Best Gaming Laptops with Thunderbolt 3

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 2020

Do you want to buy new gaming laptops with thunderbolt 3 ports? Lucky you, as we’ve just compared what we think are the best Thunderbolt 3 enabled laptops for gaming available to buy today. We’ve covered everything from specifications, speed, and design.

Best Gaming Laptops with Thunderbolt 3

Below are our shortlisted some of the top rated gaming laptops with thunderbolt 3, choose one of your favorite.

Laptop NameSpecificationPrice
Dell G5 Gaming LaptopProcessor:  8th Generation Intel Core i5 8300H Processor
Memory:  8GB, 1x8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz
Hard Drive:  128GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
Video Card:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5
LG gram Laptop With Thunderbolt 3Processor:  Intel Core i7 8th Gen
Memory:  16GB RAM & 256GB SSD
Hard Drive:  256GB SSD
Video Card:  Intel HD Graphics 620
LG Gram Thunderbolt 3 Gaming Laptop 17" IPS WQXGAProcessor:  Intel 10th Generation i7-1065G7 CPU With Iris Plus graphics
Memory:  16GB DDR4 RAM
Hard Drive:  1 TB M 2 NMVe SSD (512GB x2)
Video Card:  17” WQXGA (2560 x 1600) IPS LCD Screen
Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook LaptopProcessor:  Intel Core i7-1065g7 4 core Processor w/ 1.3GHz/3.9GHz (Base/max Turbo) powered at 25W
Memory:  16GB DDR4 RAM
Hard Drive:  16GB RAM
Video Card:  Intel Iris Plus Graphics, 13.3" Fhd 60Hz matte Display
LG Gram Laptop - 15.6" IPS TouchscreenProcessor:  Intel 10th Generation Core i7-1065G7 CPU With Iris Plus graphics
Memory:  8GB DDR4 RAM
Hard Drive:  256GB M 2 NVMe SSD
Video Card:  Intel Iris Plus Graphics

1. Dell G5 15 5587 15.6″ LCD Notebook – Intel Core i7

One of the cheapest gaming laptop with thunderbolt 3. Are you fond of high quality gaming laptops equipped with the latest technology thunderbolt 3? If so then Dell G5 Gaming laptop is just made for you. It has a 15.6” full HD LED display and it comes with NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 1050Ti. The processor is an 8th generation core i7. 

As far as the memory and storage is concerned, the Dell G5 has 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD along with HDD 5400 rpm hard drive. It has 2 USB ports of 2.0. And most importantly, this laptop has the latest thunderbolt 3 feature for enhanced and super fast gaming experience. Thunderbolt 3 port is used via USB Type C port. 

Moreover, Dell G5 also has an HDMI port available so you can enjoy your games on the big screen of your television. Just connect your laptop with your tv using HDMI cable and you are good to go. Furthermore, for your amazing sound and music experience, Dell G5 has 2 integrated speakers and a microphone. In addition to that, this laptop is equipped with a backlit keyboard so you can use your laptop in the dark or in the low light conditions as well.

Other than all of the above features, Dell G5 comes with a huge 1 year warranty so if you find some issue with the laptop, you can claim the warranty within one year of the purchase. So go grab yours before the stock runs out.


  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD hard drive
  • 15.6” huge HD display screen
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Connectivity via Wifi and bluetooth
  • 2 USB ports of 2.0
  • Battery operated
  • Thunderbolt 3


  • User friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for gaming, browsing, online shopping, videos, movies etc
  • HDMI port available
  • Reasonable in price below $800
  • Available in a classy black color


  • No color options available
  • May gets overheated when continuously used for several hours
  • Simple basic design is not so classy

2. LG gram Laptop With Thunderbolt 3

LG gram Laptop With Thunderbolt 3

For true game lovers, LG presents a light weight and super amazing laptop named as LG Gram which has been designed specifically for the gamer, online shopping lovers and frequent browsing. This laptop is exceptionally durable as well as you can easily carry it to any place with you. Just connect it to the internet and you will be on your merry way. 

LG gram weighs only 2 pounds. It has a RAM of 16GB and storage capacity is 256GB SSD. The processor used is Intel Core i7 8th generation. LG Gram has Windows 10 operating system and the most innovative feature in this laptop is that it is equipped with the thunderbolt 3 interface. 

