Discord Audio Keeps Cutting Out

Discord Audio Keeps Cutting Out – All Quick Fixes

When playing Video Games, players frequently need to tackle two main issues; How to communicate with each other, and how to put each other together for a long run. Discord is the most recent app in the long queue of other applications to solve this problem.

Discord is a free platform for people to use, this mostly used by people who want to play games but also want to stay connected to their friends, along with this it’s helpful for creating a place where people can assemble and meetup and interact with each other.

Though Discord can be a gamer’s best friend or his favorite app but when you are taking a shot from top of the hill and then all of a sudden someone gives you a headshot because instead of listening “Someone is taking your aim”, you listen to mumbo jumbo, than things went pretty wrong. Discord is available for MAC, PC, iPhone and Android devices.

Similar to Slack, which is also a messaging and connecting app, Discord is just a less ritualistic version of that app. Little like Slack, every member of the Discord community or group is called “Server”. Servers consist of two channels, voice channel and text channel, in voice channel you can send voice notes and on text channel you can send texts to each other.

Every community has different channels of their own which are committed to a separate type of topics or have separate rules. For instance, you have one channel for talking about general stuff, one for cat discussions or for games. Alike other applications discord also allows you to talk with anyone through direct message service or you can also audio or video call them.

Discord is a reliable technology app for people to use, if they want to stay connected to their loved ones or they want to socialize with new people, as you can join any community according to your taste you don’t have to know people always. 

Why Discord Audio Keeps Cutting out?

Discord was launched in May 2015 and profitably obtained 25 million users by December 2016, as the recent growth reports that Discord has now 100 million users in each month since June 2020. From the start of Discord, the developers have added a lot of more developed features like screen-sharing, Video calls, group calls etc. 

All such surprising and effective features, Discord comes along with a bundle of problems such as the main issue of audio being cut out. Developers mostly fix all types of problems easily but this specific type of problem is avoided by them for so long. The audio cuts off randomly when you are on a private call or group.

Discord Audio Keeps Cutting Out Fixes

If you are irritated by Discord Audio Cutting Out, then don’t worry you are in the best place to fix your issue, there are few methods to use to recover your issue, once they are done you must be out of the problem. 

  1. The very initial step we do whenever anything is not working is, we restart the device or app to solve the issue so, for Discord you must have to do the same exact thing to solve the problem. You definitely need to turn it off from “Task Manager ” then restart it, if the problem has not been fixed yet try other solutions given below. You also need to restart your system, so may it start working properly. 
  2. Other than this you can also update “Windows X” audio drivers, through Device Manager to fix the issue of Discord Audio Cutting Out. Sometimes when drivers are not updated it’s the main problem of voice cutting. After updating the drivers, you need to restart the application or Discord to see if the problem is gone or not.
  3. Running Discord on Administrative Mode also solves the problem, as sometimes other apps are interfering with the voice while you are using mic. To run Discord on administrative mode you need to right click on the Discord icon, then on “Run as Administrator” and then press on “Yes” if asked for permissions.
  4. Further if the problem is still not solved you need to readjust your server settings, this might be helpful for you if you are still facing the same issue. Just in case sometimes servers have a lot of pressure on them which make them work slow, by switching to other servers you can solve many issues like lag or broken audio. 
  5. Still the problem is there? Don’t worry just log-out from Discord and try to re-log in, may this will solve the issue if not then, you need to uninstall the discord app. By reinstalling the application may help you to solve the problem. By downloading a new up-to-date setup thing will get solved, most probably.
  6.  If the audio is still not working you need to check your connections or maybe your sound set-up, your earphones or mic, it may be possible that you might be muted by the other person. You also need to adjust the sensitivity settings by turning off the toggle button.
  7. Some of you can also turn off the echo cancellation which can help you solve the audio problem.


These were the few methods to solve the troubles facing many of you, the audio cutting problem can heat up anyone if you are playing intensely. We hope that this article will help you a lot in solving your problem. 

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