Best PSU for RTX 3090 Ti

Best PSU for RTX 3090 Ti (Cheapest, Budget 1000W, 850W)

The best PSU for RTX 3090 ti features a proprietary 80Plus Gold or titanium certification. When you are tired of your PC’s damage and fluctuating power functions, you must look into this category. These power supplies have gained the trust of users from all over the world.

There should be enough juice for your system to run optimally and this involves choosing the right PSU for it. With its Energy Smart technology you can easily save up to 15% of energy costs! These are super-efficient designs that allow it to operate at lower temperatures so that could mean big savings on cooling bills too.

Speaking of cooling, there is no chance of hearing a fan’s whirring sound with semi fanless design. Moreover, dual ball bearings will allow paramount durability plus the axial tech brings longer blades on the table. All these features make the system work at optimal temperature.

We all know how overheating can cause problems for the system and can crash some applications at times. Thankfully you are at the right place to let your rig feel free of this problem.

The rtx 3090 ti comptaible PSU has several features that are designed to increase performance and efficiency. It can deliver up to 750 watts of power, which is more than enough for even the most demanding computer needs! The unit also comes with powerful cooling components ensuring it operates at peak levels throughout its lifetime.

The efficient design of this unit provides an excellent balance between power output and cost. The inclusion of 100% Japanese capacitors improves stability into the system’s performance. Connect your CPU or motherboard with 24 pins, 4 pin PCIe and 8 pins for processor attachment.

In addition to this, the modular cabling offers you to keep the relevant cables attached. The rest can be plugged in whenever needed serving a clean desk space as well.

Expertly Recommended Best PSU for RTX 3090 Ti

  1. Seasonic Focus SGX Power Supply FDB Fan SSR-650SGX
  2. EVGA SuperNOVA Fully Modular Power Supply 123-GM-0650-Y1
  3. Cooler Master V750 SFX Gold Full Modular
  4. Cooler Master Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply
  5. be quiet! BN639 SFX L Power 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
  6. Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium SSR-600TL 60 Warranty Power Supply
  7. ASUS ROG Strix 650 Full Modular ATX Power Supply

1- Seasonic Focus SGX Power Supply FDB Fan SSR-650SGX

Seasonic Focus SGX Power Supply FDB Fan SSR-650SGX

Save space and increase airflow with the Seasonic Focus SGX. Its 650W power comes with 80+ Gold SFX 12 V/ATX supply. This is a great choice for those who want to create a custom gaming PC that is ventilated and less cramped thanks to its small form factor.

The Focus SGX-650 has high efficiency, 80 PLUS Gold Certified: 90% efficient at 50% load which reduces the amount of energy wasted during use by 18%.  If you have already put together your new system and it does not fit in your case because of chassis size or ATX motherboard compatibility the 250 W alternative awaits. This versatile PSU features tight voltage regulation, fully modular cabling design and 120 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB).

Dual-fan power makes this ultra-quiet power supply the pinnacle of dependable 650 Watt SFX PSUs. Check out as we give some more specs on how it compares to some other brands on the market today.

Never worry about the power again. With an 80 Plus Gold certified SFX-L power supply that fits both ATX and SFX cases, you can rest assured that your quality PSU is not only efficient but long lasting as well. Tight Voltage Regulation keeps 12 V, 5 V, 3.3 V within range which brings stability to your PC.

No matter what build style you import into the rig, there are no worries on over current or overheating situations. A fully modular design means less clutter in your system for better ventilated systems along with aiming to improve airflow. It projects to keep it cool with 120mm Fan bearing FDB’s programmable thermally controlled S3FC Seasonic Hybrid Fan Control.

2- EVGA SuperNOVA Fully Modular Power Supply 123-GM-0650-Y1

EVGA SuperNOVA Fully Modular Power Supply 123-GM-0650-Y1

Have problems with your power supply shutting down your PC? The EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM is here to help, with its 99.8% (115VAC) efficiency rating. The heavy duty protection lets you breathe easy knowing that your computer will stop automatically when the power starts running low!

This unit also comes fully modular, meaning you won’t have any excess cables cluttering up space inside of your chassis or on top of your desk. Everything is clearly labeled for simple system builds and upgrades. Along with its 7 year warranty, this really does make an excellent investment.

EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM is a power supply more powerful than your needs; 80 PLUS Gold certified, with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or higher under typical loads. Fully modular for easier connections with ECO mode and an optional DBB fan is present.

To create minimal noise for maximum computing performance, these features play an important role. This product includes heavy-duty protections like Overvoltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Overpower Protection, and extra long warranty for peace of mind in purchase.

