Best Thunderbolt 4 Docks

Best Thunderbolt 4 Docks – Thunderbolt 4 Hub (OWC, Kensigton, Caldigit) 2021

Advancement in connectivity options are enhanced due to best thunderbolt 4 docking stations, that are specially made to fill the gaps in laptop ports. Most laptops do not have the option to connect more than 2 devices in the connection ports provided.

You get to enjoy higher performance regarding the transfer speed, file storing, exchanging data, video playback and many more features. Much thanks to this dock station that lets you enjoy dual 4K resolution and 8K resolution under 60Hz and 30Hz respectively.

The security has been tightened from the previous version to make the direct access impossible saving your data from virus and hackers. The amazing thing about this device is that it is made compatible with all other gadgets like gaming mouse, monitors, keyboards, headphones etc.

Pairing a dual display or connecting a portable screen with speakers, your ordinary productivity and multitasking is definitely increased anyway. The quick refreshing and sleep mode awakening justifies the speed it has onboard that does not slow down your work.

Maximum 40Gbps file transfer speed comes out from this small port dock that has 4-8 slots generally. USB type c which used to reduce the speed of operation in thunderbolt 3 has now improved and all the devices perform with the same amount of running capacity as they are designed on.

Turning your laptop into a complete desktop work space is what a single dock station can do. The addition of Ethernet port lets you network all over the world and connect with it in ways you might not have seen before. Getting a completely changed working environment with literally single cable easily set up in the ports is how this device rolls.

List Of Top Rated Best Thunderbolt 4 Docks

  1. Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station (K35175NA)
  4. Thunderbolt™4/USB 4 Compact Dock PD85W
  5. Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub – 4x Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 Ports

1- Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station (K35175NA)

Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station (K35175NA)

The era of latest technology is where thunderbolt 4 docking station lies ahead. Made highly compatible with latest laptops and operating systems like Windows 10 or Mac version 11 and above, this dock only gives advantage to your boring system.

Supporting the display of dual 4K resolution or single 8K monitor with the speed of 60 Hz for the former and 30Hz for latter is the new trend these days. This type of display allows you to enjoy any task like, gaming, editing or media playing in finest details and sharp visuals.

8 meter Intel certified TB4 cable is included in the package to get all the perks of this latest docking station. Now you never have to worry about fewer ports in your laptop because of which you cannot multi task. A transfer speed of 40Gbps is known to be one of the fastest of its era has made everyone’s jaw drop.

Full power delivery is promised no matter how many devices are connected to the station. The limit is 5 devices at a time which are universally compatible with this dock. The addition of USB C and USB 4 peripherals support is a cherry on the top.

90watt power is to be expected for charging laptops through dock and giving you a tangle free clear working space. Thunderbolt4 itself has small footprint and has zero mounting option including 11 ports to connect various devices with it.

4.0 card reader with DMA protection and free Kensington software plus three year warranty has definitely build the trust of the brand towards its users.


  • Compatible with windows 10, Mac 11 and above
  • Dual monitor support
  • 4K, 8K resolution
  • 60Hz, 30Hz refresh rates
  • Intel certified TB4 cable
  • 40Gbps transfer speed
  • 90w power charging



The dynamic world of thunderbolt 4 by OWC has changed the aspect of connectivity ports once and for all. Connecting double 4K displays or one 8K display is the flex everyone is trying to get their hands on. Supported with latest versions of all operating systems like windows 10 and mac 11, you get to see the full advantages of this docking station.

Be productive or multi task to produce more even if your laptop or PC does not have an expanded connectivity ports. This docking station is able to connect 4k, 5k, 6k, 8k displays making one device into multiple system setup.

60W charging is able to keep the power flowing in the direction where it is needed. LED lights make the dock look interesting and are adjustable according to the mood. Thunderbolt certification is enabled with built in reliability of OWC on board.

In the package, it also includes 0.8 meter cable with the main body connector. Attach all your devices through a single cable to enhance performance, storage and transfer speed of data. This is not only a decent addition to your laptops but it also is a redesigned or improved version of thunderbolt 3.

The previous version used to reduce the speed if three cables or USB C was attached but this dock lets you connect 3 cables at a time without lessening the speed. Daisy chains are required to place reliability in the overall performance and luckily, this station has this capability.


  • Dual 4k displays
  • 8K maximum resolution support
  • 3 daisy chains
  • 60W power charging
  • Thunderbolt certified
  • Multiple devices compatibility



Enhancing the productivity and basic functionality of your laptop to extra ordinary is what OWC thunderbolt dock is able to provide. With the ports including thunderbolt 3, portable gear, headphone jack, SD card, USB, Gigabit Ethernet etc, expanded options are enabled through the plugging in of this station.

A cable-less clutter free work space is all a user needs, a powerhouse that can charge your devices with 90W of energy. One can charge their laptops or mobiles through this dock station without needing to plug it into the power supply.

USB 4 is also a compatible port in this dock which was missing in the previous version of thunderbolt 3. Locate and transfer your important data from one place to another or expand your multi tasking capabilities through this wide and flexible connectivity option.

