Best PSU For RT 3080 Ti

Best PSU For RTX 3080 Ti (750W, 850W, 1000W, 1200W) 2021

If you are enthusiastic about building your PC with high end components, the best PSU for RTX 3080 Ti is for you. To run such power hungry equipment, you need a beastly PSU to back them up. You will get 1000 watts of maximum supply with fully modular cabling. Keeping your system clutter free never gets out of trend.

While you can select the cables to attach to the main board, there are also some semi modular systems. To appeal to your system, even more, RGB support must matter to you. Thanks to the 140mm fans to support proper ventilation of the system. The temperature inside the PC needs to remain sustained.

The efficiency of getting a reliable power source even in fluctuating power is a huge upgrade. Low noise is what every gamer demands, and zero RPM mode enables it. 80 plus certification provides more efficiency in the workload. The support of Intel processors and Japanese capacitors allows a better succession of usage.

Furthermore, the warranty card that comes with these power supplies connotes promising results. The trust and reliability of a brand is the most important factor of all. 

List Of Top Rated Best PSU For RTX 3080 Ti

  1. Corsair (CP-9020094-NA)RMx Series Fully Modular Power Supply
  2. be quiet! BN642, Fully Modular, Power Supply
  3. Seasonic FOCUS PX-850, 850W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular
  4. SilverStone PS-ST75F-PT Technology Power Supply
  5. Thermaltake PS-TPG-0850F1FAPU-1 Full Modular ATX 12V 2.4/EPS 12V 2.92 Power Supply
  6. EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 750W , Fully Modular
  7. Corsair CX750F RGB Fully Modular RGB Power Supply

1- Corsair (CP-9020094-NA)RMx Series Fully Modular Power Supply

Corsair (CP-9020094-NA)RMx Series Fully Modular Power Supply

The Corsair RM 1000x is one of the best power supplies on the market. It provides a whopping 100% efficiency. So keep your worries away about how much electricity your computer uses. For its power delivery, the RM1000x has an 80 Plus Gold rating. This PSU is perfect for gamers and professionals who need a top system.

At an affordable price, it allows the users to upgrade their millennial PC to the next generation. The CP-9020094-NA is a high quality, reliable power supply. With an 80 PLUS gold rating, it is efficient and eco friendly. Moreover, this PSU includes 10 years of warranty coverage from the date of purchase.

Let ambition guide you with the help of Japanese high quality capacitors powering your device. Corsair RM1000x is designed to give you an edge to outperform all your competitors. By employing Intel Core processor technology, it lets your games run faster and smoother. Zero RPM Fan Mode that eliminates noise maintains a cool operating temperature.

The Corsair RM Series builds by combining a digital design engineered with analog peripherals. This feature provides higher efficiency once your PSU’s load is under 40%. It automatically stops spinning the fan as the graphics card hits up to 60 degrees temperature.

For silent operation at low loads, 100% of all Japanese capacitors have unmatched reliability and stability. To know where your energy comes from makes a big difference. The fully modular cabling enables easy pulling out and plugging of wires into the system.

2- be quiet! BN642, Fully Modular, Power Supply

be quiet! BN642, Fully Modular, Power Supply

With the release of the Straight Power 11, be quiet! has once again delivered a power supply. Its high efficiency, along with packed features, serves you nothing but quality. The power output is enough for most gaming systems. In addition, this model offers an 80 Plus Platinum certification, so your electricity bill will not get out of hand.

Quiet operation is achieved through a mix of careful engineering and noise-dampening materials. This PSU includes Silencio FP fans that are designed to run as quietly as possible. While still delivering maximum airflow, its funnel shape opening is helpful. If you are looking for a high end power supply at an affordable price, then look no further.

Be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum Edition comes with a 750W power supply. To offer virtually inaudible Silent Wings 3 135mm fan is present. A wire free inside the PSU on the DC side enhances cooling and longevity. Built with high quality components include a powerful CSD immune device.

This platinum edition power supply ensures an efficient voltage transfer. After supporting a broad range of system configurations, free yourself from your PC crashing. This machine is capable of providing continuous reliability without interruption. Fully Modular cabling increases flexibility in its management.

Without making a sound straight power 11 maintains optimal temperatures. Having wiring flexibility enables you to control your system up to your demands. No tangled up by accident will ever occur with this power supply.