SFX Form Factor means compact size with low-noise output which is perfect when space is tight! The 92mm double ball bearing fan churns out an impressive 1876 RPM, pushing 220 CFM of air with only 0.3Amp draw. This power supply is ideal for tight layouts with its small form factor for tight spaces between drive bays and motherboard tray.

Get almost full modularity that allows expansion in the future or use it today without having to mess around with wires. A Power ON Self Tester Screen makes sure you are getting everything working properly before installing.

3- Cooler Master V750 SFX Gold Full Modular

Cooler Master V750 SFX Gold Full Modular

The latest addition to the V line, the Cooler Master V750 SFX Gold Full Modular is perfect for those who want an ultrasmall PC with leading-edge performance. With its high-quality PSU and CPU cooler compatibility, this power supply is perfect for small builds that take up little space.

It comes with a sleek look, all of which will increase your build quality at home or on the go! This PSU allows people to enjoy their favorite games without lag spikes or electricity costs. It features full modularity so you can move around cables during transport and know you are not tangled in power cords anymore.

Additionally, this model has 16 AWG PCI-e connections for more stable connection with your PC. Capable of housing even the most power-hungry components, while also providing increased airflow and stability. This new SFX form factor PSU from Cooler Master is a well built addition to any system.

Cable management was made easy with full modular cabling. With enough power for any task at hand, there is no reason not to give your PCs everything it needs today! Compact design that fits into the tightest of spaces will not be a hassle while installing this powerhouse into your rig.

The Cooler Master V750 SFX Gold is a modular power supply with 16 AWG PCI-e cables. It supports all SFX cases while being compatible with mini-ITX systems too. With its full-modular cabling, the increase in airflow inside your case keeps things cooler while improving efficiencies and safety for you.

To top it off, this PSU is guaranteed to work on all major PC motherboard models just by changing the onboard AC input selection switch. It is powerful enough to handle the most demanding situations using only a single cable.

4- Cooler Master Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply

Cooler Master Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply

The Cooler Master Watt 650 Power Supply is a great choice for any gaming PC that needs to be lightweight, and energy efficient. It always provides the voltage needed without overconsuming energy. With an 80 PLUS Bronze certification and DC-to-DC circuit design, you can feel good about powering up your system every time.

This power supply maestro has a plethora of features to transform your rig into the hottest machine on the block! With 15% load tones this semi modular air fanless powerhouse up to 650W will keep your processor and graphics card running blazingly fast. For all of those hot Summer day raids, you will be thanking yourself that you got this powerhouse.

The 80-plus bronze efficiency rating ensures you are getting unparalleled power with 79% lower energy consumption than traditional PC systems. Helping you save money on electric bills so you can finally max out that area collection achievement trophy! This bad boy also comes equipped with thick 16AWG PCIe cables so it can support even the latest graphic cards.

The Cooler Master power supply is the perfect balance between providing enough power for your computer configuration and providing an aesthetically pleasing case. To house all of those important electrical components, there are 2 connectors that are up to date. With 18 Amps on the 12v rail, and over-voltage protection, this product will meet your needs without breaking your bank account.

Meet one of the newest additions to our power supply family, this semi-fanless layout means you can work through your day without a noise. Every Watt matters and we retrofitted our 120 millimeter fan with an upgraded dustproof bearing. This feature helps reduce friction on system components.

5- be quiet! BN639 SFX L Power 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

be quiet! BN639 SFX L Power 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

Sometimes you just cannot justify a bigger case, but need the power of a full gaming rig. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance because be quiet! has come out with their new SFX L Power 600W 80 Plus Gold Gaming PSU. This small form factor PSU is easy to install in any SFF chassis and provides enough power for overclocked i7 processors.

Its Multi-GPU support with 4 PCIe connectors and innovative design maximizes fan running time while keeping sound levels down. Take advantage of the modular cables so you can customize your build. This product’s temperature controlled 120mm high-quality fan is also not too loud while pushing air fast across your system.

An SFX power supply that is up to the task in a small form factor case. With a Gold certificate and a fan, you also get to see modular cables. This design can give you more flexibility when building with this power supply to your system.

If you are looking for a power supply for your gaming PC, then be quiet! SFX L Power 600W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply is an excellent choice. It comes with modular cables that enable maximum build flexibility and easy installation. This power supply has 4 connectors to accommodate multiple GPU cards.

Plus it has special cooling inside of the unit so even more heat can escape into the system’s case rather than back into your computer components. The absence of this feature can cause potential harm if left unchecked over time.

6- Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium SSR-600TL 60 Warranty Power Supply

Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium SSR-600TL 60 Warranty Power Supply

Bringing you the essentials in style, this product is exactly what you need to build the perfect PC for any user. With 12 years of warranty and full modular design, a PSU like this will blow your mind away. Its 50% increased efficiency over its predecessor will be sure to last long.

On top of that, the Seasonic Prime 600 Titanium SSR-600TL PSU boasts 92% efficiency at 20% load and 94% better at 100%. Simply looking at how amazing your computer will perform with this chrome beauty in tow should be enough incentive to purchase today!

Seasonic is always looking for ways to improve their products for their trusted customers. This season, they are introducing an innovative PSU that is not only incredibly efficient but also completely fanless. It reduces the build-up of dust and improves cooling inside your computer.

With its smart cables, you can create a simpler system with less cabling clutter, which will result in better airflow. The Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium is one of the most lovable power supplies on the market, with features like True Fanless Design.

It is a controller-less, digitally controlled power supply that can be run fanless. The exceptional efficiency of this PSU also manages to stay under 1% total output voltage ripple. Your computer is a very important part of your life and Seasonic was created to make it work as well as you do.

The brand’s latest innovation, the PRIME Titanium series sets a new standard for all-in-one computers with incredible power efficiency. Across light loads, high levels of stability in different operating modes, and ultra quiet operation, this machine has got it all.

For those times when you need to focus on what is most important. With this industry leading design, now you can enjoy those late night gaming marathons without having to worry about those embarrassing notifications from your family every hour.

7- ASUS ROG Strix 650 Full Modular ATX Power Supply

ASUS ROG Strix 650 Full Modular ATX Power Supply

ASUS engineers applied their liquid-cooled expertise, listening to our community and improving on the most difficult design elements. They enhanced every aspect of the product to deliver a gaming power supply that is sleek, stylish and durable.

No one can compromise in this competitive market especially when it comes to unparalleled performance. An exclusive ASUS ROG design that showcases your dedication to winning is all you need this season. Don’t just go for gold: show off with pride.

ROG Strix 650 is a premium power supply with hi-end, heavy duty components. Fanless cooling results in zero noise so you can game on with peace of mind. Its full modular design allows for easy installation, reduced clutter and improved airflow. Plus the innovative ROG logo on the red side panel creates an unmatched look.

With 100% Japanese capacitors, ASUS PSUs are able to deliver performance any gamer deserves. The PSU also comes with 3 years warranty coverage which flips over into 10 Years upon registration. Give your system a new life with the ASUS ROG Strix 650 Full Modular 80 Plus Gold PSU.

This power supply is built with 100% Japanese capacitors for durability and stability. The brand also supports a 0dB cooling fan to keep temps down. You also get to see 1x motherboard 24/20 pin, 2x CPU 4+4 pin, 4x PCI-E 6+2 pin, 8x SATA and 3x Molex cables to reduce clutter in your case

Ready for builders that demand efficiency? There is also additional cable length from the ATX cable backplane plate to pick from as well as an LED lit number. Anticipate the presence of 0dB cooling fan with dustproof IP5X Axial-tech design joined to your PC via our 100% modular cables.

Best PSU for RTX 3090 Ti Buying Guide

Power supplies are an important and careful selection of devices which can blast or let your system fly. There are a few points that will accommodate you according to your needs.

Form Factor:

A small form factor will fix in any system easily without taking too much space. As long as it supports the latest motherboards, you can allow this machine to power your rig to the fullest potential.


Even though there are several certifications like bronze, silver, titanium Gold platinum etc, you can look into gold or titanium for the mid range systems to high end. They offer you great efficiency at lower loads and produce less heat. This can also decrease noise to a great extent and increase reliability of the user on the product.


Thanks to the modular cabling that allows the user to keep his desk clean. Attach or remove the cables you want and keep the others safe inside the box for a clean and tangle free working space.


A warranty is a great factor when looking for such a machine. Some brands offer 5 while others allow 12 years of warranty of their product’s amazing performance.


For keeping the system running at optimal temperatures, you need to look into the cooling features. This may involve dual ball bearings, axial fan design, semi fanless mode or any fan hub that removes extra heat out of the system. Since gaming or using high end GPUs can cause overheating of the components, it may slow your performance if you have no cooling solution.


With added durability for your systems, brands do not forget to add Japanese capacitors and chokes with 100% real stamps. This offers great stability and lets your rig run for years.


You get to see 24 pin maximum connection with 2 to 4 PCIe and 8 pins for CPU cables to be attached with your PSU. After reduced voltage ripples, you can manage to get all the system protected, cooled running at a great pace.

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