Running Twice a Day For Beginners

Running Twice a Day For Beginners

Is running twice a day for beginners a good idea for weight loss?

Some endurance athletes swear by double run days. Where they run ten miles in the morning, then go out and run another ten miles in the evening.

The theory is that your body has had some rest and you will have been able to get good nutrition into your body during the rest period. Is it a good idea for everyone though?

‘There’s a bit of a buzz out there about double run days and it’s worked for some. Also for others it’s not gone so well, says Nick.

‘Most physiologists would probably argue that doing a long run at a consistent and continuous effort will probably still give you more than a long run that has been split up as the time on your feet will benefit you.’

Nick feels that double run days are best suited to endurance athletes rather than recreational runners.

While he knows some athletes who run two half marathons separately in one day, it’s definitely not advisable for everyone.

‘You have got to be doing a high amount of mileage to be able to recover from that,’ he says.

‘For anyone doing 30-40 miles a week, that would be too hard a session and they would be too tired.

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