3- Seasonic FOCUS PX-850, 850W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular

Seasonic FOCUS PX-850, 850W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular

The Seasonic focus PX-850 supplies 850 watts of continuous power. This PSU has been designed with the latest technology. To provide high efficiency, low noise, and excellent performance, all at an affordable price. A reliable way to power your PC with peace of mind is through Premium Hybrid Fan Control.

The cutting edge 10 Year warranty takes away your worries for the future. Its 140mm depth is compatible with any ATX system. The 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency is for those who want their energy footprint on minimal impact. While guaranteeing peak performance, it is the answer for every power need.

The specially engineered Silent Fanless Mode makes this PSU perfect for all. Anyone who wants the fan to remain off at all times must go with this beast. Quieter than any other ATX solution on the market, it provides advanced cable management. A modular design allows you only to use what you need.

This monster of a machine runs virtually silent with features like semi passive cooling. To maximize silence, Gold Plated connectors are involved with minimal voltage drop. With 140 mm depth, the premium SFX shell fits in all standard PC cases.

To cover any defects through its long warranty, there is high quality supply protection. It has a massive 14cm diameter fan inside for excellent performance and silent operation. As this beast, this season, protect your system; you have got nothing to fear.

4- SilverStone PS-ST75F-PT Technology Power Supply

SilverStone PS-ST75F-PT Technology Power Supply

Silverstone technology introduces its power supply unit to the market. The difference between this product and others is its peak direct power output. Coming out with 750 watts of power, be ready to change the pace. For graphics management like RTX 3080 Ti, such a power supplier is needed to meet the demands.

With a single +12V rail, it is compact enough to fit an ATX system. A depth of 140mm increases the chance of easy integration. To set your PC system with the PSU will never be a problem anymore. The addition of 100% modular cables requires you to attach the cables you need.

Keep your system tidy with no tangling cables at the back. Moreover, the continuous flow of power output operates at 40 degrees temperature as well. There is much to be appreciated about the 80 plus platinum certification. You get to have stable power even in fluctuating conditions is truly remarkable.

On the other hand, the strict 3% voltage regulation and low ripple noise are silenced. To keep the temperature of the system maintained, a 120mm fan is installed. This fan allows an intelligent fanless operation to keep the noises out. No disturbance will disrupt your workflow with this power supply unit.

For meeting the needs of professionals and PC enthusiasts, SilverStone has got it all. It is this series of PSUs that are built on the award winning platform. Thanks to the higher efficiency rating, you can run your system without worries.

5- Thermaltake PS-TPG-0850F1FAPU-1 Full Modular ATX 12V 2.4/EPS 12V 2.92 Power Supply

Thermaltake PS-TPG-0850F1FAPU-1  Full Modular ATX 12V 2.4EPS 12V 2.92 Power Supply

For those who want more power, performance, and likable appearance will want to know about Thermaltake PSU. The toughpower grand RGB power supply is equipped with many features. To facilitate the user with amazing credits and reliability is the brand’s priority.

Guess who is going to enjoy their game time without any worries? For gamers, professionals and enthusiasts alike, toughpower is all in one system. With 24 pin PCIe configuration, allow this beauty to take your enemies down. It delivers up to 92% efficiency, thanks to the 80 plus platinum rating.

For optimizing your workflow, this feature is necessary. It fits in great with all of Intel’s latest processors. With such a convenient fit, it saves more energy. The addition of an RGB 140mm fan enhances static pressure. High end PCs well deserve an impressive cooling performance.

To control the lighting effects, it is one button away. If you look at the back of this PSU, you will find a button. This switch consists of 5 lighting modes with different color themes. The smartest feature of this fan is that it only works when the power unit is over 40% load. There is also a switch to turn it on or off with your will.

Above all that, 100% Japanese capacitors serve you with the best reliability and stable power supply. The critical components, such as high end graphics cards, are backed up by the low ripple noise feature. Serving industrial protections provides all the security you need to let your PC breathe.

6- EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 750W , Fully Modular

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 750W , Fully Modular

EVGA is a company that creates computer hardware and peripherals. The EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 power supply is designed for gamers and enthusiasts. Any PC builder who needs a reliable power source will look for this machine. This power supply consists of an 80 PLUS Platinum certification with up to 92% efficiency at 50% load.