Moreover, it has a backlit keyboard due to which one can easily use the laptop in the dark or low light environment. Furthermore, this laptop has an amazing 13.3 inch full HD IPS touchscreen display. In addition to that, LG Gram has a super amazing battery which lasts up to more than 20 hours. This laptop is a dream come true for the gamer. 

LG Gram has a nice camera for video calling, screenshots etc as well as a nice speaker for music lovers. Additionally, it has passed seven industry standard tests to prove its military grade durability. The superior nano carbon magnesium full metal body is extremely strong yet LG Gram is still extremely light weight.


  • High quality nano carbon magnesium metal body
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD hard drive
  • Intel core i7 8th generation processor
  • Operating system is Windows Home 10
  • DDR4 dual channel memory
  • Thunderbolt 3 interface
  • 13.3” full HD touchscreen display


  • Amazingly Lightweight
  • Super durable and easy to carry anywhere
  • Connectivity via wifi or bluetooth
  • HDMI supportive
  • User friendly
  • Stylish design and nice color
  • Extremely long lasting battery that lasts more than 20 hours


  • One color available
  • The laptop may get very hot when frequently used for several hours
  • The laptop may get scratches easily so it is better to use a protector with it

3. LG Gram Thunderbolt 3 Gaming Laptop 17″ IPS WQXGA

If you are fond of gaming along with the smart and latest Thunderbolt 3 technology, the LG Gram 17” would be a perfect choice ever. It has a massive 17” display screen, which is probably the largest display screen as compared to others in the market. It has the latest 10th generation core i7 CPU with Iris plus, which provides an enhanced quality of video and photo editing and 1080p gaming.

Moreover, by using thunderbolt 3 port, you can charge the laptop, transfer data, and use the display all at once. You can transfer your data at super fast speed while charging your laptop, and at the same time, you can watch a smooth video.

Furthermore, LG Gram provides a finger lock so that you can quickly login without even typing the password. The backlit keyboard allows you to use the laptop whenever you want without being worried about the dark or low light conditions. The storage capacity of Lg Gram is 1TB SSD (512GB x 2), and the RAM is 16GB. In addition to that, it has two batteries that last up to 17 hours.


  • Operating system is Windows 10 Home(64 bit)
  • Connectivity via bluetooth or wifi
  • Thunderbolt 3 technology
  • 1TB SSD Hard drive
  • 16GB RAM
  • Intel 10th generation core i7 CPU with Iris plus graphics
  • 80WH Lithium battery
  • 17” huge IPS LCD screen


  • User friendly
  • Portable and durable
  • Stylish design and impressive silver color
  • Lightweight
  • Capable of being charged, transfer data and display at the same time
  • Long battery life
  • Equipped the most latest technologies
  • Finger lock available


  • Easily get scratches
  • Overly expensive
  • May gets heated when continuously used for many hours

4. Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook Laptop

Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook laptop is one of the most stylish and durable laptops of the time equipped with the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology. A dream come true for gaming lovers because of some exceptional and unique features. It has 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage capacity. The processor is Intel core i7 (Base/Max Turbo) along with the Intel Iris Plus graphics.

Moreover, the display screen is 13.3” huge matte. Razer Blade Stealth supports Windows Hello. Some of its amazing features are instant facial lock, authentication with an integrated webcam, and the IR sensor.

Furthermore, it has customizable RGB lighting, which includes 16.8 million colors available with multiple present profiles. In addition to that, it has a slim and smart looking stylish body with the utmost durability. It weighs only 3 pounds, and its battery life is up to 8 hours. What else could a laptop lover ask for?


  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • Operating system is Windows Hello 10
  • 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD Hard drive
  • Mercury white color
  • 3 USB ports available of 3.0
  • Capable of Thunderbolt 3
  • 13.3” large matte display screen


  • Light weight, Portable, and Durable
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Equipped with the most latest technologies
  • Affordable price
  • User friendly


  • Only one color is available
  • Battery life is too short as compared to others available in the market
  • May gets overly heated when used continuously for several hours

5. LG Gram Laptop – 15.6″ IPS Touchscreen

LG Gram presents a stylish, slim, and durable laptop for the gaming lovers and the shopaholics. It has a massive 15.6” IPS Touchscreen, which provides an ultimate experience of gaming, browsing, shopping, etc. LG Gram supports Windows 10 Home (64 bit). It has 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB M 2 NVMe SSD Hard. The processor is Intel 10th Generation Core i7 with Iris Plus graphics. It has 3 USB ports of 3.0.

