watts or less. When compared to other PSUs, which can use up to 2250 Watts while running at full capacity, this implies there will be more leftover wattage-per-hour on your electric bill when running at full capacity.


This is one of several flexible features you have, allowing you to choose the best cable management for your needs. You can detach whatever cable you choose while keeping the rest linked to the machine because it’s fully modular.

On the other hand, semi-modular cabling allows some wires to be withdrawn from the unit and stored in the box. This will assist you in reducing cable clutter and improving PSU ventilation.


Because it is made entirely of Japanese capacitors, it has long-lasting durability. In this manner, it will last for years without a scratch and provide you with more hours of power than if it didn’t have this feature.

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