Multiple tree branches are able to connect different USB devices whereas this is a great solution for IP based work because it has a secure access. Moreover, the devices connected to this dock are able to perform the same amount of efficiency as they are designed for without even a minor delay or lack.

Anything that is not good about this intelligent machine is not having it in your setup. The content is transferred from one place to another with high speed as of 40Gbps. While maintain the goodness and advantage of dual 4K monitors or single 5k or 8K display intact, gaming, video playback or simple editing work gets more creative and easy for the user.


  • 4K/8K display connection
  • OWC dock
  • Compatible with storage slots and other devices
  • All in one convenient solution
  • USB 4 compatible ports
  • Fast data transfer speed
  • 90W power delivery

4- Thunderbolt™4/USB 4 Compact Dock PD85W

Thunderbolt™4USB 4 Compact Dock PD85W

Based on the design of the 100w PSU, zikko has come up with thunderbolt 4 docking station PD85W that simply elevate your computer experience. There have been a few limitations in the previous version but thunderbolt 4 has been redesigned and just made better.

Transfer speed of your data is raised to 40Gbps enabling you to collect and transform your required content wherever you like. The tow extra ports added into this docking station is the visible upgrade and seamless speed enhanced is another perk of having thunderbolt 4 in your system.

85W charging power is required to charge thin or light laptops that do not require more than 100W of power supply. You only have to plug it in the dock and let it handle the rest, giving you clutter free clear working environment.

Connection of other devices like mouse or keyboard benefits the user to wake up the system from sleep mode only by a single touch of his finger. This shows that the system becomes impressively fast and active offering you to start your day with ultimate speed.

Attach two 4K monitors or a single 8k monitor to enjoy a lively gaming experience by adding speakers, audio bar or other setups to gain a wholesome environment. Keeping in mind that if you want to get full advantage of this dock station, you use it with latest operating systems like windows 10 or mac11 and above versions.


  • 40Gbps transfer speed
  • 85W charging power
  • Operates on latest OS
  • Dual display support 4K/5K/8K
  • USB C charging
  • Easy waking up from sleep mode
  • Improved version of thunderbolt 3

5- Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub – 4x Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 Ports

Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub - 4x Thunderbolt 4  USB4 Ports

Caldigit thunderbolt 4 dock station includes 8 ports for a versatile connectivity option that has got all your needs covered. Get to attach dual 4Kdisplay at 60Hz of refresh rate or single 8K display at 30Hz of frame rate. Never wait for the pixels and frame to load with seeking every little detail on these display resolutions.

40Gbps transfer rate is the epitome of racing speed that lets you convert your data from one place to another in the blink of an eye. 10 GB per port is supported by the dock to let you enjoy a unique and speedy transaction.

60W of maximum charging option is enabled for light devices that do not have heavy power consumption requirements. USB C display can also be connected through the ports provided on board without reducing the speed of operation that was happening in thunderbolt 3.

A versatile and vast option is provided for connecting every type of device like keyboard, mouse, external headphones, speakers, sound bars, consoles laptops etc. This also enables the quick wake up from sleep mode is also made possible with a slight touch to the components.

An active setup is what makes jack become a productive boy and expand his working space according to his ease. Start a podcast or stream your favorite game play, present your meeting strategies or just watch a good movie, thanks to thunderbolt 4 docking station.

The problem for less storage is also reduced to a much larger extent due to the availability of drives like USB, SD card, NVMe, PCIe or SSDs. Upgrade your whole system with a single zero footprint connectivity station in your setup.


  • Thunderbolt 4, USB 4, USB 3.2
  • 10Gb ports
  • 4k resolution/ 8K
  • 60Hz, 30Hz refresh rate
  • 60W charging option

Best Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station Buying Guide

There are laptops that do not have the capacity to attach one or two devices into their connectivity ports but thanks to thunderbolt 4 docking station. This is not only the improved version of thunderbolt 3 but it expands your options and the way you connect with the world.

Although this machine is designed to have no limitations and pretty compatible with every device, yet there are a few things which should be considered while making a purchase:


The maximum speed enhanced is 40Gbps to let the user transfer the data in high speed and never have to wait for the files to load. This is the feature every user craves as it is the demand of today’s world. Most data conversion can be annoying due to the lack of port or reduced speed just as it used to be in thunderbolt 3.

Security system:

The major turning point of thunderbolt 4 is the improved security system because the last version used to give direct access to the memory card. This dock has applied a separate security VT-d prevents the attacks by blocking PCIe peripherals hackers.


In order to enjoy a wholesome experience, this dock happily allows you to do just that. Dual 4K monitors can be attached that will portray the sharp images at the rate of 60Hz whereas single 8K display functions at 30Hz maximum. More display capacity means a greater productivity and producing more content in one sitting especially when the resolution is users’ favorite 4K.

Operating systems:

Latest operating system inclusion should be kept in mind that thunderbolt 4 works best with Windows 10 or Mac 11 and above. To fully utilize the advantages of this dock version, keep your system up to date so that there is no problem occurring during operation.


A USB C charging is enabled with the power watts according to the devices’ requirements. There are 60 to 90 watts power supply provided depending on various brands and their requirements during the making.

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