Moreover, this laptop has a battery life of 17 hours for nonstop games and browsing without any hurdle. LG Gram is equipped with the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology so you can charge, display, and transfer data at the same time. It also has an option of an HDMI port so that if you are fond of playing games on your big tv screen, you have to connect your laptop to the tv via HDMI cable, and you will be on your merry way.

Furthermore, Lg Gram has an immersive cinematic sound perfect for your movies, videos, and music. In addition to that, this laptop has a backlit keyboard so you can conveniently use it in the dark as well as in the low light environment. It weighs 4.34 pounds, and the dimensions are 18.4 x 8.9 x 0.7 inches. The color available is metallic grey.


  • 15.6” full HD display with IPS touchscreen.
  • Intel 10th generation Core i7 processor with Iris Plus Graphics.
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 256GB SSD Hard drive.
  • Operating system is Windows Home 10 (64 bit).
  • It weighs 4.34 pounds.
  • Latest thunderbolt 3 technology.
  • 3 USB ports of 3.0.


  • Easy to use.
  • Slim and sleek design.
  • Super durable.
  • Conveniently used wherever you want.
  • Connectivity via bluetooth and wifi.
  • HDMI supportive.
  • 17 hours of huge battery life.
  • Stylish look. 
  • Equipped with latest technologies.


  • The matte body may get scratches easily.
  • Available only in metallic grey color.
  • The laptop may get overly heated when used for several hours.

Gaming Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 Buying Guide

Thunderbolt 3 is the latest technology these days. With this technology, one can transfer data, watch videos, and charge the laptop at the same time. The data transfer speed could be super-enhanced by using Thunderbolt 3. Every gaming and shopping lover should consider some features along with thunderbolt 3 before purchasing a laptop that suits their requirements. These features are as follows:

Large RAM Size: Larger the RAM, faster the speed of processes. One should do proper research about the laptop’s RAM size because, for a good gaming experience, the right RAM size is essential for the laptop’s enhanced speed.

Good storage capacity: A laptop should have good storage capacity to keep your favorite movies downloaded and saved, and for the large-sized games, it is essential to have large-sized storage capacity. So choose the one with the largest Hard drive.

HDMI support: If you are a real game lover, you would also like to play games on your big tv screen. For this purpose, your laptop should have an HDMI port, so you can connect the tv with the laptop using the HDMI cable and enjoy a great gaming experience on the big screen.

Large display screen: Choose a laptop that has a big Full HD display screen for excellent gaming and shopping experience. Laptops with small screens diminish the fun and even requires more focus on tiny details while we shop or watch movies or anything else. So choose the one with a huge screen.

Latest processor: One should do thorough research on the latest features of the CPUs available in the market and select the one that meets your requirements. For gaming, the processors with the amazingly fast speed are required, so go through more and more websites, do proper research and then select the laptops which suits your needs the most.

People Also Ask

Is USB C the same as thunderbolt 3?

USB C refers to the shape of the port, and Thunderbolt 3 refers to the connectivity standard. Thunderbolt 3 combines Thunderbolt, USB, Display Port, and power via a single USB C connector.

Does my laptop support Thunderbolt 3?

If your laptop supports Thunderbolt 3, this would probably be the main feature of your laptop. Visit the website of the laptop company or go through the user manual of your laptop. You’ll get your answer.

Can i plug my USB into a thunderbolt 3 port?

Yes, Thunderbolt 3 ports are fully compatible with USB devices and cables.

Do I really need Thunderbolt 3?

If you want to transfer huge data to another device, or if you want to connect your laptop to multiple 4K displays, then you should get a laptop equipped with Thunderbolt 3 because it is the fastest port in the market nowadays with a high speed of 40Gbps.

If you need a budget budget gaming laptop with thunderbolt 3, take a look at asus gaming laptop with thunderbolt 3.

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