GeIL Polaris RGB SYNC DDR5 RAM Review (2 x 16GB)

Why would you want to buy best DDR5 RAM? It might be the best upgrade for your computer and it will definitely make a difference. These RAM are not just devices that send information from one place to another. They also process data in order for us users to get what we need out of them.

GeIL Polaris RGB SYNC DDR5 RAM Review

Once upgraded, they can include anything such as graphics processing jobs like drawing lines around objects or filling color spaces. Memory sometimes must keep up with all these processes because computers don’t deal fast enough themselves without their help!

So when considering how much faster everything goes nowadays thanks largely due improved technology over time then why bother getting any old and slow chips anymore?

GeIL is a well-known brand for high quality computer components and has released their new line of graphics memory, called Polaris.

This type offers quick load times as it only requires 1.1 volts instead of the usual 1.5V needed by other types. So don’t worry about compatibility with your system! The DDR5 modules have an effective bandwidth capacity said to be in GHz which means you can process more data at once without slowing down.

Your system can slow down due to heat-generation or voltage issues common in other RAMs on sale currently. But this issue is resolved with this one brilliant device.  GeIL specializes in high performance DRAM. Their latest chip, the Polaris DDR5 RAM promises better gaming and video editing speeds.

For Content Creators

It can be used by gamers to create videos more quickly than before with less lagging caused by slow memory access times like other brands do! This RAM is designed to offer the best performance possible, but more importantly it has been made with quality in mind.

The Geil polaris series includes a wide range from standard 3200MHz speeds all the way up to 4800 Mhz. They allow you to have plenty of speed options for whatever task at hand or budget requires them!

The addition of RGB increases its appearance to be more captivating for users who care about the aesthetics more. With 32GB (16 x 2) of capacity and a frequency of 4800MHz/1.1V is designed for hardcore gamers and multimedia content creators.

Especially those looking to take their gaming setup to the next level, your computer will be hindered by that standard piece you are using now. For this high-speed PC memory outperforms any other making it worthy as your new partner in crime.

It consists of DYNA 5 SLT exceptional patent screening technology that ensures each IC is rigorously tested. This way the brand can guarantee outstanding performance and an undeniable remarkable quality check.

Change up the bling on Motherboard with these first rate modules today! Sick of siding with some low-quality ram on your PC? It is time to switch it up with a twist. Most manufacturers recommend running these RAMs with 12th generation Intel core processors while sticking up to a best Z690 motherboard.

GeIL Polaris has the ease of Intel compatibility and assures you that your machine can be plenty powerful when it needs to be. It also helps you use the same memory on any motherboard so long as they are compatible with Intel XMP 3.0. 


No detail has been spared starting from the exclusive Optimized RGB Illumination design for individual LEDs across 3 color bars. To bring you immersive lighting perfection, all without the hassle is another plus point.

This RAM has a design that prevents the light bulb effect across each individual LED, creating a well-blended and fantastic lighting effect. On top of this, GeIL guarantees outstanding performance throughout its DYNA 5 SLT exceptional patent screening process.

What’s the point in having a computer that is not as fast or responsive? Have you ever noticed how much time it takes for websites to load just one page, let alone an entire website with hundreds of pages? That is because modern computers have been optimized primarily on processing power and internet speed.

DDR3 RAM was once considered enough but now we need faster DDR5 modules so our devices can keep up! What do these old onesies know anyway!

Do you have a computer that is constantly being used and causes the hardware to slow down? If so, then upgrading your system’s RAM might be an option for improving performance. Thankfully we are ready to look at the list of possible good points on GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 RAM.


You must use this module with 12th gen processors and a Z690 motherboard. The reason is simple so that your full potential of the RAM stick can be achieved without any hindrance.


An exceptional 4800MHz of speed is waiting to be unleashed when you launch this powerhouse of a memory. You were getting 3200MHz with DDR4 versions, this can be a huge breakthrough for you and your system.


The support for XMP 3.0 will make your RAM compatible with most motherboards and CPU coolers as well. Afterall, controlling the overheating is also another important factor to not dissipate the success you will be getting. It is also useful when you need to overclock and push the system further without any fear or clashing down.


Another necessary feature to look at is the DYNA 5 SLT testing that is a type of screening technology. It is done so that your system can ensure the highest of its performance rating and quality with long lasting stability.


A 32GB RAM capacity is quite enough when you have functions like gameplay, live streaming on twitch, Youtube or any other platform at hand. This quality makes the RAM a reasonable and fair companion to your needs.


Thankfully, RGB control and support will make your PC look incredibly amazing. You can choose from different color schemes and modes. An impressive part of your system is that it can be synchronized to the music you will be playing to give you the desired look according to your mood.

Moreover, you can control this feature through the patented motherboard brands so that the tweaking becomes easier. It is possible to use their software as the control center for fulfilling your RGB aesthetically pleasing dream of a pro gamer setup.


The dual channel memory like this one divides the total capacity in 2 channels. Both units offer 16GB to access and move forward desired commands.


Compared to other competitors in the market, it has created world records for giving a brief yet efficient timing in its latency factor. A latency rate or CL 38 can be overwhelming for some users if they compare it with DDR4, but this module has a lot to offer than to gain.


Giving you the power of 1.1V, energy consumption is left to a low. You do not have to worry about rising electric bills because your memory has got that covered. When you have the ability to control your voltage, why not do it then?

Typical usage:

Having a typical usage of this RAM will better fit in Desktop memory so that it can manage more data and speed. With respect to laptops or consoles, they can also offer the same reliability but a PC has a vast usage where this RAM can come in handy.

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