Best Travel Cases For PS5

Best Travel Cases For PS5 (Protective, Hard Case, Carrying)

Are you planning to travel with a Playstation 5? When you think of traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is how much you need to pack. From clothes to electronics, there are so many things that go into packing for your trip. However, one item that everyone needs but no one wants to lug around is a gaming console. Luckily, for the protection of the playstation, there are many of the best travel cases for the ps5 available in the market. These will keep your system safe and make sure it gets where it needs to be without taking up too much space in your luggage or carry on bag! Read on below as we show you some of the best travel cases for PS5s.

The PS5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world right now. If you own this device then chances are that you also travel quite frequently. There are many options available for the best travel cases for ps5. They each have their own unique features, it’s probably best if you invest in some great travel cases so that the console doesn’t get damaged or broken on the plane. 

There are many benefits to using these types of bags and cases over just putting your PS5 into your suitcase or backpack, they’re better than carrying around this heavy piece of equipment by hand, they can help protect against scratches and bumps on public transportation especially during long flights!

Below is a buying guide for the best travel cases for ps5 on the market that are great for both protection and storage. These best travel cases for PS5 are great ways to store the Playstation 5 when it’s not being used so it can be kept safe from damages or scratches.Let’s take a look at some of them so that you can choose which one is right for you!

 List of Top Rated Best Travel Cases For PS5

  1. Topaty Storage Bag for PS5
  2. G-STORY GS-PS0505 Case Storage Bag for PS5
  3. Partage PS5 Case
  4. CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case
  5. USA GEAR GRSLS13100GNEW Console Carrying Case
  6. Case Club Waterproof PlayStation
  7. USA GEAR PS5 Case

1- Topaty Storage Bag for PS5

Topaty Storage Bag for PS5

With the new slimmer, lighter design of PlayStation 5, you’ll need a better way to transport your console. The PS5 hard shell is made of waterproof and shockproof nylon fabric, so you can place your console inside with peace of mind. And thanks to its larger-than-average carrying capacity, it’s also roomy enough for other necessities like AC power cord or USB cable. With our innovative EVA hard shell suspension system which protects it from water damage, scratches and collisions, you won’t want to leave home without this!

The special waterproof hard shell fabric will keep your console protected from water damage, scratches, and collisions for the life of the product. What are you waiting for? Your new best friend deserves it!

Do you want a carrying case for your PS5? Look no further! The storage bag for PS5 comes with plenty of space inside with an overall size of 17.71 x 15.35 x 5.51 inches so it can also neatly fit in different accessories such as a PlayStation camera or Dualshock controller 2 wireless controllers along with these smaller spares like cables & headphones so they all stay together in one place!

The process upgrade of this bag is that the handle is wrapped with high-quality soft leather which feels comfortable against your skin even if you have to carry it long distances. To provide protection, the Security storage bag has shockproof cotton cloth surrounding it and has a soft pocket compartment inside. The padded shoulder strap makes it easy to carry by your shoulder or crossbody for women customers so they can still feel stylish when they are carting around their favorite game console, accessories, controllers, cables etc, during travel. 

Not only does the security storage case have great features but also aesthetically pleasing! If you want to make sure your PS5 is safe when you travel, this bag is perfect for keeping everything in one place. The storage case protects the game console and all of its accessories in a durable material that’s easy to carry long distances.

2- G-STORY GS-PS0505 Case Storage Bag for PS5

G-STORY GS-PS0505 Case Storage Bag for PS5

Do you know how to store your PlayStation 5? Your G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5 is all you need! The bag includes various ways to put game discs in, power cords, HDMI and USB cables and other accessories such as;  headphones, cables, chargers, laptop sleeves, memory cards. Get your carrying case today with the coolest design of video game console storage.

The best PlayStation 5 carrying case for gamers on the go! Additionally, it  has mesh pockets on the front for your game discs so you can take everything you need without worry. There are also straps that are adjustable to fit just about any person’s shoulder height or size. If you’re looking for an easy way to carry around your console wherever you go – this bag is perfect!

G-STORY is the best way to protect your PlayStation 5. No matter if you are traveling or just want a place to store your console, this case provides ample protection. With plenty of space and pockets, all the necessities for gaming on the go will be kept safe. Make G-STORY 

case for PS5 part of your travel plans today!

Protect your Playstation 5 with this G-Story Carrying Case, the most stylish way to carry all of your game console and accessories. Get yours today!

