TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5 Review 32GB Kit 4800MHz

DDR5 memory is the latest and greatest advancement in laptop technology. It is faster, more durable than its predecessor DDR3 modules which makes it worth considering if you are looking to up your game on an old computer or buy one outright!

With the increasing power requirements of today’s high-end graphics cards, it is no surprise that most gaming computers are now equipped with memory capable of running at speeds higher than DDR3. For gamers who want more performance without breaking their budget games on older systems, don’t miss out!

Widen your options by upgrading from dual channel to quad or even 6GB kits so you never have less than 100% available for use again. This means more frames per second and smoother gameplay during peak hours.

Why should I use DDR5 memory when it is just slightly slower than its predecessor? Being the fastest speed in class is something worth investing in. It does not make sense to sacrifice your time for less capacity and higher latency.

Dual channel mode guarantees that you can address all available slots without any bottlenecks or data corruption from running out of room on a single stick. It offers improved performance, reliability and power consumption over the older version 3 technology by delivering faster data rates with less voltage requirements.

To achieve maximum speed without hurting your computer’s system responsiveness too much is your way to go. The DDR5 memory stick is the latest technology that offers a number of benefits for gamers, including increased performance and responsiveness.

The reason you might want to consider upgrading your gaming rig with new RAM can be found in its many features which are designed specifically for twitch reflexes! The use of DDR3 memory can be a limiting factor when trying to run demanding applications. The new standard, DDR5 is the more reliable option for gamers who are looking forward towards seamless performance at high resolutions and fps counts.

With relentless action sequences that require rapid reactions from their controllers or mice on screen, teamgroup’s Elite DDR5 RAM is here to serve. This 32Gb kit is the latest and greatest upgrade to your system. With speeds reaching 2666MHz, you can fully utilize all available memory for an excellent performance boost!

There are 2x slots allowing seamless transition between both installed modules with no DRAM intermingling occurring during operation. Reducing possible compatibility issues that may arise when trying to install two different types of DIMMs at once.

You get to benefit yourself with 4-layer PCBs especially designed by AMD to provide superior stability compared to other competing brands using 3 layers only. This RAM also offers more than double bandwidth over similar latency times without any slowdowns.

If you are a gamer, then the Teamgroup Elite DDR5 RAM 32Gb kit is perfect for your needs. These high-quality modules deliver a seamless gaming experience with their speedy DIMMs. These are made from cutting edge Samsung B die bonded ICs running at 4800MHz on both CL40 Latency Timings.

Higher bandwidth platform configurations as well as XMP 2.0 profiles enabled out of box! Compared to the Elite’s DDR4 RAM, it only gave users 2666MHz of speed when pushed above. Thankfully this version is an unbuffered device with 1.1 voltage usage instead of 1.2v.

Teamgroup has 32GB of DDR5 RAM that offers incredible speeds. The kit also features heat spreaders to keep the processor cool and is user-friendly with easy installation instructions.

An aluminum heat spreader plate design for effective cooling performance during heavy use cases like gaming or rendering 3D models in Photoshop. When you need fast processing rates without having your system slow down, it is time to switch your memory to a  better one.

The new TeamGroup Elite Series was created specifically for gamers who want even more power than what is available within their current generation consoles. This RAM has the highest bandwidth possible and operates at speeds up to 4800MHz.

It makes it ideal if you are into benchmarks or just want that extra power boost! The Elite DDR5 Kit is the ultimate upgrade for heavy workloads. It is engineered to store your data without compromising performance.

An extended lifespan of 10 years will give you many years of processing power without ditching you. Originally designed for enterprise applications, this module now supports multi-user access via the teaming or hot-plugging technologies.

You can go about your day without having to worry about slowdowns just because you are using multiple programs at once! With Dynamic Power Management Support through APS (Active Power Sharing) Technology, these sticks allow specific parts of memory to be powered down when they are not in use. This process thereby saves power too! It will shock you with its spectacular speed and surprisingly low energy consumption but don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

The team at TEAMGROUP knows that your product is the solution to all of your memory needs. This kit has 52% more capacity than competitive products, but with a lower working voltage for better energy efficiency and heat dissipation.

It is also 94% faster than standard DDR3 RAM modules and supports JEDEC DDR5 On-die ECC technology. It is helpful for stable performance across overclocked platforms. The Elite UDIMM Kit offers faster speeds and higher frequency for unleash capacities, stronger multitasking ability and improved structural composition.

Give your PC a serious upgrade with this excellent RAM kit from TEAMGROUP. Forget about waiting on load screens and games crashing to buffers , this baby will take anything you throw at her.


You get to enjoy 32GB massive capacity to run more than one application at the same time without crashing. There are 2 modules on which this capacity is divided upon giving you 16GB per module. You can also expand it up to 128GB so that you can further expand your horizons of multitasking.


Up to 4800MHz is a huge leap from 3200MHz in the previous version of this RAM kit. More than 50% increase in this feature has given users a breeze through the addition of DDR5 memory in their system.


Besides the JEDEC standards in compliance, the voltage is also reduced in this memory. From 1.2 volts to 1.1V is how you are going to punch down your enemies as well as your electricity bills.

Memory technology:

UDIMM DDR5 memory type is better envisioned when you get to know that it is an on die ECC module. This feature lets your RAM self correct the DRAM systems. It supports this plus point so that there is nothing left for the user to do instead of just enjoying the speedy composition.


An Improved composition unleashes faster speed, frequency and efficiency. Up to 32 banks are present that are composed of 8 bank groups. From 16 to 32 banks, this is a great update from DDR4. This burst length doubles the access to the memory for the user for stronger multitasking.


You can get 6000Mbps frequency from a single stick. Think about what wonders 2 sticks can do to your system. A greater frequency module is promised to give you what you and your high end system deserves.


A Heat spreader is present to actively cool down your memory’s nerves. It is also known as PMIC cooling that helps in creating a tension free space and is equipped for a stable power management. This is a strengthened cooling design that is usually not present in ordinary memories.

Module type:

An addition of 288 pin makes this memory a supporter for XMP 3.0 version. When you are thinking about overclocking or pushing your rig, make sure this feature is present. It will help in efficient power usage without getting long and elaborate bills.

Power management:

The feature of PMIC makes your rig a smart device when you have this efficient RAM that can save power. It consumes energy very intelligently and passes forward the one that is needed to your system to work effortlessly without any hassle.


Through a smart RGB IC controller, you get to manage the lighting system of your RAM. Thankfully, the compatibility of this RAM enables you to use the software of any well known brand’s software.

For managing the lights and RGB function, you can also sync it with the music you play. This feature also supports the various RGB softwares that can be controlled by a remote. Elite DDR5 RAM makes the best of its performance when it glows matching your rig’s style and your mood for the day.

Select from different modes and styles, let Teamgroup’s Elite spread its magic. Get your system to run faster so much that the older versions are never able to catch your speed. It is time to switch to the elite version and latest version of memories that is DDR5.

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