Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 6600 Eagle 8G

Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 Eagle Review

If you are a gamer, you know the importance of a graphic card. You can realize how important a graphic card is and  how much a gamer is concerned about it. The gigabyte is spreading its wings by launching a new series for GPU,the Eagle. The new member of this series, the gigabyte Eagle  8 G is a non XT version. 

This card is made up with the NAVI 23 chip and offers good performance and Full High definition gaming experience. The Gigabyte Eagle 8 G provides high resolution as it has WQHD resolution. As this graphics card is a product of RX 6600 series it is designed with the ray tracing and FSP support. The gamer has all the incredible features in this card but without  a heavy investment as it is a mid range graphics card.

The Eagle 8 G comes with 8 GB of  GDDR6 memory type for the communication used 128 bit wide memory interface. The Gigabyte used 8 GB  of RAM with a 32 MB of infinity cache that performed like a buffer. This series of graphics card is an outclass option for the gamers who want 1080p gaming performance, additionally can support  1440p gaming. This card has all the great features like the high level GPUs such as RX 5700 and GTX 2060. 

The Eagle 8G has an amazing cooling system, the temperature of the GPU is set in 60 degree range and the noise of the fans is kept low. This graphics card is reflected in the 3D mark results of the games, the gamer can enjoy the games as real as in reality. The gamer can enjoy heavy games like Forza Horizon 4 and DOOM Eternal with 150 fps.


The gigabyte RX 6600 eagle 8 G graphics card designed with the latest RDNA 2 architecture, dual fans for cooling and maintaining the temperature of the GPU, Comes with a backplate made of metal that is used to increase rigidity due to its size it can be fit in any ATX case that  are available in the market. The 7nm architecture process with 237 mm die size  is used for the Eagle 8 G for fast processing.

Ray Accelerators

The AMD RDNA 2 used to enhance the ray tracing performance, for this purpose AMD has a ray accelerator component on the core compute unit to improve efficiency. There are 28 ray accelerators used in this GPU.

Stream Processor

A graphics unit has multiple Processor Clusters (PC) which consist of  multiple Streaming Multiprocessors. Every streaming processor has a layer with associated cores that is called instruction cache layer. The stream processor for the Eagle 8 G RX 6600 is 1792, that is enough  to be optimized for data parallel throughput computations. 

Operating System

A system software which manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs and run commands known as operating systems. All the components should be compatible with each other, a GPU should be compatible with the operating system the Gigabyte Eagle 8 G RX 6600 supports the windows 10 64 bits.

Gaming Technologies 

AMD always launched their products with different technologies. AMD built Eagle 8 G RX 6600 to enhance performance; the directX 12 ultimately offers high quality visuals. FidelityFX is an open source toolkit that is used for image quality.  There are 7 solutions that can be implemented into games. The AMD Radeon image sharpening feature, restores the clarity of images, and provides sharpener view of images at fluid frame rate. 

Refresh Rate 

FreeSync technology used in Eagle 8 G that synchronizes the refresh rate and frame rate and decreases the screen tearing and stuttering. Radeon anti lag feature used to enhance competitiveness and reduce input to display and provides experience like a higher frame rate and 1080 p gaming performance. 


The Eagle 8G RX 6600 is made up of  the Navi 23 chip similar to the top series of graphics cards, the Eagle 8 G RX 6600 XT. The gigabyte eagle 8 G RX 6600 GPU comes with 1792 cores and 28 CUs.

GPU BaseClock

The base clook is the basic speed of a graphics card, and evaluates the basic performance of a GPU. The Eagle 8 G RX 6600 has a 2044 MHz base clock rate and has 14 Gbps effective memory clock speed.

GPU Boost Clock

A graphics card has to work hard and compute the complexes and multitasks at a time. A boost clock maximizes the speed of a  graphics unit  so it can handle all the tasks without sacrificing performance. The gigabyte 8 G RX 6600 does his duty very well with the 2491 MHz boost clock and handles commands in normal conditions.

GPU Memory 

A GPU has its own memory like a CPU has RAM, a GPU can communicate with its own memory more fastly than to communicate with computer systems’ memory. The Eagle 8 G has 8 GB of memory and the type of memory GDDR6. With the 224 GBps memory bandwidth and 128 bit memory interface the gamers can play games with smoother usage experience. 

Connectivity Ports

Connectivity is the most important feature of a graphics card, as it allows the peripherals to connect with it. There are 4 connectivity ports available in Eagle 8 G graphics card, 1 x HDMI port that is used to get output and 3 x display ports designed in it. 


The duty of a graphics card is hard and tough, the gamers love to play games all day long or you can say a graphics card has to work long and hard, it has to handle multitasking, high graphics with high performance that is very it can be hot, the airflow is necessary for GPU so maintain its performance. The heat can be removed from the GPU with the fans. There are 2 fans built in Eagle 8 G radeon RX 6600 and the type of the fan is Axial and the size is 100mm, these dual ball bearing  fans used to  send the heat from it, enhancing performance and cooling down the GPU. There is a heatsink and two heat pipes that are enough to handle the temperature of this graphics card.


The ROPs (render output unit) is an important part of a GPU that is used to determine the processing of final pixel values prior to drawing them to the screen. The ROPs are 64 and xxx texture units for the Eagle  8 G graphics card. 

Power Supply Unit 

Power is the most important part of any device, it works like a brain in a computer system. The power supply should be strong enough as if the power supply does not work properly it can crash the whole gaming computer. For the connection of the power supply the 1-8 pin PCIe of the power connector is required. The gigabyte Eagle 8 G needs a minimum 450 watts power but a PSU of 550 watts is recommended for this  graphics card and the total board power is 132 watts for this.

Bus Interface 

The interface is also a crucial part of a graphics card that is used to connect directly to the motherboard and exchange the information. The PCI-4 x 8 interface for the AMD Gigabyte 8 G Egle RX 6600. 

Infinity Cache

For decreased latency and power consumption, the Eagle 8G has 32 MB of last level data cache integrated on its die that increases the gaming performance.


The Gigabyte radeon RX 6600 Eagle 8 G AMD RX 6600 is an ideal choice for the game lovers who want 1080P gaming performance and has a low budget. 1080p graphics cards come with a high cooling performance temperature that never increases after the usage of hours. This GPU does the operation quietly, runs cool and draws low power as it is power efficient.

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