The G-STORY Case Storage Bag can be your ultimate gaming lifeguard! Constructed out of waterproof materials, this case not only protects the PS5 console from drops, but also shields it from any liquid involved. But wait—isn’t your controller an important piece to the game? Two additional storage pockets are included for you to put them inside! Happy travels ahead with peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your console during transit.

The G-STORY carrying case is created to serve ALL types of gamers. Why not make your gaming experience smoother by having a stylish, luxurious carrying case for your Playstation 5? You deserve it!

3- Partage PS5 Case

Partage PS5 Case

Do you suffer from untimely embarrassment with your PS5? Have you ever dropped, broken or spilled something on your PS5 and gone into a fiery rage with no logical outlet to release the hellfire burning inside of you? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there and we know how frustrating it is. Introducing  patented Partage PS5 travel bag will be sure to change this for you with its quality materials and simple design that can protect as well as provide ample storage space. 

Durable 600 D polyester keeps damage at bay while 10mm high density sponge cushions your console against shocks, bumps and other mishaps. If you’re looking for a way to protect your new PS5 console, then look no further! The manufacturers designed it with enough storage capacity, there are also two pockets so you can store other things inside, like games,  headphones, cables, and more PS5 accessories.

Keep all of your accessories together and organized at home or on the go with this perfect little design. Stay refreshed by flipping out the wristlet strap without worrying about spilling tea everywhere because of its water resistant material!

The PS5 travel bag is made of high-quality, durable material which makes it perfect for when you want to take your console with you on the go. The shoulder strap and hands help make carrying it a breeze – in case your arms can’t handle everything all at once! Plus, just because the bag is designed to hold a gaming system doesn’t mean that it can’t also be used as a regular handbag or piece of luggage while traveling. With 1 year quality warranty and local aftersales support in hot pursuit should anything ever happen…you’ll never have to change another component again!

4- CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case

CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case

Protect your Xbox Series X console with this sturdy, form fitting case which also has plenty of room for two controllers, power cables, and extra games. The exterior is made from shock-resistant hard plastic, while inside are layers of foam that cradle the device keeping it safe during transport.

You take your console with you everywhere, so don’t leave it unprotected anywhere. The cases are crushproof, with neoprene foam grids to fit devices from robotics kits to peripherals. It’s TSA approved for all international flights too!

This compact yet durable shell measures 23 x 15.5 x 8.0 inches, the sleek and professional design of the CASEMATIX Travel Case is engineered to provide you with worry free travel while protecting your console from dust, scratches, moisture or shock. This hard shell case features padlock rings that are perfect for safeguarding your precious Xbox one-slim or original model during business trips. 

The pluckable grid area is about an inch deep which offers room to store controllers, power bricks, HDMI cables and more in this rugged ABS plastic case! With it’s easy alignment tabs recessed into the sides of the exterior most people find it incredibly easy to put their consoles right where they belong inside this snug fitting bump prevention guide without having to bend over backwards again!

You’re all about your console–and don’t want it to get damaged or stolen, ever! That is why if you shop this bag then you’ll never have to worry about that again because now we have the perfect protective travel case for both storage and your travels. 

With our hard shell waterproof travel case, not only will the lid underside give everything a cushioned landing with its convoluted egg crate foam but also provide ultimate protection by protecting your console from water damage and dust during transit so long as the gasket sealing lid remains closed.

5- USA GEAR GRSLS13100GNEW Console Carrying Case

USA GEAR GRSLS13100GNEW Console Carrying Case

The USA Gear Console Carrying Case is made to protect your Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox 360 from water damage and other potential problems. The inside of this durable carrying case is padded with tightly woven ripstop nylon over a reinforced shell for extra security from the elements. Dividers make packing easy while a Padded shoulder strap or Handle gives you choices in how to carry your console safely during travel time.

The AMC console bag is perfect for keeping your Xbox One or Xb well organized, while still looking fresh all game long. With two separate compartments and adjustable dividers inside to keep your controllers safe, clean and secure at all times, this Xbox carrying case has got you covered no matter how long the road trip may be. 

Plus with external pockets that are designed perfectly to store HDMI cables, power cables, even other small items like controllers or headphones, having everything in one place saves time when loading up on the go.

With sturdy zippers that come together nicely behind a large USA Gear logo atop both sides of our traveling console bag. The exterior nylon fabric is designed to stand up to all kinds of abuse like carrying it on or off airplanes, falling down flights of stairs, or scraping it across rocky sandstone trails. 

Traveling while playing games with teenagers can be a nightmare. USA Gear has the perfect solution for your next trip! This Xbox travel bag is the only way to pack all of your console components in what seems like barely any space at all! With a custom carrying strap and removable shoulder pad, this carry on provides comfort from A-to-Z.