With a warranty of a year and 24/7 support, this PSU will be running as efficiently and quietly as possible. The EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 generates amazing power. It has a PCIe & SATA connection for increased productivity. The PSU is 100% Japanese Capacitors ensuring longevity. The SuperNova 750 P2 will keep you up and running as well as clean your system’s air at the same time.

Facilitate your every PC building need with this PSU that delivers 750W of continuous power. For lining up any system build, this fully modular PSU allows for outstanding airflow and reduced clutter. The P2-750 does not just provide peace of mind; it also provides a 92% efficiency rating from 115VAC to 240VAC in typical usage. With a 140mm bearing fan design, it can last up to 120,000 hours at 40c ambient temperature.

For running under maximum rated load, there is no need to look further than the SuperNOVA series. With this power supply unit, you will experience Platinum Performance. Due to fully modular cables, improved airflow is on the way. In addition, its 80 PLUS Platinum certified so that you can be confident of efficient operation at loads typical for mid-range systems.

The 100% Japanese Capacitors are one way to continue to push the limits in power supply technology. Moreover, the EVGA ECO intelligent thermal control has a fan profile tuned for low noise. This is further enhanced by reduced power consumption resulting in less “powertrain” type noise. The EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 is a high-end, platinum power supply.

With the shortest possible internal wire length, free yourself from tangling wires. This PSU promises to give you long lasting, reliable performance even if it gets dusty or dirty in your PC enclosure.

7- Corsair CX750F RGB Fully Modular RGB Power Supply

Corsair CX750F RGB Fully Modular RGB Power Supply

Corsair’s CX750F is a power supply that packs some serious punch for your rig. It has an 80 PLUS Bronze rating. You can save your money on electricity bills because of its efficient design. In addition, the LED lighting is customizable to suit any style. With Corsair’s CX750F, your computer will be running smoothly in no time! 

Add some spunk to your PC gaming with 88% electrical efficiency. By generating less heat and lowering energy costs. Let your system fly high. Control per LED individually at the push of a button for 10 color modes. Connect a CORSAIR iCUE motherboard or RGB Lighting Controller for advanced control like modulation and lighting synchronization.

The included 5V ARGB Adapter brings you the latest in lighting technology. Allowing full integration between the stunning visual effects and synchronized audio sensation is truly incredible. The Corsair CX750F RGB power supply is a powerhouse. With all these features, you need to make sure your PC runs smoothly.

The 80 Plus Bronze efficiency helps reduce energy costs, which means more savings for you over time. The new Corsair CX750F RGB power supply is cost-effective. An innovative semi-fanless model offers quiet operation without compromising airflow.  It also features the all-new CORSAIR LINK software suite for easy monitoring and control of your system’s power and cooling.

The Corsair CX 750F RGB power supply is the perfect combination of performance and style. With a built in 120mm RGB fan, your system will be chill and ambient. The dedicated optimized fan curve keeps noise levels down, allowing for an enjoyable gaming experience. It also has Microsoft Modern Standby support which allows you to wake from sleep mode in just seconds. The Corsair Cx750F is the kind of PSU that speaks to you on a personal level. It has got all the goods, and it is finally ready for action.

Buying guide

To make your PC run on your terms, get yourself comfortable with its features. To lighten the load of searching the market, some specs need to be remembered. For example, a power supply unit comes with certain power plus points of its own. Getting the right type for your system is the first step.

Power wattage:

There is the power measurement that every PSU comes with. It is measured in watts, and it can go as high as 1200 watts. Therefore, the user needs to understand their usage on average and choose the power of his PSU accordingly. 

Cable management:

There are usually 3 types of cabling systems in a power supply unit. These types enable the user to choose either the wires they need or not. Fully modular cabling means all the wires need to be connected by the user himself. On the other hand, semi modular cables come with some of the cables pre attached to the main body.


To keep the system cool and temperature in control, you need to have a fan. The minimum fan size can be from 90mm to 140mm maximum. There can be more than one fan as well, depending on their size. Some brands include a fan with the power supply unit, while others need you to get it separately. 


RGB lighting can be a big deal for some users who prefer the appearance of the PSU. To be pleasing enough, the lighting can be controlled with software provided by the brand. There are different modes to go about your mood and setting the tone every day.


Thanks to the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium certification. This feature is useful in serving you a stable and efficient power supply. It supports reliable power under fewer loads. Further, it can reduce your electricity bill and save you money without compromising on your PC performance.

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