Best Wifi 6 Access Points

Top 10 Best Wifi 6 Access Points, Best 802.11ax Access Points 2020

Find out some of the best wifi 6 access points or best 802.11ax access points 2020. Good news ubiquiti 802 11ax access point is coming out soon.

A 802 11ax outdoor access points will help you to expand it access range.

Wi-Fi 6 is ready to power entirely new mobile experiences today, offering faster speeds for more device and more capacity for big organizations, such as university lecture halls, malls, stadiums and manufacturing facilities.

What is a Wifi 6 Access Point

Wireless access points provide wireless internet to homes, offices and outdoor areas, similar to wireless routers. Though, access points work better than wireless routers, by reducing dead spots and provide a seamless network that performs much better than the standard router.

Finding the top-rated wifi 6 access point for your system might be difficult, but with accurate knowledge, the decision can be simple. Our team has research focuses on knowing affordable wifi 6 wireless access points in categories such as outdoor use and travel.

Our wifi 6 access points review also identify necessary factors such as performance, ease of use and other features that can help you make the right purchase decision.

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Best Wifi 6 Access Points

Here is the list of best 802.11ax access points, as suggested by our experts.

  1. EnGenius EWS357AP Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Indoor Wireless Access Point
  2. Ubiquiti Wifi 6 Access Point
  3. Cisco Wifi 6 Access Point
  4. TP-Link Wifi 6 Access Point
  5. Poe Wifi 6 Access Point
  6. Aruba Wifi 6 Access Point
  7. Netgear Wifi 6 Access Point
  8. Zyxel 802.11ax Access Points with built in BLE

Best 802.11ax Access Points

1. EnGenius EWS357AP Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Indoor Wireless Access Point

Best 802.11ax Access Points
Best 802.11ax Access Points

These newest EnGenius 802.11ax access point supports existing and future device and application. They allow progress within a network without requiring important changes.

The new 802.11ax technology, also known as Wi-Fi 6, is based on 802.11ac. The stronger, steadier, and more efficient, 802.11ax enables more efficient channel use, reduces latency between access points and client devices, and provides other innovative features.

Uplink & Downlink of MU-MIMO

Supports up to eight client devices and provides more excellent network performance, focuses radio energy on specific users, and ensures optimal signal and response time.

Boosts throughput by 25% and provides higher performance in short distances.

The EnGenius EWS357AP is a great performance wireless access point that has the potential to be scaled up and expanded into a building-wide, high-speed wireless network with excellent security and easy implementation, even from a remote setting.

The advantage of using Wi-Fi 6 in a home or office situation is a no brainier. As Wi-Fi networks become basic to our homes, it makes sense to install robust support that can cover an entire building with the fastest speeds for all devices.

Best Wifi 6 Access Points For Travel

2. Cisco Catalyst 9100 Wifi 6 Access Points

Cisco Catalyst 9100 Wifi 6 Access Points

With its knowledge, security, and excellent performance, the new Cisco Catalyst 9100 access points for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) are the beginning of your faster network. The Catalyst 9130 access point has just been announced.

With extended flow and flood of IoT devices on your network, expectations for security and speed are on high demand. Cisco Catalyst 9100 access points exceed the new Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard and provide radio-frequency excellence for high-density environments.

Wireless access points are always connected and dependable. More devices are connecting every day, and you want them always-on. Cisco wifi 6 access points help you deliver. Cisco helps with a broad range of device makers to enhance compatibility. Start your Wi-Fi 6 base now so you won’t have to struggle when it is too late.

3. TP-Link Wifi 6 Access Point Omada Wi-Fi 6 access points

TP-Link Expands the Omada products buy introducing the new Omada Wi-Fi 6 Access Points. Experience the Wi-Fi with Greater Capacity and Stronger Connections.

Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax Wi-Fi or AX Wi-Fi is the fresh approved Wi-Fi standard. Compared Wi-Fi 5 Wi-Fi 6 put together two popular technologies, OFDMA and 1024-QAM to get high speed, increase efficiency, and reduce congestion in high-density environments.

