How to change Snapchat Notification Sound

How to change Snapchat Notification Sound Android / iPhone 2021

In today’s world mobile phones have become the most important tool of our lives, as people using phones have different kind of applications on them and definitely life has changed a lot due to them. There are a lot of separate apps for chatting, taking selfies and for calls but, here you can find all in one app which is Snapchat. 

Snapchat is mostly misunderstood by people that it is for teenagers but, if you think same then you’re not alone.  Snapchat is a dependable application to share your pictures, videos and memories from everyday life, which only stay till the person has seen it. Most of the people believe that snapchat sounds are bit irritating and if you are here to get instructed how to change snapchat notifications you must be at the best platform. 

Snapchat is for both user’s android and IOS but, the settings are different from each other. For android users the settings were just a bit different, not much from IOS users, as in both settings may vary from version to version. 

How to change Snapchat Notification Sound Android

One of the latest android launches includes Samsung s20 or Huawei 20 SE, all have similar settings, for snapchat’s notification sound. Such renowned brands have also enabled this feature for users ease. 

In android phones you initially need to open phone settings, then you need to open apps. After opening it you need to search for snapchat, afterwards you need to click on snapchat app from there. Later you need to scroll down, you will saw the word “notifications”, on which you have to tap, next from there you can select if you want to mute the notifications from snapchat or change the sound. 

You can also mute the specific person from snapchat while opening the snapchat app and then you need to click on the profile of the specific person, afterwards you saw three dots on the top right corner of the mobile screen, you need to click on it, after that you saw the word “mute” which you need to press. Congrats you have successfully updated the settings. 

Quick Steps for Android:

  • Open your phone Settings
  • Select Apps & notifications
  • Click on the app
  • Select the Notifications 
  • Change the sounds

How to change Snapchat Notification Sound iPhone / iOS

It may sound sad to know that IOS users cannot change the default of snapchat notification alert sounds, as it may because of snapchat wants to make sure that, the symbolic DING sound stays there to make it more connected to iPhone. But here’s a perk for iPhone users that you can change the audio video sound notifications.

You need to tap on your iPhone settings, afterwards click on the sounds and haptics option on your phone. Later you saw a variety of options for sounds under the option of ringtones, from where you can select the different sounds. 

On IOS phones to change snapchat sounds, you need to go to on snapchat then press on the profile icon on the screen, later you see the icon of settings tap on it to open notifications. After that you see the switch button, by tapping on it you can turn off the notifications. 

You can also change story notifications by tapping on “Manage Story Notifications”, from notification settings. If you want to control friend’s or group notifications you need to go on your friend’s profile tap on “More”, then tap on message notifications and choose silent to mute chat.

 For groups, long tap on that particular group, another setting will pop-up, from that press on more to open message notifications, then choose mute for that particular group. 

Quick steps for IOS:

  • Open phone settings
  • Tap on the Notifications menu
  • Scroll down and select Snapchat
  • Toggle the Allow Notifications bar to Off
  • To mute the notifications, open the app then tap on your profile
  • Click on the three-dots menu icon 
  • Select message notifications 
  • Tap on the mute button

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