Discord Screen Share Not Working

Discord Screen Share Not Working Black Screen Mac How To Enable It 2021

Let’s find out the working solution of Discord Screen Share Not Working issue. Discord comes among the most used applications for audio calls and video calls, it mostly used by gamers. Discord comes with a lot of features, i.e. texting, messaging, calls, voice notes and screen sharing. Screen sharing on Discord was introduced by developers in August 2017. 

Discord is the most popular app, which is also known as a group-chatting app, as it is a place for people to communicate and to build communities to talk. Discord is for all kinds of devices such as MAC, iPhone, Android and windows. You can create a home for your communities, to chat and interact.

A person can stay in touch with his old fellows or can make new friends there to chat, as you can make your own servers the way you like them, you can also talk about things randomly. It is mostly used by gamers, because when you are playing you want to communicate with your fellow mates to stay in cover while you are setting your aim to shoot the enemy.

Discord is considered as the best app for players, if they want to do chicken dinner, plus teens can only use it to communicate with their friends only while they are in search of finding the imposter, to avoid unnecessary chats and communications from other unknown servers or communities. 

Without any doubt Discord comes under the best platforms for gamers to exchange voice notes, calls or to stream but some of you may experience this already, as all of the sudden the screen went black. This usually won’t happen frequently.

Similar to other famous apps or none of any application is free from faults and pitfalls, so as Discord also crashes sometimes, it may get stuck to the grey screen or black screen during the screen share. Screen sharing only allows 10 people maximum to interact with your given screen.

The error which comes during the screen sharing is not always the developers’ fault, as it may sometimes be due to your own computer’s fault. Regular causes may include the issues of graphics driver updates, issues with the settings of Discord or may with the fresh updates. Anyhow, no need to worry! Here are some steps to resolve the problems you are facing. 

Reasons Behind Discord Screen Share Not Working

The basic reason that why screen sharing is not working, is due to sometimes the main issue of permissions. For instance, if one server is running his application on admin privilege but the other is not then this may promote the problem between the both.

Some other cause may include the Fullscreen Mode, as if one server is trying to share his screen on Fullscreen mode but, the other person’s system doesn’t support the feature of Fullscreen, may cause the issue between the two.

There is an option in Discord which says “Use our latest technologies for screen sharing”, this can be considered as the main root of problems for screen sharing.

Methods to Solve Screen Sharing Issues

  1. First of all, you need to FIX your graphic drivers, the outdated drivers must be the most common cause behind the black screen. The graphic driver will be updated by you manually, but it takes a little time but it will be worth it.
  2. As most of the applications Discord also releases daily updates to fix bugs. It might be possible that the current update is stopping you to work properly as it wants you to update the latest version of Discord.
  3. Sometimes it might be due to Hardware Acceleration, but it has advantages and disadvantages both, because if you have good quality hardware it will work better than ever but if it’s not that strong it will cause you many problems. 

To turn it on or off you need to run Discord where you will see the settings icon, by opening it you will see the word Appearance where you will find the toggle button in front of Hardware Acceleration.

  1. When you are running multiple programs, it may bother the speed of Discord and it might interrupt it. You definitely need to turn all the unnecessary programs off while using Discord screen sharing. For Windows 7 users and Windows 8 and 10 users the way of turning programs off from task manager is a bit different. 
  2. Note that if you are running your game on Fullscreen mode this will cause the problem you need to turn the Fullscreen mode off, so by switching it off may your problem will solve soon. 
  3. Temporary or improper files of Discord may create problems and due to this the working may get slower than ever. You need to clear out the temporary data, if this hasn’t been solved yet then continue reading to fix your problem.
  4. After all these tries, if Discord screen sharing is not working properly then you need to delete Discord and reinstall it. By opening the Control Panel, there you saw “Uninstall a program”, from where you need to find Discord and uninstall it.  
  5. Apart from all, try to run your Discord as an administrator, you need to run your game and Discord on the same admin permissions. 

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