As indicated by Omada Wi-Fi 6 access points’ it name EAP660 HD “HD” refers to “High-Density.” Omada wifi 6 AP is equipped with enterprise chipsets, dedicated antennas, advanced RF functions, and auto channel selection and power adjustment.

Which will provide high-concurrency capacity in high-density environments such as classrooms, malls, stadiums, and manufacturing facilities. The latest TP-Link Omada Wi-Fi 6 access points are capable of connecting up to 1,000 clients.

4. Aruba Wifi 6 Access Point Aruba 802.11ax Access Point

Aruba Wifi 6 Access Point
Aruba Wifi 6 Access Point

The aruba 802 11ax access point (or Wi-Fi 6) wireless standard helps pave the way for faster, more efficient Wi-Fi. A new PoE standard paves the way for powering emerging high performance APs and IoT.

Made to solve connectivity issues of high-density networks. The new 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard improves the performance of the entire network. New features allow multiple clients to access, increasing network capacity by up to 4 times compared to 802.11ac.

Why Access Points Are Better for Businesses

While range extenders are great for home Wi-Fi networks, they’re not efficient for modern businesses. This is because they can only support a limited number of devices at one time, usually no more than 20. While range extenders do increase the coverage of a Wi-Fi 6 routers, they do not increase its available bandwidth.

Depending on the number of devices you have connected simultaneously, a range extender could end up weighing down your connection.

Access points, on the other hand, can handle over 60 simultaneous connections each. By installing access points throughout the office, users can roam freely from room to room without experiencing network interruptions.

As they move through the building, their devices shift seamlessly from one access point to the next without dropping the connection—they won’t even realize they’re switching between networks.

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Advantages of Using Wireless Access Points

When you have both employees and guests connecting with desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, 20 devices on a wireless network adds up quickly. At 60 simultaneous connections each, access points give you the freedom to scale the number of devices supported on your network. But that’s only one of the advantages of using these network enhancers—consider these points:

  • Business-grade access points can be installed anywhere you can run an Ethernet cable. Newer models are also compatible with Power over Ethernet Plus, or PoE+ (a combination Ethernet and power cord), so there is no need to run a separate power line or install an outlet near the access point.
  • Additional standard features include Captive Portal and Access Control List (ACL) support, so you can limit guest access without compromising network security, as well as easily manage users within your Wi-Fi network.
  • Select access points include a Clustering feature—a single point from which the IT administrator can view, deploy, configure, and secure a Wi-Fi network as a single entity rather than a series of separate access point configurations.

Wifi 6 Access Points Buying Guide

Below are the things you should consider before buying cheap wifi 6 access points 2020.


When it comes to buying wireless access points, the most important point should always be how well they perform. If you pay for high internet speeds, you should purchase an access point that can handle those speeds.

Normally wifi 6 wireless access points have either dual-band or tri-band configuration, offering either a single 2.4 GHz band or both a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band.

Access points with a tri-band configuration typically perform better than dual-band configurations. Performance can also include how much range the access point provides.

Installation and Setup

Wireless access points are often intimidating because of how much technical knowledge is required to complete set up and customize large networks using them. However, as technology advances, wireless access points are becoming easier to install and configure.

Depending on the IT resources available to you, consider how easy the wireless access point you purchase is to install and customize. If you have the technological know-how, you may want to purchase a more complicated option that allows you greater customization options.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

If you want to use an outdoor wireless access point, you’ll need to consider choices that are ranked for outdoor use. Waterproof wireless access points are made for outdoor use. Outdoor wifi 6 access points are more strong compared to indoor wifi 6 access points.

Some access points can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you more options for extending your network in the complete way possible. Also wifi 6 access points for home are called as indoor 802 11ax access points.


One of the most important things is the price of any gear you buy. For under $100, you can purchase a budget wireless access point. These gears are simple and perform well enough for small networks.

Typically, these access points only offer a dual-band configuration. In the $100-$200 range, you can buy a wireless access point that will fill the needs of most home and business networks. These devices often offer the most recent technology with dual-band configurations and easier user interfaces.

Finally, you can purchase enterprise-level access points for more than $200. When you spend this much, you can expect wireless access points that perform exceptionally well and have higher ranges. Products in this range may also come in multi-packs for more expansion.

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