6- Case Club Waterproof PlayStation

Case Club Waterproof PlayStation

Introducing the Case Club Waterproof PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station, this case comes equipped with speakers that provide immersive surround sound experiences while you’re exploring your next adventure. You can keep your GameStation5 safe and organized with this waterproof case. The custom-designed foam is built to protect the disc or digital copy you care about most, along with 2 Playstation controllers and 4 games of your choice.

Case Club is perfect for people who are in the market looking for a high-class PS5 travel case. Portable gaming stations are no match because our water resistant cover can handle any scenario you get yourself into while having fun with your friends on the go – whether that be an accidental dip in the pool or dusty days at camp. No matter what playtime experience you’ve got planned, Case Club will never disappoint!

With a 24″ 1080p adjustable screen that provides both horizontal and vertical viewing angles, power saving modes, wordless instructions for setup, and durability at its forefront; gamers no longer have any excuse for missing out on content due to inconvenient handling of their device or equipment. It is easy to transport from room to living room with convenient compartments for games inside.

Keep your cool with the Case Club Waterproof PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station! With built-in fans, you can play games without taking out your console while still enjoying hours of patience on a big screen. Need some space to stretch? No problem! This rugged case is wheeled for easy movement and loaded up with durable material that can keep water, dirt, dust out of the picture. 

7- USA GEAR PS5 Case


If you’re a gamer looking for a protective bag for your new PlayStation 5, the USA GEAR PS5 Game Travel Case with Ripstop Nylon and Padded Interior is here to save the day! Use this console case when traveling by plane, in the car, on public transport, in dangerous areas or anywhere that might put electronics at risk. An external zipper pocket allows you to access smaller items from your bag or from any hotel safe box if needed or wanted, it’s perfect for anything.

Our USA GEAR PS5 Case was specially designed to keep your console safe from water, scratches, and impacts while you are on the go. Are you ready for the next generation of PlayStation gaming? Make sure your console is safe-because this durable, water resistant case will make sure it doesn’t get scratched or damaged while you are out on the go. 

Keeps everything together in one spot so that there is no problem when switching consoles at home. It might be time to plan ahead-our leather game bags protect both consoles and controllers! Protect your new PS5 with the ultimate carrying case. It has an external dimension of 17 x 14 x 8 inches that makes it fit in any vehicle.

You can carry your PS5 with this handy carrying case. When you’re not using it, the shoulder strap and handle make it easy to transport or store. 

The USA Gear PS5 Case combines portability and practicality in one package, featuring a padded shoulder strap, handle for easy carrying, and high-quality dividers that allow you to customize your storage. Extra protection is ensured with an exterior made of durable molded ABS plastic with water resistant base. Coated PVC material provides optimal protection for both DC cord or AC adapter when not plugged in. Details are key when it comes to any product purchase.

Best Travel Cases for PS5 Buying Guide

Traveling with a video game like the ps5 system is always an exciting experience for kids. However, parents need to make sure their child’s system stays safe during travels. The best way of protection is the best travel case for ps5. The PS5 is the best gift to get this year for all of your gaming needs. However, it can be difficult to find a case that keeps your console safe while you travel back and forth from home and college.

The PS5 is a high-end, expensive console that should be protected from damage while it’s being transported or stored. There are many travel cases available for the PS5 with different features like rugged build quality and separate compartments to prevent scratches and scuffs. But some features are necessary that you should see while shopping. Let’s take those features.

Handy and spacious:

When you are going to buy a travel case for ps5 choose a bag with ample capacity of storage. The best traditional case comes with plenty of compartments included, so you’ll be able to take some extra items, including a controller, headset, or some games.


The best travel case for the PS5 made of  a hardshell and waterproof material that aims to give players a much more sturdy option. The hard shell case provides more protection. This hard case gives safety from shock, dust, water or any other damaging factor. It Consists of robust and hard-wearing nylon fabric that is breathable, waterproof, and provides sufficient space. 

Alloy explosion-proof zipper & non-slip mat

Choose only an explosion-proof zipper made of zinc alloy! The dual zipper makes it easy to swiftly open and close the carrying bag to access your PlayStation 5. Non-slip mat makes the carrying bag more upright and keeps the bottom of the carrying bag clean and tidy!

Ergonomic Design 

Adjustable shoulder straps and expanded padding can ease shoulder pressure. The hand strap is made of synthetic leather and is equipped with a fixed buckle to offer you comprehensive protection and make it more comfortable to use.

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