Best PSU for RTX 3080

Best PSU for RTX 3080 – Recommended Power Supply For 3080 2021

High-end graphic cards need high-quality power supplies, so we’ve reviewed the best PSU for RTX 3080 in 2021. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPUs requires at 650 Watt power supply, so we kept that in mind, while picking the products.

As recommended power supply units for rtx 3080 is 650W, so our below short listed PSUs are 100% compatible with RTX 3080 Graphic Cards.

Our guide includes the best 750W PSUs, including modular, non-modular, budget PSU, SFX, and the most high-end option to give you the power for higher FPS gaming, overclocking, or 8K video rendering.

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Recommended Best PSU for RTX 3080

  1. Seasonic FOCUS GX-650 650W Power Supply for Gaming
  2. Seasonic FOCUS PX-650 650W
  3. Corsair CX Series 650 Watt Modular Power Supply
  4. Seasonic PRIME 650 650W
  5. Seasonic PRIME 600 600W Fanless Power Supply

1. Seasonic FOCUS GX-650 650W Power Supply for Gaming

Seasonic FOCUS GX-650 650W Power Supply for Gaming

An impressive device is anything that offers more services and asks less price and such a thing is sea sonic’s FOCUS GX- 650. Being a compact 140mm device that easily fits in your computing system is why it is in the category of best recommended PSU for RTX 3080. Along with this feature there are many other characteristics of this machine which cannot go unnoticed. 

A 650 watts power supply and 80 plus gold certification is the reason it is very reasonable for a gaming computer because it will be giving 90% output on half the load. Realistically this is the best price under this rate so you don’t need to spend extra money on something expensive with almost the same features.

There is a huge possibility that this power unit can be installed in ATX systems while it is easier to manage the cables according to your need with the full modular design build. A quite impressive feature of this unit is its 120mm hybrid fan with premium control through temperature sensor having FBD bearings. 

Backed by a 10 year warranty and 100% pure Japanese durable capacitors, Focus GX- 650 creates a huge impact on your electricity bill because of its power saving tactic.

Noteworthy Properties

  • 650 wattage
  • Fully modular design
  • 140mm compact size
  • 80+ gold rated
  • Premium 120mm hybrid fan
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • 10 year warranty

2. Seasonic FOCUS PX-650 650W 

Seasonic FOCUS PX-650 650W

Tired of looking for a power unit that goes easy on your pocket but tough on the system? Cheap PSU for RTX 3080 has got a separate list for you to dive in and select your favorite tech like a pro. While you are considering, Seasonic FOCUS PX- 650 does have something you will need for your gaming setup and also anywhere there is a power shortage. 

You will surely get along with its powerful delivery of 650 wattage of voltage supply with 54 A single rail along with power saving 80 plus platinum certification. Now you will get maximum supply in case of low loading.

This is a compact sized 140mm machine which includes a fully modular design so that you can arrange and attach the wires according to your ease. Seasonic has been very tidy with the connectivity option and instead of installing a 24 pin cable design it has 4 6+2 connectors, 10 SATA cables and 3 Molex connectors making it a straight faced looking. 

Its noiseless 120mm fan works quietly eliminating extra heat out in the open through the efficient fluid bearing dynamic design with passive mode on. Through a button at the back of the power supply you can choose the automatic fan mode with passive setting or without it. Above all that Focus PX-650 got you covered with a warranty for 10 years of worry.

Key Features

  • 650 Watts supply
  • 54  single rail
  • 80 plus Platinum rated
  • 120mm fan
  • Full modular cabling
  • 4 6+2 pin PCIe connectors
  • 10 years warranty

3. Corsair CX Series 650 Watt Modular Power Supply 

Corsair CX Series 650 Watt Modular Power Supply

Good quality PSU for RTX 3080 has your new mate Corsair CX series 650 that is not just an average power unit but a uniquely designed body for you to get familiar with. First things first it offers 650power wattage supply with 80 plus Bronze certification, meaning that it is bound to give a high performance rate even in less operating load. 

CX-650 has been made completely compatible with all the computer systems and its DC to DC topology has left all the competitors behind.

Talking about efficiency there comes the thermally controlled 120mm fan that works noiselessly for up to 100,000 hours at max. It is destined to give 40 degree Celsius of output from 4.7 inches fan what more could you expect from this compact designed item. 

Semi modular design allows easy upgrading and better cabling options for the user if nothing else. In case you are wondering about the warranty it comes with, Seasonic has all your worries taken away for a maximum 5 years with the warranty card this device is packed with.

Notable Features

  • 650 wattage
  • 80 plus bronze certified
  • Thermal control fan
  • 120mm fan size
  • MTFB 100,000 hours
  • Semi modular buildup
  • 5 years warranty

4. Seasonic PRIME 650 650W 

Seasonic PRIME 650 650W

A graceful power supply unit is waiting to be discovered by you from the catalog of budget PSU for RTX 3080. Seasonic PRIME SSR 650TR is a top notch device to unleash a thunder of power on you with its blazing features. 

To start off with 650 watts of voltage supply to cover all of your system needs its primary 80 plus titanium certification that ensures the maximum efficiency in working even though the price can go a little higher. 

A plus point of this unit by Seasonic is pre pre-installed micro tolerance load regulator that is there to keep the voltage up tight within the desired range for maximum input as well as output.

Premium controlled hybrid fans are designed by the experts to keep the system cool while it functions noiselessly. 

Having said that Prime SSR 650TR also comprises such a design build cabling system that is fully modular, so that it is easy for the user to upgrade, attach or detach the cables according to their need. 

Seasonic has been in this line for so long and it knows what compels a buyer to click add the item into their bag so it offers a 12 years long time warranty with quality assurance and reliability from the brand itself.

Key Specs

  • 650 watts supply
  • 80 plus titanium rated
  • Micro tolerance regulator
  • 135mm hybrid fan
  • Full modular system
  • 12 year warranty

5. Seasonic PRIME 600 600W Fanless Power Supply

Seasonic PRIME 600 600W Fanless Power Supply

Several brands have been bragging about their warranty cards more than a feature which is unfair to the buyer as he should be given full edge over his favorite items. Seasonic PRIME SSR- 600TL has made it to the category of best Power supply unit for RTX 3080 but within reason.

Here is why this product should be in your wish list while you are cramming sites after sites to get what you are looking for. Providing 600 watts of power level is a pretty sweet deal to start off with because this output of wattage is quite enough for a regular and heavy usage of systems on an average.

80 plus titanium certification ensures it gives out maximum efficient functioning that is to say 90-95% on a 50% load. This is a visual proof it consumes less power and gives out more with this price range. 

With the help of micro tolerance load regulator the voltage is kept in tight range, so as to save it for better usage while there is a fluctuation in the current supply. If that is not a smart enough move Seasonic is here to shock you with the fanless design it has come up with in this unit. 

This layout not only allows more space into the system but also enables the cooling system to easily evaporate extra heat away from the components with an improved ventilation system. Having a tidy power supply unit on your system’s nerves guarantees you 12 years of worry less life.

Notable Specs

  • 600 watt power
  • 80 plus titanium rated
  • Micro tolerance load regulation
  • Full modular design
  •  Fanless design
  • 12 year warranty card

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