Best PSU for Ryzen 5 5600X

Best Power Supplies for Ryzen 5 5600X – Recommended PSUs for Ryzen 5 5600x 2021

You should know that Ryzen 5 5600X requires a 700W or above PSU for performance. So, keeping that in mind we’ve reviewed best PSUs for Ryzen 5 5600X 2021.

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU maximum power consumption is of 75 Watts, which is a low value for this processor’s performance.

Below are our suggestion for the Ryzen 5 5600X compatible power supply available in the market.

Recommended Best Power Supplies for Ryzen 5 5600X

  1. Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus Bronze 650W Power Supply
  2. Super Flower Leadex III Gold 650W 80+ Gold Power Supply
  3. Cooler Master Watt 750 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply
  4. SilverStone Technology Silverstone SX700-PT SFX 700W
  5. ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply

1. Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus Bronze 650W Power Supply

Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus Bronze 650W Power Supply

Gigabyte P650B is classified as one of the top choice power supplies for Ryzen 5 5600X due to the very basic but essential features it provides for customers that are looking for a standard power supply unit to install with their system. With the Japanese capacitor’s durable reliability and a 3 year warranty provided with the device it has put forward mainstream supply units up on the front by a far difference of 4 times faster capacitor functioning. 

For many people who believe that only most innovative and out of the box supplies are to be considered the best, are wrong sometimes because if this unit serves the very main purpose of supply voltage and protecting your system from unnecessary harm then it surely proves to be a useful asset.

A total wattage of 650 volts supply along the 80 plus bronze certification kick starts the low power consumption factor and eventually lessens your overall electricity bill. To fall into the side of optimization it has a 120mm hydraulic bearing fan that has noise cancellation technology and the thermal performance that is being practiced through it is silent. 

The fan spins according to the power detection that is automatically detected and thus providing a stable life to your system. The reliability of mesh braided cables also reduces the tension of the clutter improving the overall ventilation of air in the unit. Best power output is obtained through the single +12V rail making it one of the suitable designs while installing.

Key Properties

  • 80 plus bronze certified
  • 650 wattage
  • 100% Japanese capacitor durability
  • 120mm hydraulic fan
  • 12V rail+ single rail
  • 3 year warranty

2. Super Flower Leadex III Gold 650W 80+ Gold Power Supply

Super Flower Leadex III Gold 650W 80+ Gold Power Supply

Super flower Leadex III is a full modular bay that comes in a reasonable price tag and this design helps increase the airflow by reducing clusters and tangling of wires and attaching the cables you only need. 650 wattage supply and 80 plus gold certification helps consume less energy and avoid any wastage of power increasing the overall performance efficiency of the device. 

Thanks to its three way thermally controlled fan with 2 ECO modes which happens to be a pioneer of intelligence while it sets temperature at different loads. ECO 0 mode tends to start when the temperature drops or rises from 62 to 68 degrees. While the temperature drops to nearby 47 degrees the fan stops spinning itself in ECO mode 1.

Modular panel which is labeled for the connectors and your ease has 3+3 pin opening. The globe fan is much to be talked about as it has a fluid dynamic bearing to direct the flow over the components and dissipate extra heat out and about. 

An LLC resonance in the primary stage and DC-to-DC circuitry for +3.3V and +5V rails is the main power platform used in this unit. To add more into the charms are two Japanese capacitors promising efficiency in working for longer periods of time. The warranty time period given by the company ensures quality and satisfaction for 10 years of worry less life.

Noteworthy Features

  • 650 watts
  • 80 plus gold rated
  • 10 year long term warranty
  • 13cm three way thermal fan
  • ATX form factor
  • Fully modular design

3. Cooler Master Watt 750 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply

Cooler Master Watt 750 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply

Considering cooler master as one of the leading brands in computing services and casings it is expected of him to provide one of the best features of all time in a power supply unit as well. 750 watts of current supply is the base of master watt 750 with 80 plus bronze certification allows the unit to be 80% coherent under 20 or 50% loads consuming less energy and giving the maximum output there is need of. 

The semi modular design is how the airflow becomes clearer and spacious for the flow of excessive heat out from the unit and avoiding extra cables to mess with.

Having a 120mm LDB fan is a blessing because it is very much in demand to cool off the system and works brilliantly for a long time giving birth to longer life to your system. Its semi fanless mode consists of noiseless functioning ensuring a safe and peaceful environment in your work space. 

The brand opted for 16AWG thick PCIe cabling as they are strong and approved for all the quality checks. Although dc to dc circuit design is not common these days but it helps you connect the electric devices with similar current supply components. Putting a quality stamp on the box is its 5 years warranty by the brand assurance.

Notable Specs

  • 750 watts supply
  • Semi modular build
  • 80 plus bronze rated
  • Semi-fanless mode
  • 120mm LDB bearing fan
  • 5 years warranty
  • DC-to-DC circuit
  • 16 AWG thick PCIe cords

4. SilverStone Technology Silverstone SX700-PT SFX 700W

SilverStone Technology Silverstone SX700-PT SFX 700W

Silverstone must be a familiar name to anyone who knows the brand for its advanced cooling system of computer casing but this technology spreads far into the world of power supply units making them one of the compatible PSUs for Ryzen 5 5600X. 

The brand has released an improved version of SX700-PT with 700 wattage of power supply to fuel your systems and 80 plus Platinum certification to double the amount of performance rate. This rating makes it firm that the unit works 92% high up under half of the current load meaning that less energy will be consumed and more output will be given.

Making it modular design eases the task of tangling cables and increases airflow as the design enables you to attach the wires that are only needed at the moment. 100% Japanese capacitors are solely responsible for the longer and durable working time of your system and the supply unit itself. 

As low as 3% of voltage regulation is there to regulate and make the operation proper for the entire electronic devices. Last but not the least factor that is noteworthy is its 92mm fluid dynamic bearing fan that works noiseless and almost as silent as a shadow while evaporating extra heat away from the system.

Key Specs

  • 700 wattage power
  • 92mm FDB fan
  • Japanese Capacitors
  • 80 plus platinum certified
  • Voltage regulation 3%
  • Modular cable design
  • Single +12V rail

5. ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply

ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply

ASUS ROG Thor does not need an introduction as it has been in this field for longer than one can remember yet it has served the users to their demands with its every launch. A total voltage supply of 850 watts is the new milestone of Thor 850 and the 80 plus platinum certification ensures it performs 92% better, fewer than 50% load. 

Low loads usually dampen the speed and efficiency of a unit but this is certainly not the case with this power supply unit. Its fully modular cabling makes it easy for the air to flow right out from the components and takes excessive heat with it. 

Moving towards the optimized fan bearing which is probably one of the coolest aspects of this unit. By including a 135mm fan whose blades spin with the ROG heatsinks to synchronize its temperature, is a fair mark and smart deal on behalf of the brand.

Where the services of 100% Japanese capacitors cannot be denied is of importance since durability and lifelong friendship are the key to wholesome dealerships, there is also the RGB lighting which is known to be providing an appearance that is worth your money. 

The never ending color spectrum effects on your mood as well as working output spreading the scope of it in the field. An OLED screen displaying power in numbers should be considered one of the useful and user friendly features of all time which is not offered by many other brands results in a stand out position to ASUS ROG Thor.

Main Properties

  • 850 wattage supply power
  • Fully modular design
  • 80 plus platinum rating
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • ROG heatsinks
  • RGB lighting
  • OLED power display screen
  • 0dB fan bearing
  • 135mm fan blades

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