Best PSU for RTX 3070

5 Best PSU for RTX 3070 – Recommended PSUs for 3070 GPU 2021

If you are looking at getting the best psu for rtx 3070 keep in mind that NVIDIA recommends a 650W PSU. However, there are many good quality PSUs for 3070 graphic cards are available, so selecting the right psu is bit difficult.

Considering your problem, we’ve tested some of these PSUs, which are according to the requirements of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPUs. A high-quality PSU is as necessary as the motherboard for 3070.

Recommended Best PSU for RTX 3070

  1. Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply
  2. be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W Fully Modular
  3. EVGA 750 BQ 750W Semi-Modular
  4. Corsair RMX Series RM750x 750 Watt
  5. Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 850W

1. Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply

Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply

The freshly upgraded series of cooler master from the bronze series is here to put your power supply needs on fire. Master Watt 650 is one of the newly designed systems that is not only friendly upon your pocket but also features a lot of services that are not normally seen within this price range. 

This is one of the reasons why it is listed in the best PSU for RTX 3070 in the top most products. Starting with its heavy duty power supply that is 650 watts which for sure reaches the far ends of your computers. It is also 80 plus Bronze certified increasing its efficiency level to the maximum. 

Above and beyond that master watt 650 is especially designed in a semi modular way that contains 16 AWG thick PCIe cabling. These power cables can hold up a lot of strength when it comes to high voltage supply. Having this quality which is almost rare in most of the units is really a blessing in disguise. 

Moreover cooler master provides ultra safety protection including OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, OTP and SCP all in one power unit. Amazingly this device has a semi fanless mode design with 120mm noiseless fan functioning along with active power factor correction through alternative current input. Your 5 years of warranty are safe with the brands guarantee card.

Key Properties

  • 650 wattage supply
  • Semi fanless
  • 80 plus bronze rated
  • Semi modular cabling
  • 120mm fan
  • DC-to-DC circuit 
  • 16AWG PCIe cables
  • 5 years warranty

2. be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W Fully Modular

be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W Fully Modular

For something as a power supply unit it can be really tough to appeal to the user and create a long lasting expression because of the basic features every unit must have. Be quiet has launched a PSU that is here to break the backbone of regular units and take you into the advanced world of technology which is why it is listed for best power supply units for RTX 3070. 

A bootstrapped 650 watts of voltage supply is just the starter to quench your thirst for more and best. To confirm it is an out of the box innovation through evidence is the silent 3 winged fan which delivers above the class air supply having a fluid dynamic bearing and a 6 pole motor so it is nowhere near annoying or loud. On top of that it has a funnel shaped opening that is a clear benefit for the better dissipation of heat and best ever cooling.

Straight power 11 PSU has a wire free interior which is why it enhances the cooling performance in less distance and pushes the life of components longer than your expectations. A huge thanks to the fully modular design, so that the cables which are not in your need can happily stay inside the box and only taken out when necessary vanishing the tangled mess it usually is created. 

If you are still looking for more 80 plus Gold certification is available to make the machine efficient enough to work under low power consumption with synchronous rectifiers for stable operating regulation.

Noteworthy Features

  • 650 wattage supply
  • Silent winged fan 135mm
  • Fully modular cabling
  • Wire-free design
  • 80 plus Gold certified
  • Funnel-shaped fan opening
  • 4 PCIe connectors

3. EVGA 750 BQ 750W Semi Modular

EVGA 750 BQ 750W Semi-Modular

Not everyone has bulks of money laying around when they have to buy a standard Power supply unit which will just do the same work as every other unit is doing. EVGA understands the needs of this community which is why BQ-0750-V1 has its name in cheap PSU for RTX 3070 up front. 

Its features revolving around 750 wattage supply with 80 plus bronze certified body is not a coincidence after all since it is made to provide the basic necessities on the lowest range possible.

This PSU is best for anyone who needs it for everyday purposes because it serves with 85% or above under extremely low current. Moving on to the silent fan operation you get to have a 140mm fan that works so noiseless and quietly that you can hear a pin drop. Having a Teflon Nano steel bearing and smart auto fan function this is all you can ask for in a unit like this. 

EVGA is working day and night to make every product safe and user friendly which is why it serves with heavy protections from the brand such as OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP and SCP with a backing of 5 year solid warranty so you can enjoy trouble free working with their product.

Key Specs

  • 750 watts supply
  • Semi modular cabling design
  • 80 plus bronze rated
  • 140mm fan bearing size
  • Solid protections
  • 5 year warranty

4. Corsair RMX Series RM750x 750 Watt 

Corsair RMX Series RM750x 750 Watt

Corsair’s RMX series have been performing above the average to excellent job when it comes to basic power supply units. The company has upgraded the old systematic operation and presented to you the brand new RM750x scoring its place in budget PSU for RTX 3070. Corsair has gone wild with the design build as this power supply unit is all Goth black with full modularity labeled inside. 

This means firstly you can switch the cables according to your need. On the bottom of the unit you get to find a 135mm rifle bearing fan specifically designed to push maximum air flow through the far ends of the device to reach all components.

Having a zero RPM mode and noiseless pin drop functioning it moves towards the quality components such as 100% durable Japanese capacitors to ensure sufficient working capability. To unlock the power consumption and saving this device has been 80 plus gold certified which means that it tends to give maximum output no matter how low the load gets. 

With 750 wattage of voltage supply and a fan that can work continuously for 100,000 hours along the backing of a 7 year warranty is all you  need to start hustling for your dreams.

Notable Features

  • 750 watts
  • 80 plus gold certified
  • Fully modular design
  • Zero RPM fan mode
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • Fan operating for 100,000 hours
  • 7 year warranty

5. Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 850W

Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 850W

Since the world is getting digitized and smarter day by day, Toughpower iRGB Plus is the one of the very few power supply units by Thermaltake which has a smart power management system. Another milestone of this unit is that it has built in RGB options with the fan giving you numerous luminous options. 

Such premium features are listed in the good quality PSU for RTX 3070 category for a reason. This product comes with 850 wattage of supplying voltage to the system and being an 80 plus gold certified unit it is bound to provide maximum output under 50% load.

The package is patented with 14 RGB fans with 18 LEDs to light up your evenings while you start working on your projects. This fan is made stable to temperature up to 50 degree Celsius and all its system is digitally controlled. This system is very much compatible with TT RGB PLUS, Amazon Alexa and Chroma Razer presenting it as a pioneer of power supply units technology. 

Now you can control the entire system of power supply with your mobile phone or just through your voice. Other than this, the premium edition of toughpower iRGB Plus has a fully modular designed body with durable Japanese capacitors and a 10 year worry free life guaranteed.

Important Factors

  • 850 watts
  • 80 plus gold rated
  • Smart power management
  • Full modularity
  • RGB smart zero fan
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • 10 year warranty

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